True, unconditional Love is love that accepts without question. It is love that allows. It does not criticize or judge, but continually loves without expecting anything in return. Imagine being accepted and loved by others just for being who we are, without any expectation in return. How many of us have wanted to be loved for just who we are? Love is the only thing we carry with us when we leave this plane of physical existence, because it is the creative energy of the Universe.

Without Love nothing could grow. Flowers spring up through love - yes they do! Stars and planets are created from the Love of the Creator. After all, there is an old song which says "Love makes the world go round". Love is the substance of which all things are created. We are made in the likeness of God - the spirit of God - the spirit of Love which is God. You may wonder why I use a capital L for Love. What I am referring to is the unconditional Love and not the love which has been associated with lust and very loosely termed love, the word love having been used for everything from love of food to love of football teams, popular movies etc.

Most of us feel unworthy of love a lot of the time. We expect it to come to us, without really loving ourselves enough to feel we deserve it. My Divine guidance answered me when I felt I was being punished for something with the following:

My child it is your own lack of self love. You feel unworthy of the great love of the Creator and you reject the gifts your Creator is offering you. You have as much right to the love of the Creator as any other creature upon your planet, or any other. Trust in all that is happening. Know it is for good purpose. Nothing is for no reason. All things will be understood in the long term. The waiting and testing period is from whence your strength comes. This is indeed the time of greatest learning.

Find joy in each circumstance. Laugh and be happy despite your troubles. They will melt in the face of laughter. All things are healing. When you lift your vibrations to a heightened state through joy and laughter, you will no longer feel the pain. It will seem irrelevant. Love the being that is you. It has served you well. Take courage, be strong, and be of good cheer. Your heart will be fulfilled and all things will come to you. Lift up your eyes to the light. Love all beings and be happy. Our advice to you today is to love and be happy. We love you greatly.

True Love is when we let all things pass through us without judgement, in total acceptance and allowance. It is through this that we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, and thus we learn to love all that is around us, all people and things that are within our light as we radiate it outwards to the world.

We often criticize and fault others because we feel unworthy ourselves and we try to fault others to make them feel unworthy too. So many of us are brought up with criticism, which makes us feel worth-less. We are children of God and as such are worthy of Love. We have to realise our worthiness and we will come to realise our full potential and why we chose to incarnate when we did, and also why we chose our own particular circumstances. We will then begin to learn the lessons in life we came to learn.

One time when I was berating myself for my feelings against someone else, I received the following answer from my Divine Guidance:

You are a unique manifestation of God-essence. Learn to understand your own Divinity. Do not be angry at what you experienced. You needed to experience that. It was part of your lessons in this lifetime to understand parts of self. Others follow their own path. It need not be yours. It is not yours. Each soul essence will learn in its own way.

For you now is the lesson of love. Let if flow forth from you freely. You have much to give. The challenges you face are those you chose to face before entering into this incarnation - to learn and understand. Let the understanding flow through you. Do not block it with fears of what might happen. All is happening now. Do you know that each time you let go of your feelings of separation you are becoming light. Indeed you are coming closer to your God-essence. Is not that what you want dear child?

What is the most important thing to you? To hold onto what you cannot control or to let go - to find the flow again and move into the All-that-is.

Be happy. Each challenge is further growth. Live it with joy and be graceful and loving to all. You have no idea of the impact this has on others or of the light you radiate and send upwards when you do this.

We congratulate you on having come thus far. You bear our light. We are ones of the spirit - you are our form. Be glad and be exceedingly joyful. The days are coming when you will be filled with the light of the I Am. Do not doubt our presence. We are the higher beings of your soul essence. Love all. Serve all. That is the way to Truth, Light and Glory.

These words left me somewhat overcome. I feel there is no doubt of the existence of Divine beings who are ever-ready to help us and guide us towards our true light. It is through opening to this love that our answers come.

Sometimes we feel unloved because we feel let down in some way. We then play the role of 'victim' and we sometimes, subconsciously, manipulate others into being our 'rescuer', making them feel responsible for our plight. In doing this we are, in effect, taking their energy. We are refusing to love ourselves enough to accept total responsibility for who we are. There are times we may not like ourselves, but by accepting ourselves when we get angry, hurt, or demoralised in some way, we come to realise that this is the lesson we chose to learn - to overcome things.

So often we reach out to others with blame. Then we feel guilty. This is typical of what we do when we are defending ourselves against a possible attack from others. It blocks our natural flow of love. Every time I berate my children for coming home late, I feel bad about it. I know within myself that it is not their fault. It is my own fears within me that I am reflecting back to them. Hence, I feel guilty afterwards. Having lost one child through a road accident, it is not easy when the others are late home. I believe it is like a defence mechanism against what we fear will happen

It is important not to blame ourselves when we do not meet our own expectations. Sometimes we blame others when things don't go as we wanted them to, but more often than not we are harder on ourselves than anyone else. It is important not to berate ourselves when we do something that we are disappointed with ourselves for, or for not doing something we wished we had done. All we can do is make the best of every circumstance, and accept what is. If we do not meet our own expectations, we can accept the fact that we are not perfect - yet - and know that the lesson will surely come again, perhaps in some other form of learning. We are never deprived of the chance to learn. We have to realise that we wouldn't be here if we were absolutely perfect. This earth plane is the schoolroom of life. It is where we come to learn our most important lessons. Treat every experience as a learning experience. Our greatest lessons in life are learnt through our 'mistakes'.

Through challenges in our lives we grow. It seems a hard lesson to find oneself in a situation where one loses a loved one, a job, or goes through a painful divorce. Yet there are lessons in life from all this. If we can approach each obstacle as something to be overcome, by taking a positive attitude, life becomes more enriched and fulfilled.

Our ego is our barrier to finding happiness. We have to overcome the constant little voices of 'should I do this?' or 'should I do that?' or 'what will happen if I do this?' or 'would it be better to do that?'. We have to be firm in our actions. Procrastination is our greatest downfall, because we never take the risks in life. It also locks down our system of energy. Through taking risks, we learn. There are no right or wrong decisions. Everything in life is a challenge. If we sit and do nothing in life, we go nowhere. We do not grow.

I believe we take on human form to learn, to experience love, to understand the responsibility of living in this world. We cannot face responsibility if we sit doing nothing. We have to actually DO something in order to learn. it is by our 'wrong' actions that we learn what not to do next time. That is how we learn. A child is told, time and time again, not to touch a hot iron, but he or she will inevitably be drawn to the hot iron until they learn it is plain hot by touching it themselves. Teenagers are told not to speed because it causes accidents, but how many teenagers still speed? They have to learn this often painful lesson when an accident occurs and results in injury or the further shock of loss of life. It is like a process of elimination. We learn through finding out what not to do. The challenge is there for us to face. Try it and discover what is 'right' for you.

Giving is so much more rewarding than getting. Many feel they are in this life to get money, wealth, or possessions. Yet with all these things we find that they become our 'goal' and we become increasingly dissatisfied the more we get. On the other hand, if we start out by giving, we grow richer the more we give, because we are giving from ourselves. It seems to satisfy a soul need and we find the rewards enriching our inner life. No matter how little we have in the way of material possessions, we always have something to give, even if it is just a smile. Things given away from a totally selfless perspective, enrich us far more than anything we could ever receive. Everything actually comes from our Source, or God, and what we are in effect doing, is giving back, or returning to Source, what we have received. The only thing we can take with us on leaving this life, is the love we have experienced.

A multi-millionaire in Sydney donated four million dollars to the Salvation Army. He has also donated to other worthy causes. When asked about it, he said it was only on loan to him anyway. That is the way a truly evolved soul responds. They understand that to 'have' is only temporary. They realise that by giving freely, they are far richer. There is nothing wrong with having. It is the 'owning' that gets us into trouble. It becomes our 'possession' and eventually, it can get such a hold on us, that instead of us having something, it will 'possess' us!

Nothing is ours forever - except love. Our children will one day leave us. Our home will one day fall down and decay. Our bodies will someday disintegrate into dust or ashes. There is nothing of a physical nature that is permanent. Only the love we give and the love we receive are enduring. It is the spiritual essence that evades everything, that should be our goal. By giving freely of ourselves, we enrich that essence and thereby grow to become richer than our wildest dreams. Our basic essence is that Love.

When love comes from the heart, it is like the opening of the heart chakra. You feel your chakra expanding, almost like an ache. The love you feel is there for everyone. I was once with a group that did an experiment. We went to a busy shopping centre and focused Love on people. We would sit in a coffee lounge or on a seat somewhere and send out Love to people around us, beginning with a particular person. We would imagine what life would be like for that person and visualise their circumstances, feel great empathy with them, and send them Love. Once we had made the initial contact (and the person would most likely turn and look at us so we had to then turn away), we could focus on anyone and the same feeling would occur. We then found that we felt this open Love for everything. We even felt love for the chairs and the street poles, the plants and the footpath we walked on. It just radiated outwards like an ever-expanding aura of light.

Unconditional Love is like that. It asks nothing in return. It just allows all things to BE. It accepts all and offers itself to everything that comes within its focus.

When we have learned to do this, we can also send absent healing in the form of Love to others, by visualising them, and seeing them surrounded with Light and Love. There have been situations where I have done this, even with someone I have had difficulty loving in person. I have found that animosity evaporates, and you find you can accept that person as they are, if nothing else. When I next had contact with that person, the situation was calmer, and it was easier to break down the barriers.

Human love is always asking for conditions. "I'll love you if you do such and such for me". "I'll only be loved when I do this or that". It creates a fear of not being good enough, of unworthiness, in us. We may say, "He doesn't love me, so I don't love him either!" That is not unconditional love. I have found myself saying this sometimes. It makes us realise that we do not have enough self respect for ourselves, and we believe the love has to come from outside of us. But real love has to begin within us. We cannot give away what we don't have. We cannot love others if we don't first love ourselves.

There is one man in human form at this time who is spreading unconditional Love to all of mankind. His name is Sathya Sai Baba and he lives in India. Many people have been gently scolded by him in a very loving way, and they have felt his total all- encompassing Love fill them at the same time. We are all capable of this Cosmic Love, yet many find it too difficult. It is only through experiencing this kind of Love that we can come to understand its unlimited potential. Many believe Sai Baba to be God. He is indeed a most holy man and believed to be the Avatar of the age. He tells us we are all God but we do not know it yet, whereas he has reached full awareness of his own God-potential. His miracles are boundless, and there are many books on him. He tells us he comes to us from within and once I received an answer from him:

I Am ever with you. Does it matter if I travel to you or you travel to me? We are together. I am within you. I Am the one who writes these words. I Am in you always. The flesh body is such a temporary abode. Half of your physical life is spent out of your flesh body. When you sleep, you leave your body to rest, and travel inwards to the greatest journeys you will ever take. Lift up your consciousness. Lift up your light. Let it shine.

So much of your life is spent in sadness and doubt. Be conscious in each moment. Be aware of my presence within you. I Am the Light which shines through you. I Am the inner knowing. Listen to your inner voice and you will never need to be afraid again. I Am he who is with you now. Allow yourself to experience me and feel my presence. I Am the one and only, the All-that-is, and I Am in everything. You ask where I am. I am in the pen that writes on this page, I Am in the presence of every object in this room. I Am the very breath you breathe. My love is ever present in you. Let this love flow outwards. You have much to give. Sing, be joyful, and live to the fullest extent you can. Never be afraid for I Am ever present - within you and around you at all times - forever.

Oh, the power of Love! This powerful thought, coming through my pen, uplifted me greatly. It revealed to me the power of love that is in and around everything! Love can heal anything. Love can create anything. Love can do anything. There are no limits to what true, unconditional Love can do.

Love begins at home. Like all things it has to begin within ourselves. We have to truly love ourselves first and believe we are worthy of it. In this society we have had it drummed into us from our early days, that it was wrong to love ourselves. This is the greatest untruth of all times. Sure, the ego is always prompting us to love our personality self, but loving of our true Selves is a totally different thing. Our ego has tricked us into thinking we are selfish to love ourselves. Without acceding ourselves, and knowing we are what we are because we chose to be, we would become unbalanced. That is precisely why society has so much unbalance and disease today.

How do we lift ourselves up from despair and depression? The weight of the world is on our shoulders and we feel so heavily burdened that it is almost impossible at times to rise out of this heaviness. We are even too 'down' to think of asking for help. The days of depression are long and hard. We often get sick. These days can be alleviated through restful sleep, or by simply going quietly within, and looking for the answers within ourselves.

How many times are we depressed? It is a state of actually not loving ourselves enough. When we are down or depressed or unhappy, it is actually that we do not value ourselves enough. We are not valuing ourselves as much as our Creator does. We are not allowing ourselves just to BE!

Too many times we live by our past reactions. The memory of past hurts effect the way we react to a situation. Our fears rise to the surface, and we find ourselves flaring up in defence. We create this defence as a way of protecting ourselves from being hurt. We feel vulnerable and are afraid of being hurt again. This is how our attitude to our fellowman can cause separation and hatred, which in turn has more world- devastating effects. In the world view, for example, wars are caused by this very attitude. Fear predominates. Fear of loss, fear of a country being invaded or hurt by another nation. The media bombards the masses with the glory of war which conditions men's minds to believe it is the 'only way to go'. This is a great fallacy. When will humankind learn that the only way to live in peace with each other is through love and acceptance of his brother. War is not the answer. Only through loving our fellowman, which begins with SELF-love, can we attain true peace.

Love is so much stronger than hate. It can truly transform the world. Thoughts of love can actually reach people. Everybody in their inner heart is searching for Love. Many do not know it, but it is the only true reality, and those who seem to be vengeful, hurt, angry or jealous, are actually calling out for love. They are sending out signals saying "I want to be loved". They have all the love they need within themselves but they do not yet know it. Love MUST come from within first, before it can be radiated outwards to others. It is not wrong to love oneself. In fact it is the most important thing for us to do. Jesus said to 'love others AS yourself'. He never said not to love ourselves. It is not vain to love your Self - your true inner Self, because unless you do, you cannot possibly love anything outside of yourself. Seek within, not outside of yourself for the richness of love.

We are not talking about the ego here. The ego is that part of ourselves that is separate from everyone else. We are talking about the part of ourselves that is in oneness with the Great Spirit, God, Creator - the part of ourselves that is actually joined with the spirit part of everyone. Through understanding and loving this part of ourselves, we learn to love others, because they are also joined to this Divine part of themselves, which is part of the ALL.

If we look at the other person as being a Divine part of the whole, we are looking at the Divine part within ourselves, and we are seeing them as ourselves. We are all equal - no worse, no better than anybody else. We are all creations of the One Creator. No matter what stage of growth we are all on, the spirit is the same within everybody. Some are just more aware of it than others. We are all on a path of growth - growth towards the Divine Light which is our true Selves.

When we love, no matter whether it is a little bird, a pet animal, or a child, that love is never lost. It is an energy that radiates out to the universe. It spreads, firstly to the object of our love, then into the ether. It makes up the stuff that permeates the planet, and indeed the whole universe. It is the energy that creates. It causes life to go on. When we leave our physical bodies and join with the ether, the love we felt while in physical form, stays around us. We re-unite with it as it were, and it feeds our souls. How important love is!

If you could imagine a life lived with no love, you would be looking at a dead soul. A soul that feeds on hate, envy, greed or selfishness, is a soul that does not know how to communicate to the universe. It is a soul starved of the very substance that feeds life. It would be deprived of its very essence.

Our true essence is Love. It is an opening to the universal energy. We are connected to this energy, and when we feel love, we are opening to this energy. When we lack love, we are closing off this energy, or separating ourselves from its source. When we feel separated through despair, hate, envy, jealousy, greed, selfishness, we are locking ourselves away from the very substance of life.

My Divine Guidance answered me when I was asking how I could release my jealousy which I didn't understand with the following:

In order for it to be released it has to be accepted and acknowledged. Only by embracing it and bringing it up into the light will it be released. It is your refusal to face it that is your worst enemy. You are afraid of the unknown. You have been hurt in a previous life and it has left you badly scarred. Forgive yourself, and forgive others. This feeling of fear and jealousy will not mend until you learn to forgive self and others and bring it into the light.

But how can I do this? I asked.

By allowing self to feel the full passion of the feeling. Riding the waves as it were, and not trying to block or prevent this feeling. You will find it is not nearly as bad as you fear once you have faced it square on. Dread not dear child. Only your own fears are holding you back from great enlightenment.

Forgiveness stands out prominently as the opening for the beginning of self Love. In every situation, forgiveness is the first thing we have to do if we want to find our pathway towards releasing our negative feelings and finding the true love within. My late daughter, in her diary wrote, "Love others as YOURSELF". Even she realised that to love others, you have to first love yourself. Being aware of the importance of Love is the first step towards creating a more fulfilling life for ourselves and others. Once we begin to realise how important it is to love, we can take the next step of asking for help when we are in trouble or need. Help is always available, and prayers are always answered.


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