The fact that we have space brothers out there may be the one thing which many will find so very hard to accept. Surely man, in his ignorance, cannot really believe we are the only intelligent life form in the whole of the universe? We have been seeded, watched, and guided by our space brothers from the beginning of the earth's formation!

There has, however, never been a time in earth's history, when the interest in our little planet has been so great from an intergalactic point of view. Because of the forthcoming events happening on this planet, there is much interest in the happenings from many other intelligences. We most certainly ARE NOT ALONE!

Some information I received on the question of where we came from and whether we really seeded from other planets, was:

Mankind is indeed seeded. He has far to go. Many of those upon the earth now are from the higher planets. Many star seeds have been born on earth to help uplift the races. Mankind is splitting again into those who have totally lost their way, that is, they are heavily immersed in materialism, and those who are more enlightened upon the planet. There will be great traumas as the two types clash. Mankind is about to be awakened. Much is being done in the heavenly realms to assist in this. We are ready and willing to help any who ask for our assistance. Sincerity of prayer is important. Likewise is willingness.

You, mankind of earth, are destined to change. If you do not change, your destiny will be your own destruction. Other worlds before you have been destroyed. We are here to help, so this will not occur on this beautiful planet.

Materialism is the thing which is the most threatening danger at the present time. Mankind must realise that his saving grace will come through his spiritual growth ONLY.

I believe the majority of beings who are interacting with mankind at this time, are here to help us. Many are waiting 'in the wings' for just such a chance. We are on the verge of a great happening, and those who helped seed us in the beginning are here to watch over and assist their earthly brothers in this time of earth's transition.

There is much written on the space beings and their work with this planet at this time. They are here to help enlighten our planet and assist mankind in raising its vibrations from the heavy third dimension into a lighter vibration of fifth dimension. Mankind, we are told, is to be raised to a higher consciousness, and the time will come when we are able to be in full and total consciousness as we live here on the earth.

The beings who helped seed this planet many millions of years ago, are returning, to look over the results of their handiwork, and return again to welcome home their 'family' to a greater degree of light and consciousness.

Because of the transition that the planet is undergoing, there is much curiosity from other lifeforms who do not have the planet's or humanity's best interests at heart. These ones come from all dimensions and are in many forms. Some of the scientific types come to experiment with mankind, some out of curiosity and some for their own purposes. These beings, however, have been told to stop their experiments by the Hierarchy of the Lords of Light and the Galactic Federation.

Those beings who have come to assist mankind have only good intentions. In fact they are here for the sole purpose of benefiting and assisting mankind. Those of the higher Spiritual Realms are in allegiance with the Galactic Federation and are assisting the planet. They have decreed that mankind is to be given the chance to redeem itself from the terrible disasters that have befallen it in the past ten thousand years. We have been given our "Day of Grace". Our little planet is to be given great honour in the whole of our Universe, and it is to become a beautiful star of light.

This may sound like a fairytale, but there have been many who have spoken to these beings through telepathic means. Many are today channelling members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. There are also those from other planets who look very much like us, and can walk around our planet today and nobody would know they were any different. These beings however, are enlightened, and are in full consciousness of who they are. They are in a physical form as we are, but because they can heighten their vibrations to higher dimensions, they can, at will, also become invisible to our naked eye if they so choose. It is important to remember that they come in love. They come for no other purpose than to help mankind. They have developed far beyond our own limited 'ego based' society, and have reached a point where their society is only for the benefit of serving others.

These interplanetary beings are in full consciousness. They are in both a physical third dimensional body and their light body. They can live for thousands of our years and do not age or die in the sense that we know death. They simply make a transition to a higher form when they leave their body. They come into life with full consciousness and are taught from babies their soul purpose in their particular existence. They know from inception their life purpose. They live in love and are in total harmony with the God-Source. They are one with the Will of the Creator.

This is where humanity is heading. This is what enlightenment is all about. Humanity is going on a roller-coaster ride, through turbulent times, in order to reach a higher state of consciousness which will eventually bring us into harmony, peace on earth, with all mankind. We will live for the purpose of serving and loving our brother/sister in all of humanity and understanding the connection we have with all lifeforms. We will be in greater harmony with the earth herself.

These times have been predicted for aeons. They are upon us now. But first we have to face the tribulations which we are already seeing signs of and are even more predominant as the 1990's unfold.


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