Chapter 3


Life in the Spiritual World

You Are Never Alone
When a soul has learned to be one with all things, has learned the lessons that this planet can teach then it no longer requires to incarnate in a physical body. These souls can graduate from this physical plane because they have increased their awareness of themselves. They have released many limitations and have increased their energy to a level greater than 4 watts. They can, however, continue to learn and one method is to become a spiritual helper to other, less enlightened souls who still require physical bodies.

These higher souls are sometimes called guides, angels, messengers of God, comforters and many other names. Because of my I.P.M. (Inner Peace Movement) training I prefer to call them guides. Before you were born you made a contract with one or more of these guides. They became your team of spiritual helpers and are always near at hand. If you are here to work with things then you will have one or two guides. If you are here to work with people you will have three or more; I have seven. Having more guides usually means that you are going to have a more traumatic life otherwise you would not need so much guidance.

They are your team of helpers but they are not here to do things for you but to help you to learn about yourself and grow spiritually. You can think of them as your best friends. They always want the best for you and will never do anything for you that you can do for yourself. You have known these souls before, in past lifetimes and they have usually been very good friends to you in these lifetimes. That is why you chose them to be your team of guides in this lifetime. They have been with you since before you were born and will be with you after you pass on from this life.

You can learn to communicate with your guides and the answers that you get can be used in your everyday life. They will help you with the big things in your life like your direction. They will also help you with the little things in your life, such as where you left your keys. Their forte is timing. If you do the right thing at the right time then everything is fine. However, there are two other alternatives. One is to do the wrong thing at the right time and the other is to do the right thing but at the wrong time. Once you have learned to communicate with your guides you can always do the right thing at the right time. If you check with them for the right time to do things then you will always do the right thing at the right time.

If you find you are being told what to do without asking then be careful because your guides will never do this. Other souls sometimes pretend to be guides or other higher souls and think that they are helping you by doing things for you or telling you what to do. It is easy to check whether the advice you are receiving is coming from your guides or not. Just ask whoever is giving you the advice to give you a quickening of the flesh. This is the feeling of goose bumps or chills up your spine. This is the feeling that you get when your guides come close to you. If you don't get the quickening of the flesh then it is not one of you guides who is advising you. Other souls advise you to do things for their reasons and not specifically for your own good. Your guides are only interested in your interests because they learn by furthering your interests. So my advice is that if you are being given advice from a soul other than one of your guides then before taking that advice check it out with your guides first. In other words learn this golden rule:- "If in doubt, check it out." Learning this golden rule can save you a lot of time and energy.

In previous chapters I have related techniques to help you become more 'aware', heal others, etc. Your guides should be willing to help you with these techniques. All you have to do is ask them. For example, if you require a trigger word try directing your request towards your guides. It is in their interests to help you with this. They should also help you remember past experiences which you have blocked. You have to tread a very narrow line where they are assisting you without doing it for you.

Having guides can be very rewarding. You can ask them to remind you to do things at set times. And if it is important then they will often comply. Here are some examples. A friend of mine could never boil an egg just the way her husband liked them which was how his mother always used to make them for him. So one day she put on the egg to boil and walked away to do some other housework asking her guides to tell her when the egg was cooked to the stage that her husband preferred. At the appropriate time the word "EGG" floated into her mind. She had actually forgotten all about it and had been day dreaming while doing the housework. She had been so far away in her daydreaming that she had no idea how long the egg had been on for and entered the kitchen not knowing what to expect. In actual fact the egg had only been boiling for a few minutes and her husband exclaimed that she had cooked his egg exactly as he liked it.

The same friend often went shopping and would discover that she had left her purse at home. As she was a very busy person, and her work was as a consultant for people's spirituality, she found these fruitless excursions to be a needless waste of time. She eventually asked her guides to prevent her leaving the house without enough money to buy whatever she would need to buy that day. This they did simply by putting the word "WALLET" into her mind on the occasions when she attempted to leave the house without sufficient money.

My friend Scott Fraser has excellent communication with his guides and uses their advice and assistance in his everyday life. On one occasion he had just completed an examination at college and he asked his guides if he had passed or failed. The answer was that he had passed so he asked what mark he had. The answer was '43'. As the pass mark was 50 he was confused and asked his guides for an explanation. He was told to wait and see. One week later he received his marked examination paper and his mark was 52 which was a pass mark. He asked his guides about the supposed mark of 43. They told him to wait and see. When the teacher addressed the class she said that as the overall performance was low she had decided to upgrade all marks by 20%. When Scott added 20% to 43 he then understood how he could score 43 in the examination and still pass.

My friend Scott was wanting to buy a particular book and searched in many book shops without success. He asked his guides to help him find the book and continued to look. He came to a book shop that he did not think would have the book that he wanted and was just about to walk passed the door when he felt himself being pushed into the shop. The pushing continued inside the shop and did not stop until he was standing in front of a special display for the book he wanted.

Many years ago I belonged to a motor cycle club and one of the activities was weekend rallies around the country. They were camping weekends with hundreds of other bikers and were most enjoyable. At a rally in Denny, which is near Stirling, I spent the morning and early afternoon of the first day with my good friend Allan who had a 380cc Suzuki. He was just putting on his crash helmet when a voice in my head told me that if I did not go with him right now I would never see him alive again. I knew there and then that he was going to crash. I immediately put on my crash helmet and told him I was going with him. He said that he didn't want me to come this time and that he would not be long. He said he was only going for a short run. I said, "I know, I'm coming with you." He tried to argue but I was determined that either I was going with him or he wasn't going at all. He then agreed and we sped off along the country roads with me on pillion.

Everything was going fine until one left hand curve with embankments on either side and barbed wire fences at the top of the embankments. He didn't lean enough into the curve and we went up the embankment, hit the fence and came back down, across the road and up the embankment at the other side. We then hit this fence and came back down to land in the middle of the road with the bike on top of us. I wriggled my fingers and toes and realised that I was fine. Allan's eyes were open but he was not breathing. I put him on his side, put my knee at his back and hammered on his chest until he started breathing. We were both taken to hospital, me with a broken collar bone and lacerations and him with a hairline fracture in his skull and lacerations. My guides had prompted me to go with him and if I hadn't I would not have met my good friends John and Daniella who looked after me when I came out of hospital as I was so bandaged that I couldn't even tie my own shoe laces.

I was born in the west end of Glasgow near where I now live but for my first seventeen years I was brought up on the south side of the city. When in the city centre I would gaze to the north and yearn to be there. Even when I was very young I would ask my parents what was in that direction. I did not know why I wanted to be there, I just did. When I was about 14 years old I asked my guides if I would ever live on the north side of the city and was told that I would. I then asked to see what my flat would look like. With my eyes closed my mind was momentarily filled with a vision of myself looking up at a first floor corner bay type window. There were no other windows and the ground floor appeared to be solid brick. I could not understand why I would want to live in a flat with only one window or why the flat below had no windows. Six or seven years later I was living in Maryhill in a one bedroom flat. The bedroom was on the front corner of the building and had two windows, one of which was a bay type window which went round the corner of the building. This was the flat I had seen six or seven years previously in my vision. The reason there were no windows below was because there was a general store below me and the part I had seen was the side wall of the shop and its window was round the corner.

When I was about 13 years old I asked my guides if I would ever go to Glasgow University. The answer I received was, "You'll go there, maybe not as a student, but you'll go there." I thought to myself that this was crazy. I did not understand how I could go to University and not be a student. When I was seventeen I wanted to be a laboratory technician and was sent for an interview to Glasgow University. I remembered what I had been told four years previous and was confident that I would get the job. I have worked in the University of Glasgow ever since.

Before you were born, still a foetus, your guides helped you pour psychic energy into your developing body. When you pass on from this life they will be there and all you have to do to get straight back to God is to repeat these three statements.

"Guides come close"
"Guides surround me in white light"
"Guides take me straight back to God"

This will prevent you ending up on any of the planes between this Earth and God. You will go straight back to God. If you think "Heaven" in place of "God" then you will most likely end up on one of the seven planes.

You may feel embarrassed at the thought of having other souls watching everything that you do but don't worry, higher souls never judge you. The things you do which you think are bad or wicked are viewed by higher souls as learning experiences and all learning experiences are useful and therefore not bad or wicked. Some of the things you do in good faith are considered not very friendly by higher souls. For example, sympathy for someone whom you perceive to be ill.

Higher souls can reincarnate in a physical body if they wish. If they do, it is usually to teach others. They are often persecuted and most lead very short lives. They know who they are and can remember their previous lives and what they learned. Some become very famous people but most do not live that long. Sometimes one will come to Earth in a body which is badly deformed or handicapped in some way. This is usually to allow some people to learn from their encounters with this disability or to teach compassion.

Higher souls, sometimes called angels, are very powerful. They perform miracles all the time but they will not put on a performance or attempt to use their abilities as a form of proof as this would be a misuse of miracles.

They want to teach you how to do miracles but you have to ask them. Only when you ask them will they know you are ready to be taught. The same goes for whatever you ask them. If you ask them a question then you are ready for the answer. They know what you want and what you will want in the future but they will not give you the answers until you specifically ask them the questions.

You may think, "How can they look at all the suffering in the world and not do something about it if they can do miracles?". In the world they see, the REAL world, there is no suffering. The suffering is only in your, relative, world. In your relative world it is you who can do something to change all the things that you dislike. If you wish a course to teach you about miracles then let me advise, "A Course In Miracles". This course is in three volumes. Volume one is the text, volume two is the work book for students and volume three is the manual for teachers. It is possible to become a master soul yourself if you are willing to work hard at it. There are a couple of books which can help you. "A Higher Power You Can Use" and "I Am The Life" both written by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne.

When you are working on your spirituality in a group situation you have the help of all of your guides and those of all the other people in your group. The group energy bonds after a couple of sessions and you all grow spiritually together.

Life After Death

Many people ask the question, "Is there life after death?" Why should anyone ask this question in the first place? It is a question that has been asked for thousands of years. You would think that by now everyone would know the answer and would not have to ask again. There are many related questions such as, "What will happen to me when I die?" This 'not knowing' is the cause of the fear of death. Many people look upon birth as the beginning and death as the end. I prefer to believe that birth is like falling asleep and dreaming and death is like awakening from the dream. Birth is not the beginning and death is not the end; they are both part of the continuation of life. Life is you, the real you and you are life. The body that you have is not you and it is not life, it is only a body which gets you about on planet Earth. You could compare it to a car. You can have a car and it can be used by you to get from place to place and people say the type of car you use says a lot about the type of person you are but the car is not life and it is not you. Neither is the body that you are using. You can customise your body to suit your needs, personal preferences, life style etc. You can use it to help you learn about yourself and grow spiritually, it will eventually perish but you will not.

Many people go through their life with a fear of death. You will die at the appointed time and no other time. You decided before you were born, when you would be born and when you would die. You were born on time and you will pass on at the correct time so why fear it. I like to think of death as a once in a lifetime experience. Like diving into water, there is the initial shock as you hit the water and then the pleasant feeling of gliding smoothly through the water. You have probably passed on from so many lifetimes that when it eventually happens it will most likely be a bit of an anti-climax.

When you pass on you will realise that it is the soul that breathes and not the body. The soul is the real you and it is eternal. Some people do not realise that they have passed on, they still see themselves with the same body, they still have the same thoughts and feelings. They don't suddenly become super intelligent or become more spiritual. Some of these departed souls do not want to admit that they are "dead". They often feel more alive than they did when they had a body.

There are Earth-bound souls everywhere. By Earth-bound I don't mean physically bound to the earth, I mean that they are still thinking in Earthly terms and that what they valued when they had a body is still important. These souls stay on Earth instead of returning to God. They may still think money is important, or sexual activity, or alcohol or any number of things that people with bodies value.

What you should realise is that when you pass on you no longer have a physical body but are spirit. You should therefore stop thinking in physical terms and start thinking spiritually. What is important after you pass on is not the same as what is important before you pass on. You can go straight back to God by calling your guides in close, asking them to surround you in white light and then asking them to take you straight back to God. However, some people feel guilty when they pass on and don't want to go back to God because they think they will be punished. So they stay on Earth and are attracted to energy patterns that they recognise which are usually similar, in many ways, to their own energy patterns. They always see their world as it was no matter what changes take place in your world.

Some people want to go to "Heaven" and others believe they will go to "Hell". There are other planes of existence which are more advanced than this, the physical plane. You can go to these planes when you pass on and they could seem like "Heaven" or "Hell" to you depending upon your point of view. The reason for this is that one man's heaven is another man's hell. If you allow yourself to drift slowly away from Earth you will pass through these planes as you get further away. Wherever you expect to end up is where you will stop and you will stay there until you learn more about yourself and aspire to a higher level. These levels are a match for your state of consciousness and that is why you feel most at home on that level, and is also why you move to another level when your state of consciousness has changed to match another level. Each successive level up to God is different and more spiritually enlightened. The whole point is to eventually reach God where you will be recharged with God's energy (Love) and will be able to rest for a while before taking your next assignment. So why bother with all these Heaven/Hell planes between here and God. You now know how to bypass these planes and go straight back to God. Your guides want to help you but wont unless you ask them.

As you get closer to God you pass through these higher planes and as you do so your consciousness of your REAL SELF returns. You start to remember who you were before you were born into this life. This is a reverse of the process of coming to Earth to start your life in a new body. That is, as you get further away from God, down through the planes, you lose your awareness of who you really are. With the returning of awareness you realise that you have brought something with you from Earth; you have brought your state of consciousness. All the thoughts, feelings and experiences that you had during your lifetime have altered your state of consciousness. You can do this without a body but it is much easier with a body and there are some situations that cannot be experienced without a physical body. If you have not learned what you came to Earth to learn then you can come back again in another body and start again. All the experiences that you have here are designed to teach you something. If you don't learn the lesson that a certain situation is there to teach then that same situation, or one very like it, will keep recurring until you learn from it. Once you have learned from it you no longer need that situation and so it will not recur and you can go on to learn something new. In other words, by learning from the situation you have advanced to another level where that old problem is no longer important.

So you eventually return to God with your altered state of consciousness and depending upon how spiritually advanced you are at that stage will depend what you do next. As a spiritual being there are many options open to you. There are many planets where you can incarnate. If you think of these planets as schools, colleges and universities then you should be as close to the truth as it is possible for me to describe. They are places of learning and basically what you learn is different aspects about yourself. On some planets you can only incarnate once but you wouldn't need to go there more than once anyway as what can be learned there is very limited. Earth is one of the planets upon which you can incarnate many times. There are very many things that you can learn here on Earth. All situations are important as they are stepping stones towards your spiritual growth. No matter what you do in this life it is a step forward.

Most adults these days have heard of ghosts and yet few scientists would admit that they even exist. This is because their credibility would be questioned if they did make such an admission. Why is it that these people are so reluctant to admit something that almost everyone else takes for granted. It could be that in their world there is no place for spirituality or perhaps it is just souls without bodies that they have no time for. The rest of us know that there are ghosts and we don't need anyone to prove anything to us. Spiritually it is impossible to prove anything to anyone. Imagine you have a dream that you own a large yacht and wake thinking that it was a wonderful dream. You go into work and tell someone about your wonderful dream and they refuse to believe that you had that dream. How could you prove to them that you did have that dream? You couldn't, and it would be a waste of your time to even try. This is the same with all spiritual matters, you can't prove anything to anyone so why bother trying. What I do is to teach people how to prove things to themselves if they want proof.

If you detect a ghost and you are the only one who does then don't be surprised if very few people take you seriously. The problem is that in this scientific world more and more people require concrete proof before they will believe anything which is even slightly out of the ordinary. But if you have experienced the presence of bodiless souls then no one will ever be able to convince you that they don't exist.

For a few years, while I was a workaholic, I could be found working away every night at my desk in the Zoology Department. Because I was in late so often the security men got to know me well and would ask if I was not afraid to be in this big department, all alone, late at night. We would then relate ghost stories about the university and elsewhere. One of the security men told me he was sitting in the Chemistry Department on the ground floor at about 3 am writing up his notebook. He was just writing that he had checked the building and that there were no occupants when he heard the lift start to descend. He thought he must have missed someone and waited for the lift to arrive. The lift stopped at the ground floor, the doors opened but no one came out of the lift. He walked over to the lift and looked inside. There was no one there. He could not understand this because this lift does not have automatic doors. They are the type that must be physically pulled and pushed open.

I have been detecting Earth-bound souls and communicating with some of them for a while now. Most of them do you no good and some of them literally give you a pain. When an Earth-bound soul attaches to you it can be detected by a sudden change in how you feel. For example, you may feel suddenly depressed or a headache may suddenly come on, or a backache, or a pain in your neck, leg, arm or anywhere may suddenly appear. The key is the word "suddenly". You can be feeling fine and then a soul comes close to you and you pick up its feelings via its energy. The reason it is so sudden is because one second you are not in contact with their energy and the next second you are. Sometimes they will affect an area where you already have a pain. This is more difficult to detect but detection becomes easier with practice.

Earth-bound souls are everywhere and especially in hospitals. There are three souls which seem to remain in the same corridor of the Glasgow Western Infirmary. This corridor is on a slope and orderlies must push patients up this incline. These three souls attach to the orderlies shoulders as they are pushing and cause pain and strength loss. They will also attempt to attach to anyone else who is walking along that corridor unless of course they meet someone who is aware of what they are doing. They then shy away as they are not used to meeting resistance.

If you can see these souls, or rather their energy, you will see that they are shades of grey ranging to black. The more black the more confused and black is very common but all are confused souls. Children very often see these souls floating around but when they ask adults what they are, the answers they get are often confusing. This is because the child is pointing at the soul but the adults don't usually see the soul. They think the child is pointing at the wall or something physical. This leads the child to ignore them and they are thus trained not to see souls. Sometimes children can be seen talking to invisible friends. These are sometimes souls that are attracted to the child's energy either because it recognises the energy of a friend from a past lifetime or because of some similarity to its own energy.

Spiritual healing makes you feel wonderful even if there is nothing particularly wrong with you. You can have a healing just to obtain an uplifting feeling of well being. One night, after a long, hard day, I was having a healing. The healer was Annmarie and she can see souls as easily as you can see this text. She was just about to finish the healing when she suddenly said, "There are an awful lot of people coming into this room." I then remembered my busy day. I had a lot of work to do and souls kept attaching to me so that I would instruct them how to return to the All. I had eventually told them all to go away and return at night when I had finished my work. This was them returning and I addressed them all at once and instructed them. I sensed that they all left and Annmarie saw them go. I detect them in different ways but I rarely see them, even though I am a visionary.

Annmarie was reading my aura one day when the bright shining soul of a girl came flashing towards me. Annmarie saw her energy and I felt the contact. I told Annmarie I would communicate with the soul while she continued with the reading. As I started to communicate with the soul my whole aura was swamped in lilac, the colour of universal love, and Annmarie had to wait until I had finished communicating with the soul before she was able to continue. My aura returned to normal as soon as the communication ceased. Universal love is the way to communicate with all your spiritual brothers without bodies.

If you are confused you will attract confused souls to you and sometimes they are very hard to get rid of. They don't want to go because they can relive experiences through you. They can entice you to do things that they want to experience by making you think it is you who wants it. If you keep doing things because you think you want to but afterwards find that you did not enjoy what you were doing then start to think who is getting the enjoyment from what you do. It could be that you have an Earth-bound soul attached to you. Often they think that they are doing you a favour but really they are only thinking of themselves first and you come a poor second if at all. They can get their "kicks", all be it second hand, through you. If they were alcoholic they can encourage you to drink to excess. If they were a heavy smoker they can encourage you to smoke more. You start to do what they want instead of what you want. You could say that a person in this predicament is "possessed".

Many people in mental institutions have these "not so nice friends" attached to their energy. This is because their confusion attracts confused souls. Hundreds of souls can live in one human body and this is documented in the Bible where they are called "evil spirits". These souls can be removed by people trained to do this type of healing. I have done some of this work and have had some wonderful spiritual experiences in the process. This is not always the case as this type of healing can be dangerous therefore it is usually done in teams.

The next time you get a sudden, pain, depression, headache or loss of strength think of the possibility that it is an Earth-bound soul. To get rid of it do the following:- [Sore head example]

  1. Be positive that you don't want the sore head.
  2. Say either aloud or in your mind, "This is not my headache. I don't want it. Go away."
  3. Keep a positive sincere attitude. If the pain is relieved, even for an instant, you know it is a soul.
  4. Be forceful and demand that it go away. Spiritual law states that once it has been recognised and told to leave, it must leave.
  5. Once it has gone recognise that you got rid of a soul that was causing you pain and know that in the future you can do it again if necessary. This makes you more powerful.

You can instruct these souls how to return to God as described earlier. If you can do this with love then you may persuade them to repeat the three phrases after you. You can ask your guides to tune you in to the souls so that you can hear their thoughts in your mind or you can ask them to inform you whether or not the souls have gone back to God, the All, the Universe or whatever name you prefer.

NOTE - Never be soft with these souls. They will try many inducements to get you to invite them to "possess" your body. They do not have your interests in mind, only their own. If you want spiritual contact you have your guides and they do have your interests at heart.


The supernatural does frighten many people. Really, what they are afraid of is the unknown. This fear can be enough to attract psychic problems to some people. If you are feeling low or negative in some way then you may attract negative influences (earthbound souls) to you. Most people unconsciously shrug them off straight away and the negative influences leave immediately. Sometimes, however, these people can be so low that they allow these influences to stay and that can cause problems.

Have you ever had the feeling of not being yourself? You may have heard people say, "I don't know what came over me", or "What I did is just not like me", or "I just don't feel myself today". In at least 90% of these cases the person speaking has experienced a mild form of possession. As long as it does not persist or continually recur then the person will suffer little harm from the experience. Anyone who has frequent experiences like these would most likely benefit greatly from an exorcism.

The tell-tale sign that you are being influenced by some earth-bound soul, spirit, entity, call it what you will, is that the change in you is sudden. You may experience a sudden headache whenever you walk into a particular room. You may suddenly feel depressed, angry, afraid or any number of other negative emotions for no apparent reason. You may find that you become suddenly venomous or violent when having an argument with a loved one. You may experience a sudden weakness in one of your limbs which returns to normal just as suddenly. If these are common in your life, then an exorcism could help to remove some of these negative influences.

Do you know persons who are severely depressed or negative? Do you know alcoholics or drug abusers who have a change of personality when under the influence? Do you know people who can suddenly become violent or verbally abusive? Do you know schizophrenics? 80% of these people are certainly spirit possessed. Spirit possession is a condition where the spirit of a person who has passed on (died) takes over the mind and body of a living person. This is usually temporary. An exorcism will very likely cause the alcohol or drug abuser to stop his/her habit and to lead a normal life. The criminal no longer continues his unlawful activity. The mental patient is released from hospital, showing all signs of normal behaviour.

It is amazing the number of people who have trouble with, what they term, GHOSTS. Different people describe them to us by what they do more often than what they look like. They may move the furniture around. This is usually not more than annoying but can be serious at times. Some people just sense that there is a bad atmosphere in their home. Others report that they hear unexplained noises at night. In some cases the spirits are seen by one or more people around the house. Sometimes it is reported that people get a bad feeling when they enter a certain room. It could be that things suddenly appear or disappear. Or it may be that at certain times there is a certain smell around which cannot be explained and it disappears as quickly as it appeared.

Modern exorcists use the most modern and powerful techniques. The old ritualistic methods of priests and medicine men still work today but take hours, sometimes days, to work. The techniques used by modern exorcists are much more efficient because they are specific for the Aquarian age and therefore do not require as much time. The exorcists are using these techniques every day. They are trained to deal with the psychic problems of your family and your friends.

When people hear the word 'exorcism' they often think of the film industry's version of what an exorcist is. They may even think of the film 'The Ghost Busters'. It is hard to live down this image. The reality of exorcism is far removed from this and certainly does not require huge atomic powered apparatus to be strapped to your back. When a modern exorcist is at work they are usually seated in a comfortable position with their eyes closed. It may look as if they are not doing anything but the real work of the modern exorcist takes place on the spiritual plane.

Most often exorcists are dealing with people who may not feel that they are behaving as they normally would. Often they feel that they are being influenced in some way to behave atypically. This is possibly a mild form of possession and something which is easily dealt with if caught early. The person can solve the problem themselves by being positive and forcefully telling the negative influence to go away.

When the influence has been affecting you over a longer period you tend to believe that its thoughts and wishes and promptings are your own. In this case it may be a little harder to get rid of them yourself but if you keep persisting that you have recognised that it is not you and forcefully tell it to leave then it will eventually go. If it tries to return then tell it to leave again. Eventually it will leave to find someone else who does not recognise it for what it is.

A more advanced stage is when you hear voices in your head and you think they are your own thoughts or the thoughts of your alter ego etc. Often people possessed to this level believe that these voices know best and do whatever the voices say. This can have catastrophic results. People commit all sorts of crimes e.g. murder, rape, attempted suicide etc. because they have been influenced by the voices. When the possession has reached this level it is unlikely that the person can deal with the situation alone. That is, an exorcist is usually required to deal with the multitude of souls that will be affecting this person. The reason that there will be so many souls influencing the person is that negativity around her/him will be like a beacon to all other negative influences in the area. As the negativity increases the beacon becomes stronger and therefore more will be attracted. The situation continually gets worse. When an exorcist is brought in the situation immediately improves as thousands of souls can be removed in a very short time. The person then requires counselling to ensure that more souls are not attracted.

Sometimes exorcists are called in to remove negative influences (often called ghosts) from buildings etc. This can be done relatively easily if approached properly. Some people do not want rid of their uninvited house guests. In fact many people are quite proud of the fact that their hotel, restaurant, home etc. is haunted. If you do have a troublesome presence which visits your home, workplace etc. then it can easily be removed by an exorcist.

Children are very aware of souls when they come near. Often their 'imaginary friends' are earthbound souls that can communicate with children and it is common to hear children having one-sided conversations. That is you hear them answer unheard questions and ask unanswered questions to which it is obvious that they hear answers. Children are not afraid of ghosts until taught by us to be so. They seem to be able to hold negative influences away from themselves simply by emanating a buffer zone of their natural love which is positive energy. Only when they are taught to be afraid does the love cease to flow and the buffer zone is gone. By the time they are about 5 years old they have usually been conditioned out of seeing earthbound souls and are usually afraid of anything supernatural'.

The best way to deal with all souls is with love. The positiveness of love energy can not be withstood by negative influences. The effect of love energy directed towards a negative influence is that it is healed of its negativity and made positive (at least for a while). Once healed, it can then be sent back to the universe where it belongs. Sometimes the healing requires to be done quickly and sometimes slowly. A few years ago I helped in the healing of the soul of a young girl who had passed on in a hospital for the terminally ill over two hundred years ago. She did not understand that she had passed on and was confused and distressed. This healing took a day and a half on this plane and when she returned to the universe the healing continued there.


Some people ask the question, "Have I lived Before?" What they really mean is have they been incarnated in another body on this planet at a time before the present. If they can ask this question then the answer is almost certainly, "yes". Reincarnation has fascinated people for thousands of years. It forms a major part of many eastern religions. In the west it is still considered to be in the realms of mysticism but there have been many well documented cases where people have known things that they couldn't have known unless they had lived there in a previous life.

Hypnotism has been used to take people back to a time before they were born in their present life and these hypnotised subjects have related experiences from the past that they had no knowledge of in their present incarnation. Some people talk only in a foreign language such as French and sometimes a switch of sex takes place, for example, a woman will speak with a man's voice and claim to be a man. This type of evidence is played down by science and some scientists go to fanatical lengths to try to disprove or discredit these results. One argument against these results is that the subject could be relating a story heard in childhood and retained in the subconscious mind. This does not explain how an English woman who, when hypnotised, cannot answer questions asked in French but speaks in fluent French when taken back to a time before her birth. It also does not explain how she knew the whereabouts of a three house street in Paris which was destroyed during the French Revolution and never rebuilt. She claims to have been an ordinary peasant woman who lived in that street at that time. There are many more examples from hypnosis but examples are not positive proof. It appears that the laws of probability are fine to use in scientific papers but not to support anything spiritual. There are non-hypnotic spiritual techniques for past life regression. These have been very successful and they are not difficult nor do they require specially high levels of awareness on the part of the subject.

Have you ever had the feeling that you have been somewhere before, that you know what you will find when you turn a street corner? In some people the triggers are so strong that they remember large sections of a previous life. A little four year old boy in India told his brothers about the wife he had in his last life who lived in the next village with her sons. He gave names, addresses and dates. The village was not very far away so the brothers investigated and found that all of the information was correct.

These are all examples from people that I don't know but some people that I do know have relived experiences from past lives. Often concepts that we have are ones that have been brought from a previous life. One friend of mine had a problem with figures of authority. She had been raised to look up to policemen and taught that if she needed help she should ask the police. She could never do this because of her distrust of all authority figures. Returning to the end of her last life and reliving the last few terrifying and painful moments she at last understood where the concept had come from. Just before her death in her last life she found that she was a man and was caught by the legs in a metal device which was slowly crushing her to death from the legs up. Beside her stood a man in a uniform and she knew that it was this man who was controlling the machine and that he was fully aware of what he was doing. Because of the psychological blocks she had erected at the end of her life she carried the experience across to her next life. By going back and reliving the experience without the ability to block the feelings associated with it she managed to release its hold upon her mind.
I have had some memories of myself before I was born into this life. One was of myself flashing toward and through colours. Another was of myself standing at a white bench against a wall which seemed to be showing a living video of my life. I was standing between two people who were comforting me and telling me that everything was going to be fine. The third example is slightly different. I was a man in a body and I was frustrated because I had mastered the ability to perform miracles but could only do them for others and for some reason I badly needed to do one for myself and couldn't. There is a difference between magic and miracles. Magic works on things in your relative world and therefore is but an illusion. Miracles work in the Real world and therefore are real. I experienced a North American Indian incarnation when I took part in a special course on this subject in Inverness. I experienced excerpts from my life and I remembered my wife and son and my position in the tribe. I also remembered the events leading up to my death and how I died. The most amazing aspect of this course, and everyone on the course agreed, was the immense feeling of peace. I personally thought that I knew what peace was but now that I have taken part in this course I have had to redefine the word for myself. Because I have taken part in this course and experienced the feeling of peace associated with that incarnation I can tune in to it whenever I wish.

Sometimes souls from past lives, who are still Earth-bound, home in on you because they recognise your energy. In actual fact they still see you as you were in the life you shared with them. When they come close to you it is just the same as any Earth-bound soul attaching to your energy. The result is sudden confusion, depression, pain, weakness, tiredness etc. They do not always wish to harm you in this way. Usually they just want to be near you because of your past friendship. Enemies too can recognise you and may take great delight in attacking you. Love is the best way to deal with souls who are attracted to your energy. Tell them how to get straight back to God and with love persuade them that this is the best thing they could do. It is certainly the best thing they could do for you and for themselves.

So birth and death are not a beginning and end of life. They are merely a continuation. Incarnating on this planet is something you can do over and over again. If you fail to learn, in one life what you came to Earth to learn then you can come back and try again in another body. All experiences you have here are there to learn from. There is no good and bad except in your mind as all are but stepping stones toward your spiritual growth. How can we judge others when we don't know what we have done in previous lives. Learn to forgive all by not judging anyone or anything and also learn to forgive yourself for anything that you may imagine you have done in your relative world by not judging yourself.

Out of body experiences

There have been many reports of out of body experiences in recent times and many books have been written and audio tapes produced to teach the techniques required. Sometimes these techniques are not required and people, much to their amazement, find themselves floating above their own body. This is common in near death experiences, in car crashes and during medical operations. The shock that this usually causes often results in an immediate return to the physical body often accompanied by a rapid heart rate and rapid breathing. This type of out of body experience is often called astral projection. With practice it is possible to will the body to move around the room, through walls and from one location to another. This moving around is called astral travel and the body can be clothed however you wish.

The distance that can be travelled is infinite and the speed is variable, from a slow pace to the speed of thought. It is possible to walk, run, float, fly at any speed, or you can think yourself instantly to the other side of the world. Some people talk of visiting the moon and the Australian aborigines talk of visiting the stars.

It is sometimes possible for other people to see an astral body although this is rare as it is usually invisible. The astral body is attached to the physical body by an infinitely elastic 'silver cord' which joins the pineal gland of the physical body with the same region on the head of the astral body. The astral body usually has no weight but sometimes it does have weight. A friend of mine was astrally travelling and, in a darkened room, attempted to sit in a chair which she thought was empty. The chair was occupied and the youth sitting there was startled by what he thought was someone trying to sit on his knee. The sudden shriek and jerk certainly moved the astral traveller quickly away from the vicinity.

Out of body experiences can seem like dreams and many people who do astrally travel think that they are only dreaming. A friend of mine regularly travelled astrally and, although intrigued by it, considered the experiences to be just vivid, lifelike dreams. One day while, astrally travelling, she visited a house that she had never been to before. While she was there she spent some time looking at the paintings on the walls and made a mental note of things to remember about them. Later she visited that house in her physical body and found that it was as she remembered and that the paintings were the same ones that she remembered from her earlier, dreamlike, visit. This convinced her, at last, that what she was doing was astral travel and not simply dreaming.

On rare occasions it has been reported that someone in a physical body has held a conversation with someone in an astral body. An example is of two friends who met in London. One said to the other, "I thought you were in Scotland." The other replied, "I am. This is not me. This is my double." He then disappeared there and then, much to his friends astonishment. When the friends met at a later date it was discovered that the one in Scotland thought he had dreamt it all but the one in London could confirm that it actually happened.

There are some people who travel astrally every night for recreation and sometimes family groups go travelling together. There are many methods of separating the astral body from the physical body but it seems to be much easier if someone else helps you out. This is a little like giving someone a hand up out of a chair. Some people prefer to rise straight up parallel with their stretched out physical body. Others stand straight up perpendicular to their physical body and another method is to slide out through the top of the head. Each method is as good as any other and the method used usually depends upon personal preference and often the preferred method is the way that the individual first successfully astrally projected. Astral projection is not easy to master for anyone who cannot do it, but once you can do it you will always be able to. The analogy is riding a bicycle. It may be difficult to learn but once you have you will always know how.

Astral travelling usually refers only to travel on this, the physical plane. Astro travelling is not so limited in that it also includes all planes to which you can project. It is said that we unconsciously astro travel every night when we are asleep and which plane we can reach will depend upon how relaxed we were before falling asleep. The more relaxed we are the more the silver cord can stretch and the higher plane we can reach and the better sleep we have. Basically the advice from this would seem to be that it is extremely important to spend some time relaxing before falling asleep. The advantages of astro travel are many and not least is the ability to travel in time. Astro travel is at the speed of thought because you are no longer in the fourth dimension, you are exploring the fifth dimension and therefore instead of operating in space time you now move into light time. I cannot give too many details and unless you are spiritually ready for this you will not be able to do it. The reason is that for conscious astro travel while not asleep you require the assistance of many master souls to move into another dimension and they only give their backing to those who are spiritually ready. They know that it would be detrimental to the spiritual development of any souls who are not yet ready for it but they are extremely willing to assist all who are ready. Your own guides (master souls) will help you to grow spiritually to the stage where you are ready for astro travel if you ask their help.

You may ask how you can become spiritually ready for astro travel. The only way is to work slowly towards it. You cannot rush spiritual growth but the straight route is always quicker than taking side tracks on the way. In other words, if you are serious about spiritual advancement you will make it your main goal and you will stick to the path at all times and not be diverted from it for any other lesser goals. Not many of us have this single mindedness and therefore it usually takes us a little longer as we strive for other things which hold back our spiritual growth a little but are never-the-less enjoyable distractions.

There is a good guide to astral travel written by Robert Bruce which I can heartily recommend.

If you know how to get your own answers from within yourself then you can learn how to do anything that you desire. Basically you must learn about yourself and you do that through learning from all of your experiences in life. When you lead a spiritual life and attempt to grow spiritually you will find that you seem to have one learning experience after another, one problem after another. Learn from them and you will not require that particular problem again. You must, however, learn the complete lesson that the experience is there to teach and not be satisfied with only a fraction of the answer.

There are some things that you will probably notice as you grow spiritually. One is that you will tend towards a more healthy way of eating and drinking etc. You may not be a vegetarian but you may find that you are eating less and less red meat. You may find that caffeine prevents you sleeping well at night or that if you go out drinking alcohol at night you are up at least once during the night visiting the toilet. These effects tend to encourage you to drink no caffeine or alcohol at night and eventually as you become more spiritually aware you will find that your awareness decreases dramatically while you have alcohol in your blood. Meat of any kind, but especially red meat, is good for grounding you. If you find that you are spending too much of your time on the spiritual side of life then meat can bring you back to Earth. It is therefore preferable not to eat meat prior to attempting astro travel as you will be firmly grounded. This is not such a problem to someone who has been astro travelling regularly but is a problem for beginners.

You live in two worlds at once, the physical world and the spiritual world. You are subconsciously monitoring the spiritual world all the time. Occasionally something from the spiritual world will reach the conscious level. This may frighten you due to it being unusual or not what is acceptable in today's scientific and technological world.

You have spiritual helpers to aid you in your quest for self knowledge which is the reason for your coming to this planet. Your guides will help you if you ask for their help but they will not do things for you that you can do for yourself. They will not only help you with the big things in your life but also with the small things as well. Their forte is timing.

When you pass on you will find that death is not an end but a continuation; a transition from one state of being to another. You will find that your state of consciousness, which you have been altering while on Earth, is the only thing that you have brought with you from Earth. If you allow yourself to float away from Earth you will drift out into the universe. The real you is eternal, has always been, is, and will always be.

Many people can remember past life experiences and hypnotism is a useful tool, in many cases, to help people to go back to past lives. Another useful method is astro travelling. It is possible to travel forward in time to future lives because time does not really exist and all our lifetimes are happening simultaneously. Astral travel and astro travel can be dangerous and it is usually best to take advice from your guides as to when you are ready for these experiences.

There is so much evidence of what are colloquially called ghosts that it is amazing to me that so many supposedly intelligent people refuse to believe that they exist. In fact some of them are so fanatical in their belief that death is the end that they are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to persuade others that their belief is correct. Eventually they will learn that they have been wrong all this time.


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