The Abyss

Within each individual lies an abyss. Many times on the path of becoming a wizard outward events, "bad" events will occur. You and your soul, in conjunction with each other, create these events to have you face the abyss within yourself. What is the abyss? The abyss is the place within that is populated with people and events that you have yet to overcome. Belief's that other people have given you. Past events that you have not healed, so some version of them comes back.
How can another person give you your beliefs? Most people are unaware that thier belief's shape their reality, and they create their beliefs rather haphazardly. Much of the pain in the world is created through haphazard belief creation. As a child your parents beliefs are paramount in your life and you learn them both through inherited DNA and watching your parents LIVE out those beliefs. Then as you grow older and become educated, you inherit society's belief's. In fact, education to some extent is simply inheritance of society's accepted belief system. As well, your friends reinforce you given your beliefs. A "toxic" friend gives you and reinforces toxic beliefs within yourself. A toxic belief is a belief that limits you, that prevents you from going for your dreams or interferes with your state of greater becoming.

When you encounter a person you enter into their energy pattern and they enter into your energy pattern, this becomes a relationship. You may notice that you walk away from a certain person and feel "higher", or you walk away from another person and feel amazingly bad or low. You are picking up on their energy and allowing it into your energy. Toxic people effect your energy negatively, they cause you pain or self-doubt. These toxic people reflect unresolved beliefs that you have about yourself and the world as you belief it to be. It is possible to encounter a toxic person and NOT be effected by them. There are various methods of doing this. One is to realize that the belief that they are operating from is totally "wrong" from your vantage point. If for example, someone says to you, "you are a whore", yet you KNOW that you are a virgin, that toxic belief is so OUT of your relality and you KNOW it to be so wrong that it simply slides off your back. You may want in such a circusmtance to "look" at why you drew such a person into your reality. the other way to resist toxic individuals, is to learn your specific energy system and what it "feels" like. A toxic person changes you energy system, drags it down if you will. By learning your natural system it is relatively easy to recreate that energy system, BECAUSE it is your natural system. The way to feel or sense your own energy is to first of all envison an egg around you. What does the egg SOUND like? Many times there is a musical tone, or even one musical sound, that brings peace or harmony to yoru energy system. Another way to "see" that system and see the differing colors within it. when you energy system is "out of whack", simply add the right colors to that system, and harmony will return. Each energy center has a specific color and a specifc "state" that is "seeable". By learning this system, you can return it to this state easily.

The abyss is the group of people inside of you that have "given" you, your unconscious harmful belief systems. As you become a wizard, as you begin to consciously create reality, you may suddenly become involved with any number of toxic people. Suddenly your world is filled with people who are filled with fear, or with pain, or grief or illness. Suddenly your peaceful life is field with crises and disaster. Welcome to the abyss. You see, those people within, long to stay within you, they actually REFLECT the real people in your life and those people do not wish you to become a wizard. Many times they are energy remants or even energy archetypes of the actual individual. If you haven't been a wizard, you have built your life around people who have also NOT been wizards. For you to change and "break-through" your reality means that they must face their reality. Your changing forces them to look into themselves and their reality and that is frightening. It makes them question everything in them and around them. That is why they drew you into their reality. Another individual cannot create another soul, but it DOES draws souls to them. From the other's vantage point, it much easier to try to "reform" you from your news ways or to fight you and try to make you feel badly about yourself, then to change themselves. Who are these people? You know them again because every time you encounter them you feel bad. They are many times people who have held strong places in your life in the past, your family, your mate, your children, even your dear friends, friends that you have held your entire lifetime.

Being angry with them, fighting them, will only give them MORE energy. This will only sap your energy more. Instead, you must again realize that they are unresolved issues within yourself. Again you must realize that from their vantage point, you are the one who is upsetting the apple cart. And you are the one who is changing in ways they do not understand. You are making them face themselves in new ways, ways they consciously do not wish to be. You are threatening them and see that threat and then give them love and understanding. Only through love and understanding can you bring peace to your own abyss.

There are many people who live their entire lives within the same mental space, in fact most people. Each of you have met them, primarily their lives are the same from day-to day and from year-to year. Their may be a dramatic change every once in a while, but soon after that change, you will find that the "old" ways will recreate themselves in their lives. For example, they may sell their house and move to another state,but the new house will look very similar to the old house and have the same furniture. Or the new job will be almost exactly like the old job. they may lose a mate only to find another mate soon after. The same circumstances in their lives recreate themselves over and over again, and there seem to be few changes in their lives. That is because they are "set" in a certain set of beliefs, and most of them are unconscious. Now, there are lives where very little occurs, where there is very little change in that life, and many times lives like that exist as sort of vacation lives. Many times individuals who are having vacation lives, have had a number of other very strenuous other lives, and the other lives come and visit this life when they are too stressed out to face what is happening in their life. Vacation lives are most times very peaceful. However, most of the time when a life is as peaceful as that, it is peaceful because the person is SO set in their belief systems, that they do not have the fluidity to change. Indeed that is how a vacation life is created, a set of beliefs that are given to a person by their parents and stays with them throughout their entire lifetime.

When you are bound upon the path of change and change and growth, many times that change and grow is chaotic. Circumstances that represent certain beliefs, must change. A wizard is one who welcomes change and handles change easily and well. A wizard as well goes about the process of consciously changing change in his or her life. A wizard realizes that his beliefs change and shape the circumstances he encounters and anything in physical reality is simply a reflection of those beliefs. This means that a crisis situation exists because that wizard is undergoing some sort of belief change.

In times of old, wizards in training were expected to spend seven years of turmoil and dramatic changes in their lives. It usually takes about that long for a a deeply ingrained childhood of beliefs to change. Childhood beliefs are the strongest in the abyss. They are given to children out of love and the child recognizes this. As well, true legacies are belief systems. Children also have those beliefs again with the belief DNA from their parents. When you give up the beliefs of your family and give up the beliefs ingrained within your DNA you are in a sense giving up your legacy. You are confronted by the deepest part of the abyss within yourself. Seven years is what was expected 'to clear" those belief systems out. Once a wizard goes beyond these family beliefs, the wizard changes the beliefs of the family. Many times the wizard becomes something that gives tremendously back to the family. However, many times in the process of becoming a wizard the family shuns the apprentice. The family even goes so far as to punish the apprentice for being so different and rebelling against the legacy. Many times apprentices are disowned, or become black sheep. As well, the apprentice will probably live a radically different life than is accountable to the family. Because of the differing belief systems an apprentice will try on different belief systems and try different concepts and ideas in a life-style. Many of these life-styles will be extremely unacceptable to the family. Crisis will follow these apprentices and the family will not understand the crisis, nor, will the family find the crisis acceptable. If only they would do what WE think is right, then those crisis would not have happened. It is because of this, that many people CANNOT become wizards, they cannot go beyond the family system that was ingrained in them. Teenage rebellion is an attempt many times by the teenager to attempt different belief systems, however, most teenagers no matter how rebellious come back into the family fold in their twenties. As well, it has become acceptable in your society to HAVE teenage rebellion. So to be rebellious as a teenager is mostly part of doing the acceptable thing, so it is not that out of the family fold.

In fact, teenage rebellion should, be encouraged and given tremendous room to grow, for it is within that rebellion that belief systems other then the parents are questioned. parents with teenagers like this, are being given the gift of having a potential wizard for a child and the gift is that the parents need to reexamine what they believe. As well, if the teenager is GIVEN room to grow, then the teenager will reach a point where there will be peace. The rebellion will turn into a questioning, an entire questioning of the family. The family will then grow together. Instead many families try to punish the child, push them into their old beliefs. Stranglehold them if you will. Interestingly enough, teenage rebellion will often reflect a similar rebellion of the parents. For example, a promiscuous father will give birth to a promiscuous daughter. A religious mother will give birth to a cynical daughter. We have covered opposites and how they are part of each other and give birth to the other, that is indeed what happens many times among parents and children. The children will express the opposite, which in indeed in "reality part of the "same" thing. Teenage rebellion is actually a "safe" mild societal form of the abyss.

For families who have actually wizards being born among them, every member of the family looks into the family abyss. Many times the only way that a family can cope with what the outcast member is doing is to think to themselves that the the outcast will oem back tot he fold when they grow up, even if the outcast in in their thirties, forties or fifties. It is expected that the outcast will reach a point and reform. this makes it possible for the family member to avoid looking in the abyss. After all, they think to themselves this is only temporarily even if it has been five years. soon, that person will come back and "see" the rightness of the other way.

All of this places tremendous pressure upon the apprentice. For they ARE struggling with the new beliefs and they will love their family and want love and help from them in the trial that they are undergoing. Instead mostly they will be shunned, or they will be told how they are wrong and almost always what they are going through WILL NOT be understood. in the old societies the apprentice was taken away from the family for the required seven years. In this way the apprentice would not have the pressure of dealing with the family pain as well the apprentice would be "shaped" easier. Indeed if the pressure becomes to great for the apprentice we do suggests that temporarily relations stop between the family members. Until the apprentice is able to "cope" successfully with the family members.

In your society there are many ills, psychological ills, one very prevent ill is alcoholism. Alcoholism is many times inherited in that the father did it and the grandfather did it and on and on, it is a legacy passed from one generation to the next. However, many times alcoholics are immensely creative people, potential wizards if you will. However these alcoholics are unable to cope with the actual pain of cutting themselves off from the family in order to fulfill their creative potential. Alcoholism is a way of killing or shutting down the creativity within the soul of the individual. As well, it is many time punishment of the family that prevents the creativity of the individuals from coming forth. Suicide and depression are also symptoms many times of highly creative individuals, shutting down. Your society has very little appreciation of creativity. Take for example, it feeling about the arts. That IS changing because soon money and financial gain will be directly linked to creativity. However, currently your society has mores that do not KNOW how to deal with strong levels of creativity. We suggest that someone who is a state of depression, someone who in a state of alcoholism, or is suicidal take upon themselves when they are ready the path of the wizard. For the more severe the depression, the alcoholism, etc. the more sever the need to create.

We recommend for you this exercise, if you fell ready to undertake it. imagine yourself going into a cave, the cave is cold, icy, damp, dank, and dark. There seems to be no way out of this cave, as you walking along, you hear the sound of water against a shore, and look down and realize that you are BY that shore. the water's movement cases reflection upon he water's edge, and as you look into them you "see" the others within you that do not wish for you to become a wizard. We suggest at this point that you talk to these others, and that you ask them what is it that they are frightened of if you become a wizard. Many times the others may not wish to talk to you, they may even degrade you as you talk to them. You may wish to run away form them. Listen and stay there for as long as you can. Then when you are through realize that you have created this dark dank place. call upon he power within yourself not overcome whatever was said and imagine yourself in your temple, soon enough you will be there, and be safe. in your place of safety reflect upon what the abyss has told you, them come back.