Manifesting Thoughts

Once upon a time it was possible to think something and that thing would exist by the end of the thought. However, think about what you think about each and everyday. Would you want those thoughts to manifest each and every one? We think not. We have looked at your thoughts and there would be considerable more murder and mayhem if indeed there was instantaneous thought changes.
The universe protects you, even from yourself. If you think mostly "good" thoughts you will manifest faster. If you think "bad" thoughts, they will take longer to materialize. Now, the more negative you are the more thoughts need to manifest something. So the key to "touching" upon the universe is to think positively. Think in your mind of a spirit. At the base of a spiral are those who think primarily negative thoughts, and so it takes many more thoughts to reach the top of the spiral, the pinnacle if you will and manifest. However, the more positive you are, the higher up the spiral you begin, so the faster it takes to manifest what y you are thinking. This is a built-in protective universal mechanism.

Now everything is energy and forms of energy. You can learn to sense and change the energies that create life itself. DNA structures exist in spirals and so do in forms. In order to manifest something quickly, imagine yourself on a spiral, imagine yourself moving faster and faster and faster into that spiral and at some point you will reach a "pinnacle" of creation. You will feel like "click", and then you know what you have attempted to manifest will quickly come in to being. Energy is in a process of constant spiraling motion. Nothing is ever fluid and in fact the only "reality" is that everything is in constant flux. Energy moves and the more energy you command, the more energy you move. The more you clear out the negative, the more energy you have to command.

So what do you do in the time between the "Click" and the time before physical manifestation? You WAIT patiently and optimistically. You believe that it will happen. You trust that it will occur. Look back at the time that you successfully brought something into creation. It maybe a simple thing like a piece of clothing that you wished for. You wished for it, you longed for it, and then you just let it be. Sure enough, soon it enough "it was there". However, if you place a "no thought" next to a yes thought two things happen. First of all, the NO cancels out the yes, and second of all, the NO places you lower on the spiral so it takes longer to create the yes. The "no" triggers the protective mechanism.

So the first order of becoming a wizard is to clean up your thought processes. You need to work on cleaning out the negative beliefs within your mind space. You need to clean out whatever limiting belief you hold, and with each limiting belief you clean out there is significantly more power because you "raise" your level on the spiral. Now many times when you wish for something, you think of all the reason you cannot have it. For example, let us say that you are craving a Porsche. You long for that red Porsche. You want to drive fast and picture yourself driving fast down a country highway. This means freedom to you. The next day as you meditate upon this red Porsche, you are driving in your run-down jalopy and sure enough right next to you in the lane is a bright red Porsche with the perfect looking member of the opposite sex next to you. Suddenly you think of all the reasons, you CAN'T have the Porsche next to you. You think, I WILL never have that much money. You think I will never have that much freedom, you think an entire downward spiral of negative thoughts. You have sent out a "STRONG" no and now you have to recreate the positive energy. As well, you have sent out the negative spiral concept so that you are LOWER upon he spiral. Think if you will, if many mass murders could manifest things quickly, well how healthy would that be for the population. The more malicious your thought processes, the more trouble you will have manifesting anything. Now in the Porsche problem from above, the universe has indeed sent you a message when the next day you are driving next to one. The very thing you have meditated upon the night before. The universe is telling you that THIS IS WHAT IS INTERFERING with you getting your Porsche. Your feelings that you aren't good enough. The feeling that you do NOT have that much freedom in your life. It is time NOW to change those beliefs in order to gain what you want.

Now, the MORE "advanced" you are spiritually, the faster you can manifest. There is a show, an old show called Bewitched on the air that Samantha loves. And the main character is Samantha. Samantha can think something and sure enough, it will appear. It is actually possible to become a Samantha level, but first, first you must reach a point where you control the negative limiting thoughts that move through you mind.

Now, here again rears that ugly problem of having a negative thought, a and then disliking yourself for having that negative thought and then feeling frustrated with having yet another thought and again you begin a downward spiral. Thinking instead of your negative thoughts as small children. Small innocent children who do no understand. So here is the negative thought that you can never have enough money to buy that red Porsche. Say to that thought, I understand that you are operating from the mistaken belief that the universe is filled with limits. That is a belief that I learned so that I would fit into society, but I have since learned that the universe limitless and that you are now a negative and limiting belief for me. So please will you now help me to see things more limitlessly? Thank you for being my friend. Sure enough that thought will "disappear" in understanding, and you will feel lighter.

Now, you must examine your negative beliefs when they come into your life. So for example, you need to realize that there is a connection between you not having the Porsche and the fact that you believe in scarcity. You have to understand why you choose to believe in scarcity, and then appreciate and love the part of yourself that choose that belief before you can let it go. Once you love the belief, and you acknowledge it's "purpose" and give that energy "another" job, then sure enough, it will lovingly disappear and you will suddenly find yourself believing something else. And sure enough you will move "up" the spiral in that you can manifest anything faster.

Cleaning out your thoughts is NOT like taking out the trash, cleaning out your thoughts is a loving process that is filled with tremendous self-acceptance for who you are and who you were. After you lovingly let go of the old belief through acceptance, simply place the next preferable thought next to it and sure enough the process will be complete, and very soon you will begin to see the process of what you wish for begin to manifest. The more lovingly you let go of those thoughts, the faster you go up the spiral. If you DO NOT lovingly let go of a thought it will fight you back. If you fight it, it will come back like a serpent in your garden, and NOT LET you go. Beliefs are rather like entities of energy within their own right. They command "pieces" of energy that make up what "YOU" are. You change a belief and you literally become another person, and literally live another life, because the energy grouping changes and you attract something different to yourself every time you change your energy.

You want to change a situation, change the energy within the situation.