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The magical life is a decision, a choice, a way of thought and a way of being. Magic is the ability to change consciousness. Since your world is formed through your thoughts/beliefs/emotions-changing those thoughts leads to a change in your life. If you are faced with a something, a difficult problem you always have the choice to approach it magically. If you have "faith" in something other then your waking self-you begin the process of thinking magically. It has been said that faith can move mountains - indeed it can do that, but it more powerful then that FAITH can move more then mountains it can change lives. But faith in what??? Faith that the universe is a good, safe, and abundant place. Faith that you are loved and worth while. Faith in a power of that can indeed move mountains. The mantra of the new age movement is that "you create your own reality".

Life is not meant to be such a struggle, in spite of what you have heard otherwise. Yes, you are tested. Really, really tested. But if you live in an overall space of joy, you move through the trials easily. In your world, life is to accomplish something. The truth is that when Einstein was working eighty hours a week, he wasn't going for greatness he was going for joy. You worry and fret because you are afraid that you aren't good enough. You worry and fret because you believe that you must prove something to yourself and the world. What does failure matter? NO. You failed, reward yourself for trying. Many of you are afraid that if you live for joy instead of accomplishment that you will flit through life-that nothing will happen. You need to be vigilant and watch everything. You need to do this because you need to protect yourself form the bad in yourself and the bad in others. WHY? Why can't you just play? Why can't you just live filled with some joy?????? When you are in joy, magical things happen. Things get healed etc. Ask yourself how you would be different if you stopped living to be good and starting living for joy or in joy.

Each of you has a purpose upon the planet. If you are, and our still living then you still have a purpose. It gives you a reason to wake up in the morning feeling filled with grace.

How do you know what your purpose is? Basically, it is what gives you deepest joy. When you awaken and follow that joy, you are filled with a kind of light. Following that joy is what is needed to fulfill your purpose. When you are in that place of joy, the joy of doing what you are meant to do, even if you spend only three minutes a day with your children, they will walk away learning more then if you had been with them all day. The lessons those three minutes would give them would be to follow their joy, to attempt to fulfill their potential. We are not saying that you neglect your children. We are saying that the way to truly be a parent is to "teach" them how to follow their highest selves and the best way to do that is to do it yourself.

Now, what is your purpose, ultimately you know this deep in your heart. When you follow your heart's desires, you deepest impulses you fulfill that within yourself. Each of you has a different purpose and a different joy. Your path in life is to fulfill that purpose and create joy within yourself. When you are in misery it is because you are not "on purpose", your beliefs are interfering with your purpose. Since each person's purpose is different and there can be no "right" or wrong, what works for one person will not work for another. Judgments are not needed. There is a perfect "plan b" if you will. Some people love to organize, some people love to heal, some people love to raise "wonderful" children, and some people love to create new things, the list is endless however, whatever it is, that is your purpose, follow it and your life will work. Magical doors will open for you. It is said, that when you follow your dreams, the universe follows you. Within your dreams are your purpose, and within those dreams joy. It is senseless to be or do other wise. That is all for now.