Most all of your problems are related to identity. A woman who longs to be a mother who NEEDS to be a mother will find that she can't have children. A woman who NEEDS a successful career will find that she can't seem to make a success of it, no matter how hard she tries. A man who learns that love is having a woman cook his food will find that he can't find a woman like that. When you limit your identity and when you set out to "prove" an identity, you will find that it will elude you. This is the universe's way of having you expand upon your identity. It is the universe's way of opening you up to limitlessness. When you set out to "prove" something, there is an underlying belief that you are nothing. When you set out to "prove" value, you will find that it will be very difficult to achieve that things when you believe creates value.
Now, there is from our vantage point attractors if you will. The signal you broadcast through your beliefs creates or attracts what you send out. The universe will always respond to an attractor, however it will interprets what you wish to attract differently. However, simplicity moves into complexity and complexity moves into simplicity, as we have said before the universe is EXTREMELY fluid. So if you set out to attract a specific things, the universe will many times modify the message and create what it considers to be "better" then what you wish to attract. For example, let us say that you are a woman who is desperate for a child. You NEED this child to prove your womanhood, or to create progeny, or you have a deep longing for family, for deep intimate connections. The universe may look at this attractor and see first of all that you NEED it and when you need something again there is the underlying belief that you cannot have it. It is said that the "rich are different', they ARE different in that they are realized to some extent about money, many rich people have an inbred security when it comes to money. If you are this mother who longs for a child, NEEDS a child, you are actually longing to have deep intimate connections, maybe you will initially denied the child in order to create an intimate relationship with the universe. If you need to prove your womanhood, maybe you need to reassess what is womanhood. This means that an attractor looks deeper into your longing then you would expect, it means that an attractor or a signal will GO BEYOND what you think or consider NEEDED, and create what is actually needed. It is taking the simple and creating the complex out of it. It is taking what seems to be a simple need and looking for the deep complex reasoning underneath.

One problems with traditional science is that is it looking for exactness, it s looking to measure what is one looking at. Preciseness in that sense is not how the universe works, it works in patterns, it works in a "wholeness". It is necessary to look beyond the simple and see the complex in the simple and see the simple in he complex. Instead you science looks only sees the simple in the complex and mistakenly concludes it is simple. It sees the complex in the complex and therefore concludes that there is no simplicity in something.

There are no opposites, for each opposite contains within itself the "opposite". IN other words there can be no black without white, and now white without black. The one "creates" the other. Black is the seed of white and white is the seed of black. The black creates the white and the white creates the black. Once you can see the relationship between the two, then they are no longer opposite, they are part of each other. And since everything is ultimately connected, everything is in relation to something else. When you ask for something, and you receive the opposite, you are encountering the relationship between the opposite. Fore example, if you wish to be rich and then suddenly lose your job, you are encountering the seed of being rich, you are encountering the beliefs that are preventing you from having the job, you are encountering what it is in you that NEEDS being rich. You need to work through the opposite before you can create the direct desire.

When you are facing the difficulty try to look in the difficulty and "see" the seed of it. See the beginning of it, see the opposite for example. Instead of looking directly into the problems, and thinking of that problem head on, think of the problems circularity. If you are broke, try to see the seeds of richness in the "brokeness", and see what the gift or the seed of richness is in there. If you want to be a mother and are barren try to see the motherhood in barrenness. Try to see what the universe is teaching you. Try instead do looking for the problems or looking for the problems, see the solution. Try looking for the forest even through may times all you see is the tree in front of you.

To be simple in your world is the most complex thing you can be. To "see" beyond the trees is the most simple act in the world, yet is filled with complexity, it is the ability to see complexity. To see the pattern instead of the linearity. your consciousness stays away form any thing that isn't' linear. It doesn't like to look or think of things that it cannot easily predict, that does it follow its patterns. There are huge limitations by only looking into linearity. There are huge limitation in expecting what happened yesterday to be the same tomorrow and to defining security in that manner.

There are no opposites, there are only relationships and all relationships even to objects are mirrors or reflections of yourself. Even the relationship with yourself is but a mirror of your beliefs. Each of you has tremendous abilities, each of you has gifts, each of you can touch the highest levels of human potentiality. Yet when you look into he mirror you see yourself and what you really see are your limitations. Try to look beyond just what is in the mirror and "see" yourself.

The energy of the universe creates in patterns, this allows for endless open free will. It means that what you are, is what you current pattern is, but your cells are changing and dying each and every moment and regenerating themselves naturally and seemlessly. Your cells KNOW how to recreate themselves in the pattern that is you because it "sees" the pattern. The pattern of energy, and each of those cells within you is filled with creativity and can live or die or move into any of the other yous, and in fact 'death" in one system of self , means only life in another other system or pattern of self. There is no death, there is only regeneration into another pattern, into another organization of energy.