We have written on power and on relationships. However, even though we have underlined the basic concepts, it is often very difficult to apply them in "real" life. When someone is angry with you, you respond with anger. When someone blames you, you take that blame into yourself. When someone feels pain, most of you feel that pain to some extent as well. Each of you has a role that you play out. This role is primarily an unconsciousness part of your psyche. And many if not all of your relationships fall into this role playing. They are not "real" they are simply the replay of the same old dramas. Do you find yourself always taking care of others, do you find yourself always angry with someone, do you find yourself always feeling guilty?
There are any number of dramas that you play out in your life, but many of them fall into five basic categories:

The first and very primary one is your society is victim. A person who subscribes to this drama will always be at the victim of something. These people are filled with negative energies and expect others to care for them and "fix" their problems. In your society is it believed that you are a "victim" of what you have learned from your parents. You are also a victim of outward circumstances. You are a victim if you car beaks down by the side of the road, you are a victim if you do not have enough money for what you want. You are a victim of your boss. You are a victim of people talking against you. For every victim there must be a perpetrator, an "evil one' a power-monger. The problem with being the victim is that you have no power in your life. You live constantly in fear and pain and see the worst in every situation. And because of that, you primarily create negative situations in your life. You use guilt and attempt to manipulate those around you. And because of that, you receive very little love in life and that is ultimately what you do want.

That is the second role, the 'bad" person who is to be responsible for the victims problems. Any personal authority in society is usually the evil one also known as the scapegoat. These are two primary roles in yore society. Interestingly enough they are played out in your political spectrum. The republicans are the scapegoats, the "evil ones" and the democrats are the victims. Now those lines seem to blur more and more but that is indeed the basic difference between the two political parties. Power-mongers live for power games. They are constantly looking for more power and live in constant fear of losing the power, some of it truly considerable that they have. Many of them will do anything to gain power of control over a situation. They will blow up, they will threaten, being rude is actually an art to them, and live for mental games who can cut down someone better then someone else. Verbal sparing is an artform, like the rest of life, it is a primarily a game of power. When a power-monger is losing control he will do anything that he can to get it back. He will attempt to gain power by blowing up, threatening, being rude and simply hurting the people around him. Many times power-mongers surround themselves by victims and usually have a whole cacophony of victims to play from. For there are actually many more victims then power-mongers. Victims will live in fear of the power-monger, fear of when he or she will blow up.

Another role is that of intellectual, this is not a primary role, and indeed is frowned upon your society. However the intellectual is the one with all the answers. You will find among academia almost everyone there is an intellectual and they spend most of their lives attempting to be better then the other academics. That is the role, I am smarter and better then you, that is why there are so many petty politics among academics, and also why truly new ideas are many times stifled because they threaten the academic power structure. Intellectuals live in very small and many times very empty roles. They are living out old ideas and trying to make them new. They pontificate all the time. They spend their lives trying to tell others what to do and how to do it. They believe and live for debate, love it because it is another chance to show mental superiority. Their underlying fear is that they are ordinary.

There are the independents from all of the above and these are rare indeed. They live isolated existences far from the crowd and have little or no desire to interact with other people. Currently this is how Samantha lives. These individuals are so sick of society games that they simply "get away" from them. You could call these people escapists. Many times they are indeed escaping or maybe just taking a break. But mostly they are escapists, many of them have already played out the above roles and cannot conceive or do not know what the next role is, or even if there is one. Samantha for many years was a victim of her background, and then she became a highly successful businesswoman and played power monger, in the years in between she was a respected intellectual and a very fine one. None of these roles worked or were acceptable to her, she found that she was highly dissatisfied with all of them, she now she refuses of play out anyone of them. This escapism or refusal is causing problems in her life. The problem with escapism is that you cannot escape form yourself or from your life. Life will inevitably come back in some form to haunt you.

Now among these four are the basic games of interaction, you can simply name: victim, power-monger, intellectual, and escapist. Each of you play into these games of some extent. You may be ten percent one and 80 percent another with five percent of the other two thrown in for good measure. The problems with all of these is again the underlying issue that they are "Out of your control", to some extent all of these games create victims. The power-monger is the victim of what he cannot control, the intellectual is a victim of a better intellectual, and the escapist is a victim in hat you cannot escape from life. All of these roles preclude living a happy life. And most of you spend you entire lives living primarily in one of these roles, and living with the underlying victimhood and pain that it brings. In a sense you never enter reality, you spend your life playing games with others who will play the counter role. You live unconsciously, never really aware of what is going on around you.

The fifth personality no longer plays any role, the fifth personality simply lives comfortably within his or her skin, and lives aware and rarely plays games. This of course makes others around him or her uncomfortable, until the fifth person finds others of awareness. I would say that one out of every 1000 people in your society is an aware personality. Also there are various levels of awareness. Now, the people who DO NOT BUY into he above dramas are the wizards, they can look through the dramas that people are attempting to engage them in. They realize on a deep and profound level that they create their own realities and that these dramas, they drew into their reality possibly as tests, possibly for some other reason, but again, THEY DO NOT PLAY OUT THE DRAMAS.

How do you know if you are engaged in a drama? When you are having an argument that feels out of control. When emotions are running extremely high over something that doesn't seem to call for the level of emotion that is occurring. When you feel really out of control and really off center with another person and you wonder why you are acting in such a manner? When you seem almost always angry with your boss for little reason, maybe even no apparent reasons? You are playing victim? When you are asking the impossible from your mate? When you are spending all of your time thinking about another person, instead of thinking of yourself and following your own dreams, desires and intuitions? When you are angry or upset with another person, you are living out either your own drama or that persons. When you think to yourself, 'that person hurt me, you are engaging in a drama. For another cannot ever hurt you, there must be something in yourself that needs to be looked at. For example, if someone were to scream at you, you're a chair, you KNOW that you are NOT a chair and thereby you are not effected by that person's accusations. However, if that person says, you are worthless and you wonder if you are worthless, then indeed you can be "hurt by that person". You can only be hurt by unresolved issues and unresolved ideas. You can also misinterpret an event. For example, let us say that you want something from someone and they do not give it to you, then you re hurt, or you are angry. Another person is NEVER obligated to give you anything, as well, possibly that person CANNOT give you what you require. You say, if they loved me they would give that to me. Or if they thought I was worth XXXX, then they would know that I deserve this and give it to me. Even the idea that I deserve XXXX. If you find yourself thinking that if only this person would "see" that I am right. If only this person would "see" things my way. If only this person would "grow", then they would be acceptable to me. If you find yourself deliberately setting out to hurt another because you "are angry", and they "deserve it", they hurt me. If you are doing any of the above things, you re engaging in a drama.

Co-dependency is a buzzword in your society. From our vantagepoint co-dependency is agreeing to play out or encourage another's drama. Again most everyone in society engages in these dramas. First of all dramas stem from a belief that you are at the mercy of events and that resources and energy is limited. You need someone to give you something, because you cannot give it to yourself. You believe that that person has to provide XXXX for you, because you cannot provide it for yourself. The beliefs that resources are limited that life is limited, that you are limited permeate your society, and have for generations. Many of you learn control dramas from your parents or you play out the opposite control dramas with your parents. For example, a power-monger will give birth to a victim. However, that is a very simplistic way of defining a control drama. Because many times even though you are born into a drama, you will modify it and all of you use all of the above drams to some extent at some point in time. Again, it can be a very small amount of the time, you can be "primarily" one or primarily the other, but you WILL engage in all the above dramas. You may learn certain patterns in your childhood and have a predisposition towards one or the other based upon your childhood. But if you feel you are not getting what you need, and you Won't get what you need, you will automatically try and get it from another and thereby initiate one of the above dramas. Instead you need to CHANGE the belief that you cannot have what you want and begin to find a way to get what you need, want or require.

Let us talk about the fifth way the wizard's way of relating. We have covered some of this information before, but many of you are living such an unconscious life and living your life away in dramas, that it is important to reiterate it. First of all a wizard will KNOW that he or she creates his or her reality, and that the universe is limitless and so is the wizard. Therefore if you need or require something, you will automatically get it, and if you don't, it is because YOUR belief system is engaged and you are learning a lesson, many times related to your purpose. Therefore the wizard will NOT require something from another. So let us take some everyday examples: a mate does not give you enough sex. What is that you are really requiring? Do you want more of the mate's love? Do you want more of the mate's affection do you equate sex with love and feel you need to be loved more? Look again at what the underlying need is, and see if there is another way to fulfill it. Let us say, that you HAVE looked underneath and still NEED more sex, but want to stay faithful to you mate. Ask yourself what you could be doing that is upsetting your mate so much that they do not want to have sex with you as much as you want? Are there some unresolved angers and pains within you marriage, issues that you both simply do not talk about? Sex is energy and blocked energy can cause lack of sex. Do you treat your mate lovingly every time you see them? Or do you fight a lot, if you fight a lot and the fights are unresolved ask yourself if finding a better way to resolved the issues could be the answer or communicating better could be the answer. You see your lack opens a great many doors and a great many ways to find what you need or want.

What if in a business sense, you KNOW that you need something that your boss simply does not have in the budget for you. But you absolutely MUST have this thing. Again ask yourself why you need this thing and what it represents to you, what lack does it symbolize? For IT is a symbol first and foremost. Then ask yourself if there is any other way to fill this need? Ask yourself if what you really want is respect? Ask yourself if what you really want support for your work? Then find other ways to fill this need. Or again if you find you have looked at all of these, ask yourself what you are learning for this lack? What is that you are getting or gaining form this lack? Within there lies the answer to your lack. Or maybe there simply is NOT a way to get what you want, and then you might realize it is time to get what you DO need someone else and get another job or look at another way to gain money for your needs, possibly become self-employed?

Every lack, every frustration IS a blessing in disguise. Every lack is the universes way of teaching you to look at something differently, to find another way to gain energy, or modify your energy and move closer to your purpose. Find the lesson and sure enough all else will come your way. Release a block in energy, and sure enough, what you want will come to you many times manifold. But first you must believe this, you MUST accept this and NOT attempt to get the answer through an outside source, you must first TAKE RESPONSBILITY for what you have created and not try and get it through other means. When you have done that and you go back to your boss and ask again, and you boss consistently turns you down, and you still cannot get what you want, ask yourself why you created this boss, and what beliefs it represents. Always take responsibility to look for the underlying reason, and when you do not get what you want, look to find it in another way or another fashion. The universe is does not always produce to your specified requests. Your need for a piece of equipment may actually be a need to have others respect your work. Then ask your yourself if you respect your work? Do you believe in your work?

Lacks are blessings in disguise for they are there to place in into higher forms of energy and better ways or means of operating. If you run into continued lack, you need to realize that this is a lesson that you need to learn or the universe would not be giving it you over and over again.

Now one of the biggest underlying reasons why many of you do not do this is as we have stated before this underlying belief in fairness. But that isn't fair. HE did it to me, he is withholding XXXX or YYYY. Do you mean that I just let that person off the hook and blame myself? Fist of all there is no fairness or lack of fairness there is only what is created in your reality. Fairness is many times an excuse to crawl into a drama. It is a "good", "rational" reason to play out a drama. Second of all we ARE not SAYING that you BLAME yourself for then you create even more negative energy around a situation. The "response-able" way of responding is to look for the lesson, look for the underlying symbol and the underlying need. When you blame yourself that is just another drama you are buying into. Self-blame is a version of victim, and again is just another drama. When you blame yourself you begin to hate yourself and then you create even more victimization situations in your life. But you may say, if I create my own reality, and I created this thing that I do not like then who do I blame besides myself? You BLAME no one, including yourself, you look for the message and the lesson and you learn it.

What about justice, you may ask? We have explored that issue again as well. There is automatic justice and automatic punishment within each system and within each belief system. A power-monger lives in deep fear of losing his power, he many times warps his self-worth into having power and when that happens, he lives a miserable existence. A killer loses respect for life when he kills and therefore loses the ability to appreciate life; his quality of life automatically goes down when he does not respect life, because he is alive. And a murdered person has a reason for being murdered. Again we have GONE through all of this before, but it needs repeating, it needs looking at again, for most of you have not even begin to truly understand. A victim many times victimizing another, and then believes in victimization even more. That is where rape, violence and child abuse come from. Every time you act on a negative belief, and gain another' energy through these dramas, that belief only becomes that much stronger. The stronger the belief the more of a victim you are of that beliefs. When you convince another to buy into your belief system, it just becomes that much stronger. When you rape another, you can say to yourself, well, that person is a victim of me, therefore my belief in victimization is "true". The rapist believes that much more in victimization, lives that much more in fear of being victimized and his victimization belief is "truer", and becomes even more of a victim in his own life.

What about good and evil? What about right and wrong?

Again there is no good and evil, there is only ignorance. So should you take a stand against injustice? Should you take a stand when someone wrongs you? Again ASK yourself what the lesson is and then decide from there what is the best possible course. What about societal rights and societal wrongs? Should a rapist go unpunished? Well, a rapist does need to be taken off the streets, but what kind of jail should a rapist be put into? If you put a rapist in a place filled with other rapists and treat them poorly, then they will continue to believe in victimization. A rapist needs to understand about love and about power. The way to rehabilitate a criminal is to teach him to change his beliefs by showing him a better way. So he gets away with it? He NEVER gets away with it? But what about the victim? The victim needs to reexamine their beliefs, and be given tremendous love and compassion and taught about the ways of power as well. Maybe the rapist and the victim need to be brought together to face each other, and possibly even learn from each other. A rape victim confronting a rapist can many times be the most healing experience of all. A rape victim may be able to regain her power in this fashion, and once a rape victim tells a rapist what happened to her and why after she was raped, the rapist may begin to understand what he did wrong and begin to rethink what happened. What caused him to rape?

You see your societal beliefs are so strong in right and wrong, good and evil, that you do not let give yourselves the freedom to empower yourselves to find your own power. When you are right and someone else is wrong, then you are playing a version of the power-monger. When you believe in good versus evil, you believe in evil and therefore are limiting your own power. When you believe in fairness and unfairness you are unfair to yourself because you must punish the other, and when you punish the other you are actually wasting your energy to heal yourself.

So try to remember and mostly KNOW that you create your own reality, and "see" through whatever situation you create. That is the beginning of being a wizard. May All Be Well With Each of You.

The conglomeration of these postings with some editing and additions that we will tell Samantha of, is a book in it's own right and this is the end of it. First of all, Samantha needs to read the book, this is something she has not done. In fact, she has NOT read a number of the postings. She writes them, and her mate edits them to the best of his ability. Samantha will KNOW what changes and additions need to be made and added, when she reads the book, for we will tell her as she reads it. WE suggest that she add certain questions and possibly other exercises to the book that will make the reader "think" through the postings in more detail. We will add these for her as she reads the book for the first time. Secondly, she can begin with book with posting 4 [Samantha's posting 4 was actually posted under the title "Introduction" by me - aurelius] an intro of sorts if she wishes. Or she could begin the book with the letter she wrote on her history to one of the letters she has received. She may simply wish to begin with the first posting. She needs to add posting 29 [To be posted as Section 28 because of the posting 4/intro thing- a] to the book, she DID read that one and it upset her so much that she has refused to post it. She also needs to rewrite the posting on purpose. The changes and additions will remain unposted.

There are six more books at this point: the first is a wizard interpretation of current events. The bottom line here is that the way that events are currently interpreted is through traditional belief systems, so they perpetuate these belief systems. A second book is on dreams, interpretation of dreams and other states of consciousness. A third book on "our" version of history. This would include all the currently unposted information on Atlantis and other worlds. As well, as other probable worlds. A fourth book just of wizardry exercises, expansions on the current exercise in this book. The fifth book on "god". The sixth book on energy and energy systems, how to "see" them and utilize them in your life. Each of these books is approximately thirty to forty postings. There is no order to these books, and Samantha can refuse to write any of them, but they are currently probable or possible books.