My daughter was a catalyst in my life. She was dogmatic, argumentative, and stubborn in many ways, but she helped open me up to different views of life. I was pretty much a dreamer, and not too involved in life in general. It was her death in November 1990 that shook me into a reality I hadn't wanted to face - a reality that I would never have wished for in my wildest dreams. But it was a reality that is far beyond the physical world of the senses. It is a reality that smacks of the spiritual world, and the forces therein. It does not pertain to this world of materialism, as it is now, yet the two interact, and there is no way to differentiate them. I felt, no I knew there was more to this life than just this physical reality.

I find it sad when I have heard some people say that this life is all there is, and at the end there is death, the closing of a blind, nought but blackness, nothingness, a void. I cannot, and never could, accept that death would be the end of life. I guess I never really thought about it very much, but I certainly didn't think there was nothing after this life. A loving Creator could not have created us by chance, for no reason other than to live and die into nothingness.

If we take a look at nature we see the birth and death of the seasons, the birth of plantlife, its death, and then it springing back to life as each new season dawns. If we look at the trees and plants, for example, as each tree dies, a little seed falls, and in time, a new tree shoots up out of the fertile soil. Within each little seed is the making of a new plant, tree or flower. Evolution continues in nature, as indeed it does in the animal and human kingdom. Our souls are continually evolving, as surely as life continues in the great Universe. Each moment new planets are continually spinning, evolving, and being birthed. Nothing that exists came into being without purpose. Every experience in life has a continual spiral of purpose. We are told by spiritual philosophies that nothing happens by chance.

Our rational mind looks "out there" for an answer. Our inner self sees everything as being part of itself. In Deepak Chopra's book "The Way of the Wizard" he gives us an explanation for the order of life:

"Energy and information are basic to everything we see, hear or touch in the relevant world. Yet their primordial state is formless. A bundle of energy can drift away in a chaotic swirl like a puff of smoke; information can break down into random blips of data. It takes another force to organise the wondrous order of life - intelligence. Intelligence is the glue of the universe."

Intelligence has created life for a purpose. I believe we are born into this world to learn to evolve spiritually into our true nature. Every experience we have, we are learning in some way. We are all part of the Intelligence which is called God. There are many names which are used to describe this intelligence - God, Source, Universal energy, the Universe, the All-That-Is and many others. Whatever you call this Oneness with Source, it matters not. We are all part of It. We are as much a part of this Source as any other human being or, in fact, any part of nature or the planet, or the universes themselves. Everything that exists is God. There is nothing that is not God. You may find this hard to accept if you were brought up with a religious background, seeing God as a separate being sitting on a throne in heaven, but the great masters throughout time have told us that all life is experience of God Source.

Before we come into this physical dimension we were spirit. Our souls have always existed as part of the Creative force. They were from the beginning of the world, and will be still when the world has passed away. We are far more than our physical bodies!. We are told we have lived many, many lives, and each time we die in the physical sense, we are given an opportunity to view our past mistakes. We see what we failed to do, or how we may have hurt someone, or infringed on their free-will through trying to control them or bend them to our ways. Sometimes the omittance of doing something is the greater error. To make amends for these past 'mistakes' we are given an opportunity to be born into circumstances which allow us the chance to alleviate our 'wrongs' and so give our soul another chance to grow into its true oneness with itself. The circumstances we are born into, reflect the amount of learning we have completed in life.

It is our soul's choice when we choose our particular circumstances. If we are farther enough along the path in our learning, we are given the privilege of choosing our parents and circumstances in order to advance further in our soul's learning. Most of the events in our life pattern are planned out before we are born into the human body of a baby. Many of the circumstances which happen to us in our lifetime do not happen randomly, but are actually part of our soul's planning, and are chosen for our greater learning, prior to our being born. We have choice along the way, but the main shape of our life pattern is not altered to a great extent by these choices. Our guides and spirit helpers are always prompting us to follow certain patterns at different junctures in our lives.

Our choices and our circumstances are our total responsibility. It is us who chooses the hard lessons in life or the easy ones. Those who face the toughest times are probably facing the greatest growth. Those who face loss of children, for example, or adverse circumstances like unhappy marriages or broken families, have, on a soul level, actually chosen these circumstances for their own chance to grow. No lesson in life is ever wasted.

Deep within our own being, we will find the answer to why we chose our particular circumstances or situations. The law of cause and effect does exist in the universe. It is an immutable law which cannot be altered one iota except through the Grace of God. You may have asked yourself why there seems to be so much unfairness in the world. Why are some born to rich and healthy parents and some are born deformed, or to poor parents, with seemingly little or no opportunities in life? The answer can only lie in the law of Karma, or cause and effect. Many of those who are born into deformed bodies, are learning their soul lessons faster than most. They have chosen that pathway in life in order to speed up their soul's progress and eliminate many of the mistakes they may have made throughout their lifetimes.

We are immortal beings with many chances to achieve what it would be impossible for us to achieve in one lifetime! Life is an ongoing cycle, always spiraling upwards towards our further growth. If we turn down opportunities for growth, or diverge from our chosen pathway, we will inevitably have as many lifetimes as we need in order to advance. But do we really want to come back time and again to learn the same lessons? It would be like staying down in class because we hadn't learnt our lesson and hadn't advanced a grade.

We often fight our circumstances, wanting to alter them. But the lesson is always waiting to be learned. If we refuse to learn it, it will rebound on us again and again in various forms until we do learn it. The way we learn is by loving and accepting all that comes to us in life unconditionally, by loving and accepting ourselves, and by loving and serving our fellowman. Whatever we are given to do in life, we should do it with total acceptance and love. This is the quickest way to learn our life's lesson. It is the way back to what every soul ultimately seeks - the way back to the God-head.

The reason we appear to be separated from our God-source here on earth, is to learn our lessons, and take them all back to Source at the end of our sojourn. We never lose our own particular personality aspect, yet we become a part of the whole at the same time. Nothing of our personality is ever lost - it just merges into the Oneness called God. We have to learn to integrate our lower natures with our higher natures. To do this, it helps if we go within, to the depths of ourself, and ask our Higher Power or Higher Self or God Self, whichever name we choose to call It, if we are taking the right step. We will always get back an answer if we listen for it. It may not always come in the form we expect, so it is better not to have expectations. Just ask quietly, and be open to whatever answer comes.

We are given free-will on this planet in order to understand, eventually, that the only thing we seek is the will of our God-Source. It is by trial and error we learn the lessons in life and, like the prodigal son, trying to find happiness outside of his home, we eventually learn that the very thing we seek, namely the love of our Creator- Source, is right there in our own backyard as the saying goes, or inside of us, all the time. We have learned many, many lessons in separation, and the Father loves us even more when we finally realise that the only way to find our true peace is through turning back to our beginning. We are loved more than the angels who have stayed by his side, when we finally turn back and reach for the arms of our Creator.

Freewill gives us the chance to learn. This planet, with its dense atmosphere, is one of the few with free-will in so great a degree. Our planet is so populated at this time by souls returning to learn the tremendous opportunities for growth which are being offered as Earth passes through its transition into the new Age.

At some stage in our lives, we often cease to find purpose any longer in the usual rush and bustle of our outwards lives, and start searching for real meaning to life. Why are we here? There must be more to life than just to exist, eat, procreate, work and die? There comes a time when we start to question the reasons behind our existence.

We are all made up of energy. That energy is from Source, or ultimate Intelligence. There had to be a Creator to create that energy. Nothing comes from nothing. Energy is created from mind, from thought. There has to be the thought first before physical matter comes into existence. Spirit is that energy. It is spirit that creates physical matter. We are not a physical body with a spirit. We are spiritual beings, and we created our physical bodies exactly as they are, through, and by, our very thoughts. The physical body is only important in that it is our vehicle to carry us through this life, in order to fulfill the purpose we came to accomplish.

Death of the physical body does not stop us learning the lessons we came to learn. Life is an ongoing adventure, each time continuing on through the cycles in an ever- expanding spiral. If only we could realise that we create our own circumstances in order to learn and to grow.

Karma is being brought to the fore at this time faster than it ever has before. We are in changing times. We are being given an opportunity to live out the results of deeds we have done, or have neglected to do, in order to cleanse them forever from our souls. We can overcome our past Karma by learning to love all that comes to us UNCONDITIONALLY. The changing times are happening so quickly, many are overwhelmed with the speed of the things happening to them. Everything that we have ever done is catching up with us, and all our thoughts and deeds will soon be revealed for all to see. The Bible says of these times "...nothing can be hidden from their eyes".

THIS is the time now to wake up and realise our true potential. THIS is the time to wake up and know why we were born. We are immortal beings and the reason we were born into this existence is to learn to give and experience LOVE. Nothing else has any reality. Nothing else can be taken with us when we pass from this mortal existence.


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