Seeing things from the point of view from the forest instead of from the trees, guides you to a place of non-attachment. What exactly does that mean? It means first of all that you have faith in the universe to take care of you and that you look at things from the LONG view instead of the short view. For example, if you are facing losing your house, ask yourself, are you not going to lose your home anyway when you die? Or even more, tell yourself that the universe has something much more in store for you. Samantha has a friend who is on the verge of losing her home, and she is excited because she believes it will be a great adventure. this is not the typical or expected reaction. This is the reaction of non-attachment.
All pain is directly related to non-attachment. Now, there is a belief in your society that in order to love someone, in order to be responsible you must be attachment to them. You must worry and fret and think of them constantly-for that is love. You must be attached to something to truly appreciate it. You must hold onto to something no matter what. Instead, we tell you that TRUE love is love in freedom, it is giving the other person tremendous space. It is loving your car and enjoying the moment that you drive it and caring for it, but realizing that you can at anytime lose it, and will some point lose everything in the sense that you die and move forward to more advanced stages or of growth. It is seeing that everything is simply a matter of energy and that all energy has to be transferred. Change is only frightening because you're frightened of loss, you are frightened within yourself that you cannot handle it. You're frightened of the self-hatred that may occur because of it. Many of you HOLD onto to a lifestyle hold onto a possession or even hold onto a love LONG after you have outgrown it because you believe you must, you believe that is the way it has to be.

Since everything is energy and energy is in constant every changing motion, NOTHING can stay static. Try to make something that exists today, be the same as tomorrow is the same as killing it. Insecurity is putting static upon something that cannot be static.

This is holding onto the tree so tightly the forest and concentrating upon that tree. Instead, it is much wiser to look at the forest and see and experience many trees. When you begin to "see" the fluidity of everything around you, when you begin to "see" the motion and it's beautiful patterns underneath everything, you being to open up. You begin to sense energy and the tremendous simple and complex structures of energy that exist. You are what you are aware of, and as you sense and "see" more energy, so do you become part of the energy and therefore become more. Non-attachment lets you "see" more because you do NOT need to make something "fit" into a preconceived idea of what is should be what it needs to be, what mostly you want to be. Non-attachment is the truest form of love, it is the letting go of the thing you love so that it can and will some back to you. For all things that are given tremendous non-attachment will always come back.