---- On the path to enlightenment - Chapter 6



God speaks to us from within. That is the only way we hear Him. It is through our imagination that we hear Him. Joan of Arc was visited in prison by a friend who said "Joan, if you will only say it is your imagination they will let you go". Joan said "It is my imagination". The friend sighed with relief. Then Joan said "How else could I hear God speaking?"

Sometimes I hear voices in my head which make a lot of sense. They calm me down, and when I listen to them, they answer all the flighty questions the other part of my mind comes up with. Like when I ask "where am I going? What am I doing with my life?" the voices have answered me with:

You are following the path which is before you in order to learn the lessons which you chose to learn. You chose to learn these lessons, and until you overcome them you will not grow in the way toward your Greater Self. What you are doing with your life is learning. That is life's purpose. To learn and to love. Love is the greatest thing we can do with our lives. We are here to grow in love and wisdom. When you can love even that which you thought you hated or were afraid of, you have taken a huge step forward in your growth. You can teach this love by giving to other people what you have learned. We are showing you in dreams what you can do. What you cannot do in your daily life, you are able to connect with in dreams. You can actually meet these people on the astral plane and give them loving advice which helps both undo any bad karma which you, or they, have collected during this or other lifetimes.

I feel confident and calm with these voices. I feel it is a collective of wisdom. It does not seem to judge me, but will advise me if I ask for advice on a particular problem in my life.

We must not doubt the voice that comes from our imagination, even when it doesn't sound logical to our left-brain way of thinking. It is more often than not the voice of our God within. It is through our imagination that we hear this voice. I believe I have heard the voice of my daughter through my imagination. After my husband painted the house, I was sitting on a chair in the family room and I imagined her as she was, and the statement "I like what Dad's done Mum. It's ace!" came to me very clearly. I wondered at the time if it was just my imagination. But that is exactly how my daughter would have said it.

Your imagination can be your best friend. We create all our own reality and our view of the world by the way we see or imagine, things.

How can we know which is the ego talking to us and which is a Higher Voice? By the quality of what is said. I believe it is through the gift of imagination that we have all our answers, and when we stop the chatter-box mind from prattling on, we can go quietly enough within to hear the voice which is our inspiration, our guide, our conscience, and our God within.

I have been told by Divine Guidance that I did not need to do anything to achieve a higher state. They expressed time and again, that simply by letting go and relaxing, I could reach this state.

Yes we are close. Your efforts to reach a higher state are not necessary. We are here all the time. Do not try so hard - just let go. Through relaxing you go into a higher state of consciousness, a higher part of yourself. We, your guides, your guidance and your higher vibrations, never leave you. To tap into us, all you have to do, is simply let go of your lower mind. Let it relax, and in so doing it ceases to control you any longer and we are able to enter your conscious mind.

Indeed you are closer to heightened vibrations than you thought. You do not have to travel away from your home, or away from your environment, to find your wish of heightened vibration. We are here, as close as your breath, at any time you choose to relax and let go. There are many others you can help. Just be yourself. All the strength, all the knowledge, and all the energy is within you. We send our love, and the light which is you grows stronger every time we communicate through you. Be loving to all. You connect with us in this way . . .

There are many who claim they do not believe in God. Yet there is a very real force out there, and within us, which causes all things to grow. Without this force all things would disintegrate, but because there is this force, all things are transformed or transmuted into something else. Ice becomes water, then turns into steam when heated to a certain temperature. All things become something else when they change form, either a gas or an ether. There is nothing that does not become some other form. Even our bodies become the dust of the earth when they disintigrate, which in turn enriches the soil and thereby helps things to grow. Nothing can come from nothing. God IS.

Everything exists first as a thought in the Mind of God. EVERYTHING is God. There is nothing that exists that is not God-Source. How can any deny their own existence? Every person is living proof that God exists. How else could they, themselves be? We are all living examples of the creation of our own God Source. Our own thoughts created us. We are part of ALL-THAT-IS. Each being is a microcosm within the macrocosm, the miniaturization of the whole universe. We all have the potential to become everything. There is no limit to what man can do when he takes on the responsibility of his own God-Source.

Meditation helps us listen to the voice within. It is through meditation that we discover our true selves and begin to delve into our purpose in this lifetime. There are so many types of meditation. Some use visualization, some try to clear the mind, and others drift into another state of consciousness. I find soft music helpful. It depends on your particular type of requirement and what is right for you. It can vary from time to time. Sometimes a quiet place, or a walk in the forest among nature, can be what is needed. Do whatever brings you into alignment with the Source, nature or one-ness that is you.

Meditation helps us to find our true purpose in life. It is only through going within that we find out who we truly are. Many times in this day and age we are caught up, rushing from one thing to another, and we miss the whole point of being here on this earth. We get caught up in survival mode, and forget that we are eternal beings who are here at this time to learn the lessons our souls chose to learn.

Earth is like a schoolroom. Each of us learns by the elimination of our more negative natures. That is, a person may learn not to kill, but he has not yet learnt the lessons of anger or hatred, so he chooses to come back to learn to love instead of hate. Another may have learnt not to kill or hate, but has come back to learn not to steal or deprive another. He may have chosen to have things taken from him, so that he can learn what it is like to be stolen from. These are very basic examples. Life is very complicated and complex and no two cases are ever alike. We create what we need to learn, in basic form, before we enter this physical existence and because of our free will choices, there are many different ways we can learn our lessons. If we do not learn one way, another way will present itself. And if we don't learn this particular lifetime, there is another lifetime, and another, in which to learn.

Through meditation we can feel this inner voice and we become aware of these lessons at a deeper level.

Our guides are real. They are here to guide us on our journey through life. Once I doubted their existence and I really thought for a moment that it was just imagination. Yet what is imagination? The answer that came assured me:

The answers are not from you my child. They are from us, your guides. We were given the role of guiding you in your lifetime. Some of us are from the higher realms, some are closer to the earth plane. There are many of us. You came into this incarnation with a purpose. We are here to guide you in that purpose. You have an opportunity to assist many. Let this begin without further delay. Do not let your fears override you. They hinder you. There is nothing to fear. All is unfolding as it was meant to. Take opportunity to go within to the rich resources of your soul. Let us guide you. We do influence your dreams also. All is coming out into the light of knowledge at this time. There is nothing of such darkness that it cannot be healed and forgiven.

Let things unfold naturally. Take time for self to listen. Loftliness is in the eye of the beholder. Let your feelings pour forth for they are the natural way of life. Do not be afraid to express these feelings for their eventual exposure is imminent. Love all who enter your path with a full heart. Be as natural as you can be. Others will relate far easier when they see your human side. Let it all be accepted and acknowledged. Your light radiates when you are experiencing your true self. Let it always be so.

The above came as answers to my unasked questions. I had been afraid of expressing myself and my natural shyness was difficult to overcome. Many of the situations in my life at the time were facing minor difficulties. Yet, always the answers come. It is through these answers that I am learning.

We are told there are many, many lessons for us to learn before we reach the end of our soul's journey. We have all lived many times in physical form. We have, at some time, been everybody. Many of the traits and characteristics we carry with us today, are from previous lifetimes, and the more prominent attributes are from the lives that are affecting us this lifetime so that we may learn from them. We do not remember these experiences, although the soul alone remembers.

Many of our phobias come from past lifetimes. Things like fears of spiders or mice, or fear of heights may likely be from an experience where we actually died from spider bites or from falling off a cliff. There are many different experiences with may be attributed to some lifetime where the lesson has not yet been learnt. If we remembered everything from every lifetime, we would be driven crazy, and would not learn the lesson we came to learn, because we would not then have the experience of knowing the other side of the play. We are all actors upon the stage of life. We are caught up in our life experience in order to learn and experience those lessons which our soul has chosen in order to improve itself and to grow more towards perfection and towards our one-ness with Source.

I believe dreams answer a lot of our questions and show us how our life pattern is forming. The biggest challenge is in knowing how to interpret our dreams. There are many books out on dreams and dream interpretation, but only we can know the real meanings behind our dreams, because it is us who is the dreamer. Sometimes someone else can help, because they can pick up something which we, ourselves, have not thought of. But it is us that provides the vital clue to our dream, and it is only through being totally honest with ourselves that we can learn to interpret and understand what our dreams are telling us. I was told that our Divine Guidance also influences our dreams.

Many believe dreams are just the subconscious mind, or the replaying of something we watched on television. This can be the case, but there has to be something in the program we watched, or in our subconscious mind, that triggers some deeper feeling that needs attention. By recording our dreams, or noticing the patterns over a period of time, we learn to understand what we are being shown about our life pattern at that time.

We have our dream children. It has been said that each time we make love, we are creating a spirit child. If this is true, there must be many little spirit forms in the ether surrounding this planet made with thought forms that we created. Many times I have dreamed of little children, or babies, and I have felt great love for them. I question if this is part of my inner self I am seeing. Is this the child within that needs nourishment?

Every part of our dreams has something to teach us. If we can turn and face the things we fear most, they become transformed into a more benevolent force. They are all lessons in teaching us to love ourselves more. My daughter once dreamed of a monster who was trying to get her and she resisted it again and again. Then she finally turned to face it, and it became a 'blob' which put its arms around her and said "I only wanted to love you". The dream ended in its transformation. We can transform our dreams by facing our fears and learning from them. If we can love our most frightening aspects, we can transform them.

If our dreams are trying to tell us something, we should take note of what happens when we call for help in a dream. If we call out to God or someone in whose authority we trust, to help us in a dream, we are never left wanting. Always someone comes to our rescue and we are able to disengage from the situation and find a better solution.

It is the same in life. We do have help we can call on. Our answers, however, more often than not, come from within. There is as much life in the world we can't see with our physical eyes, if not more, than what we can see.

The Divine Guidance has told me repeatedly to live in joy. Sometimes we have to quiet the intellect in order to listen to the quiet joy within our soul. This message was from a single Divine source:

Believe that which is in your heart. Be joyful. Let not things others say or write disturb you. The truth is within. Outside influences can only activate that which is already within you. Love from the depths of your whole being. Share what you feel with love. Do not be hesitant in showing this love. All that you have is Mine alone. We are One. The deep love in your heart is the love of God within. There is no separation. Be one with others. Allow yourself to feel for them but do not let their intellect influence your 'knowings'. There is much true knowledge within everyone, yet many times the intellect or mind, takes over and will not allow the true feelings to come through. You must guard against this happening to you. Be open enough to allow your love to flow forth freely. This love is deep and strong. Nothing that exists can override the love that is within your heart. All things will come to you as you allow this love to flow outwards. You are all children of love. Let not your heart be troubled. Know that I Am within you at all times. Simply allow the love to flow. Be at peace.


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