In every situation we find ourselves in this life with another human being, there is always an exchange of energies. One is always competing for energy from another whenever there is a confrontation between two or more people. This energy exchange is so subtle at times, we are not even aware of it. When we are angry or upset, we draw energy from another, and unless we are centered, we are unknowingly 'sapped' of our energy through either a reaction of anger, or through pity.

When we come into contact with other human beings, without which there would be no growth, we are always facing some type of interaction, conflict or energy exchange. We have to learn to recognise the exchange that is taking place, and not surrender our energy to others when they are trying to manipulate our energy for their own purposes. We have to stay centered within our own centre and name the situation for what it is. Only through total unconditional Love can we learn to overcome this manipulation.

There always seems to be a competition for energy on this planet. Even when a person is loving towards another human being, he or she can still become drained of energy. As the one receiving the love becomes more uplifted, the other usually feels tired and drained. That is the way it seems to go all the time in the play of life. Our energies fluctuate up and down and back and forth between others. When people are 'in love' they often look outside of themselves for the love from the other person, instead of taking that energy from Divine Source and keeping centered. They think the love is from another, when it actually comes from within them. They then drain themselves by giving their energy away. The energy from Source is unlimited, but we have to realise that it actually comes from our Source, and thereby flows through us, and is not from a limited source which can be depleted. This way we come to realise that there is no reason to fear the loss of this love, as there is always an unlimited abundance of it all around us.

When another person is angry, and we react, anger swells up in us. Always the ego is threatened by another's anger, unless we become aware of our own power to control all our thoughts. Our little egos are only too easily upset if we feel rejection or hurt from another's actions. What we are actually doing in this situation is giving our energy away to that other person. They may not even be aware of this energy exchange, but it is always on a constant flow back and forth between personalities at all times. Wherever there is conflict, you will find an energy exchange. Wherever there is distress, or even compassion between people, you will find an energy exchange. Wherever there is an exchange of passion in any situation, there will be energy being moved.

I tried to overcome my feelings of negativity and annoyance which were weighing me down. I was told:

When you let feelings of anger and negativity overtake you, you are creating an environment or negativity to grow within you. You are sending out feelings of negativity - even if others are unaware of it on a conscious level - and creating a situation for yourself which will cause all this negativity to flow back to you!

To prevent this from happening, you must recall in each moment, that only love is the reality, and only love will keep you centered. Do not react in any situation. Allow yourself to simply go quiet within, and draw on your inner strength. Let bygones be bygones.

Do not try to hold onto a situation which has caused you hurt or pain. Simply let it go and tell yourself that this was a very valuable lesson and one which you appreciate for its opportunity for your growth. Simply allow. Let others learn their own lesson. Advise if necessary, with kindness and compassion.

Let your inner self be in control. Go within your heart centre. Remain balanced and allow love to flow through you. You cannot image the wonderful outcome a little bit of love and compassion can achieve.

There is nothing wrong with compassion, but we must not let it become sympathy which tends to make us feel drained and tired. The difference is that compassion is love being poured out from our Divine source, from which we are filled with more energy. Sympathy is an outpouring from our limited ego, when we see others as the body only. Because we see it from the ego, it drains our energy pattern, as we limit the flow from Divine source by not being aware of the situation from the higher perspective. Compassion rises above sympathy as it sees from the whole person. It recognises the other as being Divine. It is important for us to maintain our balance of energy by seeing life as being integrated and all things happening for Divine purpose.

Our purpose in this life is service to our fellowman. We must however, remain centered, and give of ourselves with unconditional love. Judgement drains us. We are far better if we can remain in a state of non-judgement and acceptance, giving from our Source. This way we can maintain the balance of love because we are treating each being we encounter as if they are, themselves, a god-being, and equal in every way to ourselves. We then feel a one-ness with everybody we come in contact with, and find we can maintain our balance because we have self-love within ourselves.

Energy is the substance that makes up life. Unless we understand, however, what is happening all the time, we cannot control our moods and our actions. It is only through controlled thought and being aware of what is transpiring at all times, that we can have control over our lives and maintain it in any situation. It is up to us to act rather than react in any situation.

The energy around this planet is unlimited. There is a source of energy available to everyone which can be tapped into without any loss or drain. It is only through using the energy from this Greater Source that we can stay in control of a situation without depleting our own, or another's, energy. Once we realise this source is available, and know that within ourselves is the power to control this energy, we cannot be caught off guard. It is through this awareness that we come to realise our own unlimited power.

Sometimes we play the victims, sometimes the rescuers, and sometimes the manipulators or dominators. Throughout life we are caught up in this energy exchange. Even as little children we are subconsciously demanding attention, and taking energy for our own purposes. Every time there is interaction between two or more people, there is always a power struggle. The only way we can overcome this, is by releasing the need to control, the need to have power over others. We have to learn to observe everything that comes to us, without reacting. We have to look at life and watch it unravel without trying to control it. We have to trust in the Universe, and know that whatever happens is for our highest good. We do not have to control. We can then use our free will to act, rather than re-act.

How many times do we pick up feelings or thoughts of another person? Have you ever been thinking of someone, and at that exact moment the phone will ring and it will be them? Have you ever been experiencing a particular journey in your mind, and then you find out later that someone you know was actually there at the time you were visualising it?

These things are happening all the time, more and more, as the consciousness of the planet is awakened. We are picking up psychic connections to others. It is not an unusual experience, reserved for the very special or psychic people. It is something everyone can and does experience at one time or another. This will begin to happen more, as people open up to the Universe and release their old control patterns. By letting go of the need to control, we are opening our psychic channels and being more open to experiences like synchronicity, or what some might call coincidences. There are no coincidences. Everything that comes to us is part of the greater plan of the Universe. If we surrender to the energy of the Universe, we can tap into the power which is the knowing of all things.

Control and surrender are at opposite ends of the pole. We cannot do both. If we try to control every situation, we are blocking the natural flow of energy. The only way to let go of this control is to say to ourselves, "I surrender everything to the Universe. Guide me and direct me through this situation."

One of the things that, ironically enough, forces us to lose control is panic. We are caught up in a web of dread, affliction, trepidation, hysteria, and chaos. Control slips away from us. Yet it is through a situation of total panic, if we totally surrender because our fear is so great we feel we have nothing else to lose, the ego gives over to a higher consciousness and we find ourselves in a state of expanded awareness. It is from this vantage point that we can see the wonder and the beauty of existence that we were never aware of before.

Knowing this Divine Source exists is the first step. Once we have realised this, and have a personal connection to it, it is easier to come back to this point whenever we feel conflict or disharmony in our lives.

As Divine Guidance says:

It is truly pleasing to see such joy upon your world. There is, however, much sorrow. Many who show outward joy are feeling insecure and lonely within. This is the time for ones of your planet to come to the child within and love that part of themselves that they have neglected. This is a great opportunity for self understanding. Joy does not come from outside possessions or from those outside oneself. It comes from truly loving self and finding the joy within one's own heart.

When you look at someone, look deep within their eyes and shower your love upon them. You are seeing parts of self that you have not understood or acknowledged. Those you see in your dreams which cause you distress, are the parts of self you have not acknowledged. These can be healed through being embraced and accepted, taken to the heart and given love. They are not your enemies. They show you reflections of what is within. Let them come forward to the light and know that nothing can harm you. All beings are interconnected on many levels. Without this connection life would be stagnant, wither and die. Life exists because it is connected. Accept all as part of the whole.

The world is in need of understanding this connection. Look within and understand the complexities within self first, then the complexities within nature and within all of mankind will be understood. When you can understand self, you will see that others also are just reflections of self and are helping to bring these complexities to the light by reflecting unresolved parts of self back to you.

Learn first to understand self and these reflections will no longer be needed. Then truly peace on earth can occur. It does not come from outside of self but from within. Learn the lessons of accepting and loving all of self first. Be in peace this day. We leave you in love. We are also part of you. . .


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