Each of you is an energy. Everything around you is an energy structure. The most basic energy is the energy of love, the creative force. Your scientists believe that everything naturally falls apart, they believe in entropy. However, entropy as we see it, is the RECREATION, and the TRANSFERENCE of energy from one life system to another. Your scientist are only "seeing" one part of entropy, the decay. They do not look long enough to see the "recreation" aspect of what they term as entropy.
This consciousness is a creative open-ended energy. It is the base force of nature itself, it exists in every living thing. Each particle of energy has a consciousness of it's own. That consciousness, like all consciousness, is based upon the consciousness of love. It is possible to sense and feel this energy if you open your "senses". For example, go outside your door, shut you eyes and move towards a tree, place your hand six inches from the tree and what do you feel. ENERGY. You can sense and feel this underlying energy in everything around you. The closer you are to something or to somebody, the more your energy "melds" into that other person's energy and this creates a "new" energy.

There exists a constant transference of energy from one form to another, from one being to another. ALL life is fluid and the only "static" thing, if you will, is change itself.

Now each for you is rather like a broadcast station, in that you broadcast out of an energy system. What you believe, what your purpose is, and what you encounter in your life "responds" to this broadcast if you will. So if you wish for someone to love, you broadcast that to the universe and consciously, if your beliefs do NOT impede the process, sure enough someone to love will appear. Your beliefs are rather like energy system within themselves that are part of you, but also separate unto themselves. Rather like your hand is apart of you, yet it is still separate in the sense that it is your hand.

If you broadcast, fearful energy, you create fearful incident in your life. If you broadcast unresolved pain, you draw upon yourselves more pain, and more unresolved incidents. It is "understood" by your psychologist, that a woman who is raised with an abusive father will probably marry an abusive husband. A person who grew up with an alcoholic will probably become an alcoholic and so the list goes on. You live what you learn. In our "reality" you live what you believe, and broadcast, and what remains unresolved in your life. So for example, if you never understood the abusive father, if you are still underlyingly angry with that abusive father, if you have not mentally and emotionally come to grip with that abusive situation, a new one will occur to GET you TO resolve those unresolved issues. You are "broadcasting" the underlying pain and the underlying issue in your psyche and sure enough, it will appear. If you wish to avoid a bad situation, do not attempt to protect yourself from it. Think about how you have created it in the first place and change the belief systems that created it.

In your lifetimes you use very little of your actual brainpower, that is because you do not understands the "laws" governing energy and the energy system. The "next" science if you will is the study of energy. And the most advanced studied of energy are through the occult. Many systems of "magic" or ancient practices have studied energy systems. These energy systems are referred to in any number of ancient religious texts. The next step in what you believe to be evolution, is the study of these systems. The most basic law of energy understanding is that everything in your reality, you have created.

Once you accept that, the rest becomes relatively easier. You begin to "see" how you create the situations in your life. The universe is open-ended. There are endless ones of you and those endless ones of you are being more and more open-ended each and every day. These are probable realities. So what exactly is a probable reality. A probable reality is created each and every day you make another decision, for there is a probable reality where you make the "other" decision. Let us say that you receive a phone call from a friend of your inviting you to lunch. There is a probable you that goes to the lunch and another you that doesn't. Then there are probable yous that enjoy the lunch and a probably you that does not. There is a probable you that meets the love of your life at that lunch and there is the probably you that does not. The list is endless and that is ONE simple decision. The universe is constantly, endlessly expanding, and each and every decision that you are faced with creates literally huge "yous" that took the "other" road. Your broadcasting energy is what keeps in you the "reality" that you are currently in. However, it is possible and seamlessly done to "switch" realities. Let us explain bit more on how this occurs. For example, let us say that you are a housewife who wishes to be a rock star. As soon as you conceive of the idea of being a rock star, sure enough in some reality, YOU are a rock star. What separates the housewife from the rock star? BELIEFS and PURPOSE. If you desperately want to become a rock star, and you are that housewife you begin by looking at the beliefs that separate you from that reality. For example, maybe as a housewife you do not wear sexy clothes and as rock star you would. You begin to buy sexier clothing. Then you realize that you must write songs, so you begin to take guitar lessons, and then you realize that you husband DOES not wish you to be a rock star, he wishes you to cook his dinner and wash his clothes. So you must "deal" with what you husband is thinking. A husband who you have chosen and reflects your beliefs about men and women and love and sex. With each step you move closer and closer and closer to becoming the rock star. If on the other hand, you think to yourself: well, this can never happen, then you begin the downward spiral of making it more difficult, if NOT impossible to happen in your broadcast version of reality. In the meantime, when you are undergoing changes to become the rock star, the rock star that is ALSO you may be thinking a great deal about being a housewife. There is after all a probable person who is a housewife, because that housewife is you. The closer you get to her reality, the closer she comes to yours, or least another probable self will, if you DO become the rock star, become the housewife, and the rock star self, will Either MELD with you, or become something else. There is a constant and endless trade-off like this. And since the universe is ever-expanding with each and every thought the list can go on and on and on into infinity.

Since you can switch from one reality to another, since you can literally become one person from another, by changing your beliefs and having a deeper understanding of yourself, you literally create your reality each and every moment you are alive. The implications of this philosophy are endless and so radically different from what is currently considered reality that it is astounding. Yet how many times have you woken up one morning and felt radically different then you did the night before? You have "switched" realities. How many times do you remember something one way, only to remember it another way some other day, and learn this by comparing histories with your family. How many times have you struggled with a problem, just to suddenly "figure' it out? You have switched realities there as well. It is seamless, and you do NOT see it, but indeed that is how it is done. But in spite of NOT seeing it, you CAN feel it, if you wish to look for it. How many times is the mate you have chosen to live with suddenly someone else or suddenly you are someone else? Think on it, think to yourselves if you will, how your energy changes, how when you are caught between two or three or even four belief systems you "seem" to become different people at different times. For example, let us say that you are like Samantha who has part of her believe in what we say, and when she does believe it, wondrous things happen to her, and then the next day or the next hour she begins to "rethink" all of that and becomes "rational" and surely enough another "Samantha" takes her place. They are both her, and yet they are both different. The more differing beliefs you have the more different forms of self you are dealing with and coping with in your everyday life. That is all for now.....