Body Energy

We will take a "break" if you will tonight, to talk about your relationships with others. There is a belief that others are separate from you. There is the belief that you are separate from the other. In our version of reality, there is you, there is the other, and there is the relationship between you and the other. The relationship is the transfer of energy that takes place between you and another.
In the human body there are many points of energy but seven primary ones. They exist at the top of the head, the forehead, the throat, the heart, above the belly button, below the belly button, and the grounding place between your legs. Through these points of energy your relate to the other. Within these points of energy exist your belief systems. Your belief systems create places where the energy forms patterns and the seven basic patterns form one "big" pattern, and that pattern is you. When you encounter another, their patterns and your pattern "merge" to create another third pattern. This third pattern is the relationship between the two of you.

Now in a family, there is an overall pattern of energy. For example, one person in the family maybe the heart of the family. Another person may be the head of the family. Another person maybe the throat, or the communicator of the family. Many times various members of family "share" these roles. Those that do share roles are usually very close. Now when you meet up with a member of the family and let us say that you are usually the "heart" of the family. That family member will automatically expect you to assume the role of the heart. You are expected as the "heart" to feel the deep emotions of that family, and to cope with the emotionally side of that family. That expectation enters into your energy and you can either accept or refuse that expectation, accept or refuse the energy that expectation places upon you. Let us say that you no longer wish the role of the heart member of the family. You encounter a member of the family and you will automatically feel a tightening of the heart muscles when you see this person. There will be a tension, maybe you will have difficulty breathing. That other person is attempting to manipulate your energy and "open" your heart because that is what is expected of you. There are many ways to resist or change this energy, but first you must sense it.

Most people in your culture are starved for energy. They are constantly trying to get energy from each other, this is where your power struggles ensue. You feel pain in let us say you brain area, you are looking for validation and you attempt o "take" the brain energy from each person that you encounter. Most people view energy as limited, they believe that only through pleasing others can they connect and complete their loss of energy or "fix" their pain. For when there is pain there is a loss of energy, a shutdown in that particular part of your energy system. But the universe has endless energy and the key to ending power struggles is to find a way to satisfy your own energy. To encounter and touch upon the endless energy that the universe has to offer. The universe is ever expanding, it's energy is endless and opening to the universe means that you can feel that energy, and your energy needs become satisfied. However, this takes tremendous faith. When you DO open to the universe, you will find that your relationships will change dramatically. You will find that you no longer need or want so much from people. You are no longer attached to getting energy from others and you stop looking for it there. You are able to finally love, and be non-attached to the outcome of what another does.

Relationships are mirrors of the psyche. Nothing ever happens in your life that you have not drawn or attracted there. If you find yourself really angry with another person, it means that you are trying in some way to glean some sort of energy from them and you are not succeeding is getting whatever it is that you wish for, energy wise. You may justify this anger, you may justify and rationalize from here to eternity, but the truth is that the problems lie within you. Your anger is your problem, it is a place where you need to open your energy to that of the universe instead of trying to glean that particular energy from somewhere or someone else. If you are in pain, if you feel someone has used and abused you. Ask yourself where you have used and abused yourself? Ask yourself where and when you sold yourself out. No one can betray you unless you have betrayed yourself first. No one can abandon you unless you abandon yourself first. No one can you harm you unless your have harmed yourself or are currently harming yourself. No one can reject you, unless you reject yourself first. We are mirrors of each other, through attractors we attract similar energies. Opposites do not attract, only similars. You attract individuals with beliefs similar to yours, individual with similar pain, and similar hurts and betrayals.

What if you are born into a situation where you are abandoned, what if you are born into a situation her you are abused. This, then one of the lessons of your life. In order to counter abandonment you must NOT abandon yourself. In order to counter abuse, you must stop abusing yourself.

Your society's worship of money is actually a deep wish for energy. Your society believes that resources are limited, that energy is limited, that everything is limited when it comes to energy. It is that belief that creates the limitations on energy. When you "open" up you will see that nothing is limited unless you yourself decide to limit it.

Energy is money, energy is power, energy is love, energy is what fuels us and creates our existences on the most profound level. If you are starved for energy, it is because you are for some reason hurting yourself and not opening yourself up to the endless of supply of energy that exists. Trying to glean energy from another, can satisfy you only so long. Finding the source of energy yourself will release you from that need.

When it comes to energy there are basically two forms, expanding energy that is also known as love, and creates. Contracting energy with its destructive power and is based upon fear. All fear, all contracting energy, is an illusion because the universe is ever expanding. At each and every moment you chose love or energy expansion, or you can choose fear or energy contraction.

Now most fear or energy contraction stems from self-rejection. For whatever reason, you have learned to reject yourself. Either you were born with this belief or you have taken it upon yourself the belief, that there is something wrong with you. When you deny yourself, when you deny your energy, when your deny that very life-force within you, you contract, you feel fear, you feel pain. When you deny yourself and you then crave energy to "fill" you up. You become needy, you become desperate. All fear represents one basic thing, fear of rejecting yourself and fear of that contraction. The fear of death is a fear of deep contraction, when in reality death is a major expansion. Rather like being born from he womb is a major expansion. The fear of loss of anything is actually fear that you will not be able to cope; you will not be able to go on. All fear is based upon a lack of belief or a rejection of the self. All fear is illusion, because the universe is ever-expanding. Your scientists believe in he big bang, that at first there was a center an explosion, and ever since there has been an ever expanding, opening of the universe. That is true, but before the first explosion, before the big bang was the consciousness that created that big bang and from that center comes everything and it is ever expanding. If your universe, the very thing that created you, is ever-expanding, do you think that as a member of that universe you can actually contract? You cannot, for you would be disobeying the very laws upon which you yourself stem. Love is the force that moves the expansion, love is the force that moves the galaxies and star systems forward to create even more galaxies and star systems. Do you think that if there is a consciousness that created that, that you can "rebel" against it, that you are stronger than it. That you can contract when the star system themselves are ever expanding? Your fear is illusion, it is NOT real. It rejection of yourself and your purpose, the part of you, that is part of those very star systems. It is now seen or considered that each leaf on a tree contains a pattern similar to the one within the tree itself. Each cell of your body contains a pattern that is a part of you. And like that leaf on a tree and like that cell in your body, you are PART of the universe, your pattern is somehow related to the all that is. To that loving energy, to the very force of ever expansion. By denying that energy, you deny your connection to that force and feel fear. You believe that you are separate, and when you are separate you can be hurt. When you are separate, you can be harmed. But you can never been separate, the way a leaf cannot be truly separate from the tree, and the way that a cell cannot be separate form the body. It is an illusion, it is not real in our terms. Again, all fear is an illusion. Think on that.