One of the key problems in accepting that you create your own reality is accepting that reality, and NOT hating yourself for it. It is much easier to be a victim of a circumstance because then you can elicit sympathy, and then you don't blame yourself for what is "wrong" in your life. I got fired you say to yourself, I created that? What is wrong with me? It is much easier to say to yourself, my boss did fire me and he is a XXXX awful individual. You are then taken "out of the loop" per say.
Now we tell you that instead you should LOVE whatever it is you create, and to love yourself no matter what happens in your life. If you are sick with cancer, you cannot afford to hate yourself, because in your self-hatred you are making yourself sicker. You also cannot afford to be a victim of the disease because then you give away your power to change the disease. The universe is a good, abundant place. The universal force, the force of life itself wants you to be happy, to find harmony. So why do you create the problems in the reality that you have? Again usually because of a belief system that you have. But those beliefs existed for a reason; those beliefs existed because at one time you needed them. If you hold family beliefs and they are interfering with your abundance lets say. AT one time when you were a child you needed to have those beliefs in order to "live" easily within your family structure. Possibly to change your lack of abundance you need to look at why you are still holding those beliefs. In order to change your abundance situation possibly you need to look at the fact that you may lose acceptance in your family. All beliefs initially existed to benefit you and you must let go of the benefit before you can let go of a belief that no longer fits you. Now, that is the key. Beliefs are rather like clothes. The clothes that you wore as a five year old child no longer fit you were you are twenty year old. So do the beliefs that you held when you were a five year old child, no longer fit you when you are twenty. And the style of clothes you wore when you are twenty, probably no longer suit you when you are 35. So you need to change the beliefs from when you are 20 to 35. So love those beliefs of that 5 year old child.

Those beliefs were created within your psyche to help you, those beliefs initially existed to give you some benefit. If you reject them and reject yourself, those beliefs will fight back. The more that you fight those beliefs, the more energy that you add to them, and the more a situation worsens. The more that you hate yourself the more energy you add to the "negative" situation and the more a situation worsens. In essence, irony is that the more you fight a situation, and the more you fight a belief system and the more you hate yourself, the more of what your fighting is brought into the situation. It is assumed in your world that fighting is a healthy response to a situation. In our terms fighting a situation resisting a situation simply adds more and more negativity to it. Accepting a situation, accepting a problem, as a gift to be opened is the only way of moving through it.

Samantha had a dangerous, "incurable" illness. Her doctors told her that she would spend the rest of her life disabled and unable to walk or move from her bed by the time she was 24. They also told her when she was pregnant that she might very possibly have a brain damaged child because of her illness. However, Samantha is truly active at the age of 36, and is rarely ill, a medical miracle if you will. As well, her daughter is healthy, and extremely bright. Samantha did this through acceptance of her disease. She saw it as a challenge, and said to herself. I realize that I could have an ill child, I realize that I could possibly get sick, but I KNOW that somehow that won't happen-it simply wont'. Somehow she and I will get through us. I also KNOW that I will learn from this illness, and sure enough she opened her self up enough to listen to us. Her illness went away. She was "gifted" with accepting us into her life, she always heard us, but now she needed us and she was "forced" to accept what she heard, because we taught her a way out. When initially she had tremendous pain, she simply took it as an opportunity to read her favorite mystery novels. Eventually she learned to enjoy lying in bed. Initially though she forgot the illness and became angry when she was ill. She yelled at herself and she fought it "tooth" and "nail". She was angry at the world, angry at her mate, and angry at her fate. She was mostly angry at herself for having this disease in her reality. Her turning point is lying on the floor in her kitchen one night in horrible pain. She realized that if she simply accepted her pain, she would ask her mate to help her to the bed-that was a vastly better place then her kitchen floor. If she accepted her pain she would have asked her mate to get her the water in the first place. But she had gotten up, being determined to get a drink, and refusing to accept the fact that she couldn't walk easily and now couldn't make it back to her bed. In her rage, she ended up on he floor with water split all over her and she realized that through acceptance she could at least end up in a better place. She told herself that she didn't know why she was sick but she would find out, and she would get better, in the meantime, she would treat herself the best that she could. That was the turning point in the disease.

As we have said before there is the forest and there is the tree. When you hate yourself you are looking at the tree, and the tree becomes even more looming, when you accept yourself you have faith that there is a forest, that there is a reason and that there is a lesson and a gift and you being the process of change.