Life purpose is both a noun and a verb. Life purpose is something you do and it is how you call upon the magic within your life. What is your life purpose? First of all, it is a verb? What is it that you do that fills you up inside? Literally what do you do that brings a spring to your step, a lightness to your being? Is to create, to bring peace, to heal, to learn, to organize, to build, to think, to teach, to listen, to feel, to.....
Your purpose it is a verb, to xxx. Your purpose is what you do that brings lightness and joy to yourself and again as you bring it yourself you bring it to those around you.

Life purpose is also a noun. Many of you define themselves by where they live, what kind of clothes they wear, what kind of care they drive and what their net worth is. However what you really are is your deepest dream, not the dream that your family wishes to give you. Not the dream that was given to you by society, or what you believe society to be. You are your heart's deepest desire. Maybe you love to cook, because to cook is to bring love. Maybe you wish to create shop filled with romantic old clothing because romance brings nostalgia and peace. Maybe you love to teach small children because they teach you about loving life. Whatever the dream you hold deep within yourself is REALLY who you are. Samantha has a friend whom we shall call John. John grew up in household where his father was a big executive.

John always had tremendous joy tinkering as he called it. John told Samantha one night when he was drunk that his dream was to take pieces of junk and bring them back to life.

Because all things had value, all things were beautiful if you can just see them. His purpose was a combination of "to save and to bring beauty". But his father "forced" him into following in his footsteps and becoming an executive, where he was truly miserable. John deepest self wasn't "to organize", like his father he had a different hearts desire. By looking into himself and by being true to himself John needs to see that he IS beauty and he does SAVE. He must see this in himself in order to DO it. He must believe in it, in order to fulfill, for he already is it or the dram of it would not harm him so. When in each of you is a heart's desire, a dream, a place where there is a longing that craves fulfillment. That deep heart's desire is REALLY who you are. You are NOT your roles, you are NOT your money or your possessions or lack of possessions, you are your dreams, and through those dreams you will realize fulfillment and by following those dreams you open the doors of the universe and all you need to do then is walk through them.

Now, each of you are equal in hat you are here to follow your purpose, and each of you must learn to find ways to best fulfill that purpose. You are NOT equal in that each of you has different abilities and is that not how it should be?

Now when you do NOT believe in yourself when you're re filled with doubts and shoulds you "forget" your purpose or even more ignore that purpose. You get off course and do something out of fear. You attempt to control the environment around you. You drive yourself crazy with shoulds, and drive yourself even crazier with CAN"T, or not good enoughs. You need to have faith in that dream, in that purpose and THEN GET OUT OF THE WAY in order for it to succeed. When during each and every day an opportunity presents itself to follow your purpose, you need to ALLOW yourself to do that. There is always a good rational reason to NOT following your purpose, or your dream. There are always many reasons why this could harm or hurt you. But the deepest reason, the most important reason is that you will never feel happy, you will never be fulfilled, you will never tingle with joy at the morning's arrival and feel excitement to simply see the stars unless YOU GO FOR your dreams. And you life will never work otherwise. Unless you find a way to fulfill those dreams and that desperate part of yourself NOTHING will work. NOT your marriage, not your parenting, not your work life. Every thing will feel gray and somewhat empty. You will constantly strive for more and more and more when instead you desperately need to strive for the noun and the verb. The underlying purpose of your being.

When you are on purpose, you are like the flower in the season, who despite drought or flood, simply opens up. You are fulfilling yourself and you are filled with bloom.