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Kenny Ensor was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1952 and brought up on a council estate on the south side of the city. He was educated to ordinary level standard and left school at seventeen years old. He started work as a technician in 1969 in the Department of Zoology, University of Glasgow and trained at two technical colleges to HNC standard in biology on a day release basis. After this he passed part I of the graduateship of the Institute of Biology.

He was married in March 1971 aged 19 and was divorced without issue in May 1979 aged 27. His first son, James, was born to Annmarie on Christmas day 1990. James drowned sixteen months later while on holiday in Ireland with Annemarie. He was remarried in December 2002 to Karen, and his daughter, Claire, was born in August 2003.

He has been interested in the spiritual side of life from a very early age and has had many psychic experiences throughout. Many of his friends and some of his relatives have also had psychic experiences which leads him to the belief that the vast majority of the people in the world are aware of psychic phenomena in their life and that the rest are having psychic experiences but refuse to acknowledge it or are simply unaware of them as yet. He became a spiritual teacher in January 1990 and within a year was a spiritual therapist. He is now a spiritual counsellor, helping searchers to understand about their spiritual guides.

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My world, your world, everybody's world

To anyone who is confused about the title "This Is My World", I would say, "you are in good company," because most people in the world will feel this way. In fact there was a time when this title would have confused me. I hope that by the time the reader has finished this book she or he will be less confused and will have gained some insight into how I view my world.

There was a time when I believed that there was one world that we were all born into, lived in and died in, and that was the end. I thought that we came from nowhere or at least I did not know of anywhere that I could have come from. I thought my whole purpose in life was to survive until I died and to try to stay alive as long as possible. I did not know why I should do this and there did not seem to be any good reason for not passing on right away but I was afraid of death. The fear of death seems to have been instilled in me from a very early age. I was taught that when I did die I would go to "Heaven" or "Hell" depending upon how "good" or "bad" I had been. I don't know why but when I heard this I always felt that I was not being told the whole story. There was a time that I thought about the possibility that death was the end but I somehow knew that was not the case. Something told me that I did not start at my birth and that I would still exist when this body had perished. I also started to think that I had a specific purpose in being here. All these experiences are happy memories to me and I hope you will find my little stories interesting to read.

I love being a spiritual teacher because there are so many advantages. I meet some wonderful, loving people and I encourage them to develop the kind, loving, sharing part of themselves. When teaching, I am in close communication with my spiritual guides (guardian angels) and they tune me into the needs of the individual group members, the needs of the group as a whole and they help me monitor the group energy and how well it is bonded. While teaching, I am also learning and advancing spiritually. A person always teaches best the things that he most needs to learn and as I know this I can monitor my own needs while I am teaching.

Teaching is one of my spiritual outflows and allows me more inflow. I do not want to be a guru to anyone in that I don't want anyone to feel that when they want spiritual answers they must come to me. Instead, what I teach is how to obtain your own answers from the teacher within yourself. I hope that people I teach will then go on to teach others how to get their own answers. In this way the techniques will reach many more people than I could reach alone.

This book is not supposed to be an autobiography but I will relate some very personal and unusual experiences which I have had. I do not claim that these experiences are unique, on the contrary I know that most people in the world have had similar experiences. Sometimes I will relate stories concerning friends of mine if their story is a better example of the concept that I am attempting to explain than anything I can call upon from my own personal experiences. Most often I will not mention their names but on some occasions I will if I have their permission. I used to think that my experiences were unique but I have talked to people from many walks of life who have had experiences similar to mine.

Most people look at the world around them and think that they have no control over what they see, hear etc. That famine, that war, that flood etc. is nothing to do with them. Oh no! How could it be? When you look at other people, what do you see? I'll tell you - you see yourself. Whatever qualities you detect in someone else you have in yourself. Whenever someone does something that you dislike you should thank them rather than being upset with them. The reason you should thank them is because they have shown you an aspect of yourself which you do not like. Having recognised that you have that quality you can then replace it with one you prefer. [Here is an example].

Perhaps you are sitting in the park watching people in their various leisure activities. You see a group of teenagers who are talking loudly and your attention is taken by one teenager who is trying to get a word into the conversation that someone will listen to. At each attempt someone else speaks and is listened to. The teenager that you are watching becomes excited and jumps around shouting incoherently with the result that the other teenagers start to laugh and make fun of her/him. All this time you have been watching this and becoming more and more upset and you have been thinking to yourself, "Why doesn't She/he, ................ ?" Whatever your suggestion would be is what you should take to heart. This is because you can only see in others what you have or have had in yourself. If you see what you consider to be a negative quality in someone but it doesn't bother you then you also had that quality but you have outgrown it.

Everything that you see and hear etc. in your world was put there by you. This is a very hard concept to grasp at first and this springs from the thought that we all live in the same world. We do not all live in the same world. Does the aborigine live in the same world as someone who works in high finance. Of course not, they even see their worlds differently. The aborigine's world is full of curves and natural contours that the man of the city cannot comprehend. The high financier lives in a world of straight lines and right angles which the aborigine seldom meets. The stresses that they have are different. If the stock market should crash there will be very few aborigines splattered on the pavement beside tall buildings. However, few high financiers ever have to fight for their life with a crocodile. You may think that there is a difference in intelligence here. However, it is very difficult to measure intelligence. "What about I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) tests?" you may say. I.Q. tests are very good at measuring someone's ability to answer I.Q. tests but this does not mean intelligence is being tested. In Britain I.Q. tests are specifically designed for western culture and an aborigine child would understandably do badly. An I.Q. test designed for aborigines would prove equally baffling to western children, while aborigine children would understand it better.

So, as intelligence cannot be measured, it is best to say that we are suited to our culture and aborigines are suited to their's. We see our world and they see their's. 'So there are two worlds', you may say. Well no, there are as many worlds as there are world perceptions. The world that I perceive is not identical to the world that anyone else perceives. We all perceive a world which, although similar to the world perceived by others, is not identical and is therefore different. If we could all see the real world then indeed it would be the same but we do not all see the real world. We all perceive our own relative world. The real world is changeless. The relative worlds that we see are in a state of constant change. They are not the real world only our relative world. In our world we are the central character. That is you are the centre of your world. Your world revolves around you etc. Once you have grasped this fully (100%) you can do whatever you want.

Here is an example to show you that we do not see what we look at and that we all perceive the same things differently. Take 25 objects (as diverse as possible). Take 25 pieces of paper which consist of 5 different colours and 5 different shapes. Place the pieces of paper in a random order on a tray then place one object on each piece of paper. Allow as many people as you like 60 seconds to look at the tray without telling them why they are looking at the tray. Then ask them to describe, on paper, what they saw without letting them look at the tray again and do not answer any questions no matter what the questions may be. Say only, "No questions will be answered until the end." You will find that every answer is different. They all looked at the same tray but they all perceived slightly differently.

Whatever you see and hear in your world is there for a purpose. It is telling you something about yourself. I will tell you a small story about myself. At the time I was a workaholic - I obtained my greatest satisfaction from working day and night. At night I would walk home thinking of how good it felt to have achieved so much that day. It was an enjoyable feeling. I was stopped one morning on my way to work by an alcoholic. He asked me for a few pennies. I was outraged; why should I give this drunk person money that I had worked hard for. I couldn't afford to be drunk all day, I thought to myself. Doesn't this wino realise that there is more to life than drink. If your are quick you will have noted the sarcasm. Here was I, a WORKAHOLIC being confronted with an ALCOHOLIC and I was feeling superior. I was thinking that there was more to life than drink but this was telling me loud and clear - there is more to life than work. Now, when someone asks me for money, I try to give them a little. My mother always used to say, "If everyone gave them a little then they would have enough." I agree with this statement and would encourage everyone to give a little to everyone who finds it necessary to ask for your charity. Be sure of this. Whatever you give to someone in need who asks will be returned to you by some means at some time.

Any event in your life which stirs up an emotion in you is there for a purpose. If you ignore it, it wont go away, it remains ignored but still there until you recognise it and deal with it. If you have a death in the family then it is best to examine your feelings and deal with them. For example, a man may lose a beloved wife. He feels the loss and feels sad. Grief stricken he breaks down and cries, and for a week he may cry at night because of his loss. But time is a great healer and in time the grief becomes less and less although he retains the loving memory of his departed wife. This is the natural course of events and widowers do often remarry. Any other course of action is wrong. The worst being to ignore the feeling and lock it away inside yourself. It will stay there until dealt with one way or another and can damage your health. Another possibility is to put the blame on the dead person for dying or put the blame on yourself for one reason or another. There is no blame either way. A person passes on at the appropriate time and no other time. There is no way that anyone can do anything about it. So recognise how you feel and let the emotion out completely - do not harbour any of it. I knew a girl who was still grieving for her father after three years. She should have stopped grieving one or two weeks after his death but grieving for this length of time is harmful.

Harbouring grief can be dangerous to your health but it is no worse than harbouring other negative emotions. One of the worst emotions to harbour is hate. When you hate something or someone you harm only yourself. The hate eats away at you from the inside like a cancer and can cause serious physical illness to you. There are two ways to get rid of the hate. One way is to physically get your emotion out on the thing or person that you hate. This may land you in trouble, however. A better way is forgiveness. Look at your hate and acknowledge that it is doing more harm to you than to the thing or person that you hate. Having realised this think of the object of your hate and mentally or out loud forgive that thing or person. In the process of doing this you will receive forgiveness yourself and will start to recover from the effects of your hate. If you have been harbouring this hate for a long time then it may take some considerable time for the effects of the hate on you to be relieved. Regular forgiving of this thing or person until you no longer harbour any ill feelings towards it or them speeds up the recovery process. Try this to make yourself happy. If there is someone who acknowledges you as an enemy then look them straight in the eye and give them the biggest smile that you can manage. It will drive them crazy all day. To make them mad, tell them in no uncertain terms that you love them. You should love all the world anyway because everyone is your spiritual brother. When you can love all the people in the world you will have advanced spiritually by a significant amount.

Jealousy is another negative emotion which does more harm to you than to anyone else. If you find that you are harbouring jealousy then make a conscious decision to release it. If someone has something and you would like to have one like it then make it a goal in your life and work toward obtaining one of these things for yourself. However, beware of valuing the valueless. Whatever you do, remember that it is important not to harbour any negative emotions. Just let them flow through you and out of you and let them go.

Everything that happens in your world is there to tell you something. You consciously make decisions which affect your immediate surroundings. You subconsciously make decisions which affect your whole world. The concepts, ideas, thoughts and feelings that you have are more powerful than you know. As soon as you accept them they become true to you and become part of your world. This is why people often fight to uphold their beliefs. It is because our beliefs are the foundation of our world that if someone else believes something contrary then they seem to be threatening our world. In actual fact the real world is not and can not be threatened but few people realise that their relative world is not the real world.

Religious wars have been fought for just such reasons but there is only one God and every religion has the same God although often the name is changed to suit a different culture. God is Love and Love has no opposite. This Love is the only power in the universe and is present everywhere. When these religious wars are being fought the people believe that their God has told them that they must kill in His name. How could the God of Love tell them to kill those whom He loves. They are obviously being told to kill those whom God loves by some other entity and they want to believe that this is a mission from God to justify what they do. All souls are your spiritual brothers and the God of Love will never tell you to kill your brother.

I have created the world I see with my thoughts, feelings, emotions, concepts and beliefs. In my world I can have anything I want if I really want it. You too have created your world and every time you accept someone else's concepts you are accepting their creations as part of your world because you believe in them. The more people who believe in something the more energy is given to it and the harder it is to disbelieve.

If I wish to remove some terrible attribute from my world I must first remove that attribute from my self. The better a life I can lead, the better my relative world seems to be. To remove bitterness, hatred and prejudice from my life would result in the removal of a lot of pain and suffering from my world. Look at your world and see all the wonderful things there are that you can enjoy. They are there because they correspond to wonderful attributes within your self. Anything in your world which you don't like is due to not so wonderful attributes within your self. You can change these attributes within your self if you wish and if you do you will start to see a different world.

It is possible to see the REAL world but you must really (100%) want to, and when you do you will never again be satisfied with your own relative world. Real vision is sometimes called the sight of Christ. This is nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth although he does possess this sight. It is more to do with Christ consciousness, to see people as they really are and not in any lesser form because they are all as God created them and he created them perfect, to understand, at last, what it means to be 'One With All Things', to realise that there is no separation, no loss, no death and that everything belongs to you and no one can ever take anything away from you. You also find that giving and receiving are the same and that no matter what you thought you gave away you still have it. Of course this type of vision is not of the relative physical world that you have created. It is of the REAL world, the spiritual world in which you also live. That is, you live in two worlds at the one time.

The laws of our culture determine what we should and should not do. In another country where the culture is different you will find that the laws are not the same although many may be similar. What is common practice in one country may be an offence in another country. Laws are there to allow our society to function smoothly. They are the rules of the game. When you know the rules and use them to your advantage you do well but you soon run into trouble when you don't know the rules because ignorance of the law is usually not taken as an acceptable excuse. Man made laws are just guidelines. They are not necessarily God's laws although many cultures include God's laws within their own. Man made laws are changeable whereas God's laws cannot be altered by man.

One thing you should avoid as much as possible is guilt. This is something you do not need. Do not do things that make you feel guilty and do not accept guilt from anyone else no matter how much they try to make you feel guilty. If you already feel guilty about anything get rid of the guilt because it will hold you back spiritually.

Psychic phenomena have interested Man for thousands of years. They have been documented as far back as history goes. They have had some bad press in that some people exhibiting psychic abilities have been burned as witches etc. Some have enjoyed a good press like Merlin the magician/wizard at King Arthur's court. He may be a fiction but he has fascinated many people. Do you think that only certain people are psychic? Do you think that those who are psychic have a special gift that only a lucky few were given? Well, you are wrong. You are psychic as is everyone in this world. The reader will learn about this and I hope to let you prove to yourself that you are psychic and are having psychic experiences every day. You know you have five physical senses sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell. Using these you monitor the physical environment. Do you also know that you have four spiritual gifts by which you monitor the spiritual environment. These are the gifts of prophesy, vision, intuition and feeling. These gifts are possessed by us all and we are using them every day without realising what we are doing.

Do you know what your world is trying to tell you? If you learn to interpret the oracles of the world then your eyes may be opened to what is going on in your life. Omens are a way of warning you about events to come and many other paraphernalia including cards and crystal balls can and are being used to examine the future.

I like to think of myself as a spiritual person. I don't mean in a religious sense but that I am more than this physical body which I am still learning to mould as I wish. I will elaborate on the subject of spirituality and how it can be made practical. In other words who wants spirituality if you can't make it work for you in your everyday life. One example is that I know how to stay young and even how to become younger rather than older. In fact I have done it and it worked very well for me. This is what I call making spirituality practical in my life. Everyone thinks that they know themselves better than anyone else does but few people realise just how wonderful they really are. I hope to show you that you are much more than you think you are.

Many people ask questions about existence; the typical questions are :

  1. Where did I come from before I was born?
  2. Why am I here?
  3. What happens when I die and where do I go?
  4. Who am I?
  5. Isn't there more to life than this?
  6. Why do things keep happening to me?
  7. What is the meaning of life?

If you have ever asked these questions or one like them then you were "searching". Really you were searching for yourself, although you probably didn't realise it. There are many more questions like the ones above and I hope to answer most of them in this book. That is, I hope to supply some cosmic TRUTHS. These TRUTHS are not variable. They remain the same always no matter what else seems to change. You may think all truths do this but think of science. The science of today (truths) has disproved many of the truths of the past (the science of the day). Medicine is another complicated example. Once you have grasped the significance of Cosmic Truths they can be used by you to enhance your life. It is like learning the rules of a game. Once you learn the rules you can play the game better than before and with practice you can improve your performance.

I am determined not to have any major illness. I want to remain healthy all of my life and live until I am 92. For many years now I have been so determined and apart from a few colds and toothaches I have remained remarkably healthy. When you become ill you probably think that you were just unlucky enough to contract this illness or that it was mere chance. The chapter on healing may change your mind. There are many different kinds of healing and they all have some applications. You may also have heard that there are certain people who can be a spiritual healer. You and everyone else can be a spiritual healer if you want to and heal yourself and other people too. You can also learn how to 'Heal The World'.

Did you know that you are never alone? This may frighten some people but it needn't. I will describe some of the ways that you can use this to your advantage. Some people who feel lonely may welcome this but be warned this is not a crutch for lonely people. You have, with you, a team of spiritual helpers who are master souls. They have learned that they are one with all things and have accepted this completely. They are sometimes called guardian angels and they are the very best friends you have.

Is death the final frontier, or is it just an anti-climax. When a person passes on (dies), what happens? Is that it? What is it like? Will I get my youth back? Will I go to heaven? etc. These are some of the questions that I will answer on the subject of life after death. A related subject is reincarnation. I am not an expert on this subject but I can relate some experiences from people that I know personally and I hope, in the future, to learn to access, more fully, the past lives that I have had.

Most people have heard about out of body experiences. There appear to be at least two distinct types which are termed astral travel and astro travel. Astral travel is the term usually used for out of body experiences on this, the physical, plane and astro travel refers to those experiences on any of the other planes.

Some people write poetry and songs, others write novels, some are musical and others draw, paint or sculpt. These people find expression for their creativity in these various ways. Why are some people creative and others are not? Everyone has the potential to be creative and I hope to teach you how it is done. It is much easier to teach creativity to little children but adults can learn too. If you wish your children to be creative then teach them what you learn here. It is thought that creative ability comes from the right hand side of the brain. Everyone has a right hand side of their brain so all it takes is to learn how to stimulate that side and you too can learn to express your creativity.

There are times in most peoples lives when they would like to know things about the future or be reassured about something. At these times some people will visit a known psychic to have their palm read, tea leaves read or have some other form of spiritual reading. There are some phrases which can be used to give insight in these areas. Many people go through their life dissatisfied with their lot. They are not happy with their life. They don't realise that they have the power to change anything in their life, and that indeed, everything that is in their life was put there by themselves for one reason or another. I will relate, in this book, some ideas on how to change your life if you are not satisfied with it the way it is.

Many people have the need of a word, phrase or sentence to think of throughout the day to alter their world perception. I will give a list of what I call 'soul thoughts' and a few examples of how they can be used to improve your life spiritually.

At the end of the book there is a bibliography of books that I have found useful and which would be useful for anyone who has been inspired enough by my little contribution to look into their own soul. I do not quote references in this book because it makes for a very boring story and no author can claim to have a copyright on cosmic truths. The books which are listed at the end are ones which I have read and therefore they must have had some influence on my world perception.

I try to write in plain English so that everyone can understand what I am writing. The grammar may be slightly odd at points. This is for a reason. If something does not make sense to you be sure that I have checked it and it is reproduced exactly as I want it to be. Once you have advanced spiritually you will notice things in this book that you didn't notice the time before. This is because it is written on different levels so that no matter what level of understanding / development you have reached you can still gain something from reading it.

You live in my world and I live in yours but they are not the same world. I hope you enjoy reading about my world.

[This is important].

If you find yourself yawning at a passage(s) then pay particular attention to that passage because it is something that you particularly need to learn.


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