Dolphins have never been known to harm man. Throughout the centuries stories have come down to us of dolphins guiding ships to shore. They have been known to intervene when a shark was attacking, butting them with their strong snouts, and sending them on their way. They have even carried a baby to safety from a catastrophic earthquake recently in Bangladesh. Dolphins are helping in assisting retarded children, and have been known to heal injuries with their sonic cries.

People have psychically seen dolphins in Sedona in the USA, and some have been able to talk to them through telepathic means when they have been out in the sea. Dolphins seem to understand what we say to them by telepathic means. Their intelligence, and that of whales, is at least as great as man's, if not greater. They show us how to enjoy life by emanating our tactics in the water. They exhibit feats which show us how to enjoy life, and seem to live life to the full with the greatest delight. They could show us so much about how to live in joy.

Whales are large mammals of the same family as dolphins. They seem to understand man and are also capable of great feats. From intergalactic sources we are told that whales send messages to other planets which are heard in outer space. Their deep whale sounds, which sound like a loud bull-like roar, reverberate under the water and echo throughout the seas and the up into the hemisphere. They are of the same soul group as dolphins, and both groups have a mass consciousness, not individual consciousnesses like man does. That is, what happens to one dolphin or whale, is known to the rest, by telepathic means. This is why we find whales beached on the shore. There is a reason for this. They are here to awaken humanity and to bring to mankind, an awareness of a higher intelligence. They are awakening mankind to empathy and understanding, which opens our consciousness and spreads this quickening throughout humanity.

The consciousness of this planet is changing. The compassion that is aroused when dolphins and whales are beached is one prime example. Many more people are becoming aware of the need to support our planet and the life thereon. There have been mass beachings of whales around the world, and people have been showing compassion and concern for these wonderful mammals, trying to assist their survival by keeping them alive until they can be dragged back to sea.

What is actually happening is that the whales and dolphins are awakening our consciousness by being an instrument, giving their lives for the sake of humanity's awakening. Their time on this planet has been to assist man throughout the ages, and it is nearly over. The Star Trek series where they rescue the whale which is one of the few left on earth in the 20th century is not far off the mark. There will be a gradual decrease of these wonderful mammals, until finally, there are none left, because their greater purpose on this planet will have been fulfilled. They will have awakened humanity!


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