Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams exist for a number of reasons, to explore probable realities, to work out problems in your life, to be given valuable and needed information. We have discussed the iceberg concept of consciousness before, dreams can take you to any level in this iceberg.
Now, in your society you separate your dream time and your waking time into two distinct times. For you, reality is waking consciousness and sleeping consciousness. In other societies, it was NOT so separate and much more was remembered and used. We suggest that instead of sleeping eight hours or more a night, sleep (if possible) in two increments of four to five hours. At the deepest level of sleep usually occurring at three to four hours you begin to get the deepest and most needed knowledge. However most of you forget those dreams by the time you awaken. If you sleep in different increments however, you access that deeper information, and remember more of it because you awaken twice.

As well, sleeping in increments, will give you an almost "floaty" feel to your everyday reality. Reality will stop be quite so defined; this is waking consciousness, this is sleeping consciousness. The edges of reality will blur a little, like a camera out of focus. You may have more psychic experiences, your mind will loosen quite a bit. This is due to the breaking up of that deep separation between one consciousness and another. One very interesting effect of all of this is that you may begin to have more feelings of deja vue. That feeling of having been here before and having done this before is many times encountering a probable reality that you have dreamt of.

So how does sleep consciousness work. Basically, you leave your body and walk in the other world if you will. You are still connected to your body, but your spirit if you will, leaves the body and goes into the "other" worlds. You literally experience the future or reexperience the past. You can indeed and many times do speak to individuals that have been dead. You meet your other selves the other "yous" and get information from them. For those hours of sleep your mind wanders "free" of the physical and explores the worlds that actually create reality. There are different levels of dream reality, at some point we will touch upon this.

Some societies in the past have actually had highly sophisticated cultures based upon dreaming. One of these is the famous or infamous Senoi. When they awoke in the morning, the first thing a family did together was to talk about their dreams. They sleep in three different increments with the morning one being considered the most significant. It was expected that all family remembers would spend one to two hours a day analyzing and discussing the dreams of all the family members. Many times relationship problems between the families would appear in dreams. A mate for example, might dream about having sex with another person. The other mate would them KNOW that there was a problem with their mate in hat they were not satisfied in their particular sex life. That problem would be recognized and rectified quickly and easily. As well, the mate might recognize depending on the dream that the other mate was unsatisfied in another aspect of the marriage and they would begin to work on that immediately as well. Relationships between parents and children worked very much the same way. If a child had a problem, it would more then likely come out in the dream and be dealt with at that morning meeting if you will. It was considered a great loss of honor to lie or hold back about a remembered dream. The society as well accepted ALL dreams. There was no anger, insult or rage about a dream. IN other words no became offended. As well, at this morning dream meeting if you will, you were expected form your dreams to decide on what you needed to do that day. Daily chores if you will, were decided upon based on what your dreams were. You never knew what you would do tomorrow until you dreamt it that night. This gave a fluidity to the Senoi existence.

After the morning meeting, there were societal dream meeting and societal dream discussion. For example, there were dreamers who dreamt of the "best" path for the society as a whole. These were honored individuals in he society and when they had a relevant dream, they were expected to go to the societal dream meeting that occurred after the family meetings. Now every member of a society will have a dream about that society. Every member of that society that had a dream would then go to the morning meeting and tell the other members of that dream. Truly talented dreamers would begin appearing more and more at the societal meeting. It would then be recognized that they had a talent for dreaming and actually be trained in more detail as a societal dreamer. At this point, all decisions concerning the society would then be decided this many times took most of the morning if not all day, but decision would be decided upon based upon the societal dreams. In this sense as well, the member of the Senoi KNEW ahead of time what path would make the most sense. What the weather would bring. What crops to plant, what to take to market etc. Different members would explore different probable realities. By comparing and contrasting and PRACTCING interpretation, the Senoi took advantage of the tremendous dream capacity available to each of you through dreaming.

The Senoi had almost NO violence whatsoever in their society. The reason for this was twofold. Basically, everyone DREAMS of doing violence before they actually do it. If you dreamt of doing violence to another, you would appear at these meeting and declare it, then you and the other person would meet and work out your problems at that point. This avoided all violent confrontations, and again worked out the problems before they became problems. These were rather like judges if you will. Anger, rage and problems of justice were worked out in his fashion. As well, the dream judges were trained to enter the dreams of the dream participants and the dream judge could many times then "judge" the "right" thing to do, based upon the ability of entering into another dreams. As well, very talented dreamers were taught how to give others dreams. One way of "meting" out punishment for example would be to teach an individual a lesson through a dream. Extremely talented dreamers were taught this and given the job of "lessoning" if you will. In Samantha's writings of Atlantis, some of her other work, the Atlanteans taught, trained and developed this dream technology if you will. There were many races in Atlantis and all of them were sentient, but there were tremendous communication problems, dream technology and telepathy was used to communicate initially between all the different races.

Racism was non-existent in Atlantis for a while because of this. Basically, a dream judge for example, would give a lesson by having the racist BECOME in his dreams what he was prejudiced against. However, that later changed, and was much the way it is in your society now. But imagine if you will, for every white man who is prejudiced against a black man and every black man who is prejudiced as well, against a white man, if in their dreams consistently they were made the offending other, and they REMEMBERED these dreams. This would solve racism very quickly and DID. As well, punishment dreams would solve problems of rape, and violence of most any sort. The Senoi managed to exist for one hundred years without one act of violence between them. This was due largely to the judges.

Another psychological process that was used by both the Senoi and that Atlanteans were "personal" dreams or psychologists if you will. If you had a BAD dream, you would then go to the dream "fixer" if you will. Dream fixers were again honored members of the tribe. They would take you BACK into the dream and have you "finish" it out. The following is a very basic dream "trip" that a "fixer" would give to you. It is something that each of you can try when you have a bad dream. Imagine if you will the thing in your dream that frightened you the most. Let us use a very simplified example, let us say that you encounter a green-eyed monster following you and your mate. This monster keeps chasing you through a deep dark forest. You are deeply frightened, and keep running and running. You awaken and you are exhausted. For bad dreams DO exhaust an individuals almost as if they had not sleep whatsoever, this is because you have NOT worked out the underlying dream issue. What we would recommend the above dream, is to put yourself into your temple of peace, calm yourself, and imagine yourself back in he forest. This time imagine yourself being caught by the green eyed monster. This can be very frightening, and without guidance DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF. If you find that there is some sort of mental block, STOP. Let us say though that you allow yourself to meet the green eyed monster and he is about to attack you. Imagine if you will, because THIS IS YOUR DREAM AND YOU CAN IMAGINE ANYTHING. Imagine if you will that you have a weapon that cans top him form harming you. Then ask him what he is doing in your dream. HE WILL TELL YOU, FOR THAT IS HIS PURPOSE. The monster may then tell you that you are deeply jealous of your mate's work partner. The partner is spending a great deal of time at work with your partner and your mate is NOT spending enough time with you. This then will begin to reveal a great many underlining issues in your life. What is going on with you and yore mate? Should you be working more? Are you jealous JUST because of the time or the love that your mate has for his work because you do not have the same love for your own? Are you jealous because you are feeling insecure in your relationship, if so why. Ask these questions of the monster, and soon the monster may become a friend and "lesson" you. The monster WILL stay a monster if you are frightened of hearing what the monster has to say. That is why it is a monster in the first place.

We would recommend that you in your spare time, develop "weapons" if you will or magical accouterments for your temple. Imagine if you will a great sword, what it looks like, how you would like to fashion it. What is the color of it, then you may wish as well to develop a wand. These are especially important when facing dream "monsters" for they allow you to slew them, they allow you to face your face.

Now, again all of this will have great effect on your everyday life. Talking of monsters will do that. But as well, you will find that life itself will feel more and more like the illusion it is. Maybe you will wish to treat your boss as a monster in a dream because you are having difficulty with him or her. They are the "real" monsters of you life. So take them into your temple of peace and encounter them as you would the green-eyed monster. Talk to your troubling boss there and you may find that he is no longer, for no apparent reason so troubling. You will begin to see that like the monsters or illusions that your dreams are, so is your life.