Trying to free ourselves from attachment to the things and feelings on this third dimensional plane is not easy, but is an important step in reaching enlightenment. Holding onto the things we feel we want and need, is a natural reaction. The spiritual path teaches us that it is necessary to detach from these 'things' if we are to find true freedom and peace. It becomes one of the hardest lessons in life, particularly in our western world of so many material possessions.

My Divine Guidance gave me the following advice:

Material possessions are like a ship passing in the night. Do not get so immersed that you cannot escape from the material world into your quiet times. These quiet times are necessary for your soul's upliftment and renewal. The quiet times provide the soul with the nourishment which is necessary for its growth. Food fills the stomach, but true satisfaction comes from harmony within the soul. Through coming into quietness you will find peace in your heart, and soul food. Do not neglect this side of your life - this is how growth occurs. Take as much joy as possible from every situation in your life - taking and giving, loving and forgiving - that is the way happiness and true peace within the heart will abide. Through Love peace will come.

Love is not a material possession to be bought and sold. It is a mystical vibration which exists in all dimensions. It is your essence. It is the essence of all life. If you lost your connection to this love, you would find life literally without meaning. You would die inwardly without love. Allow yourself to love - and to forgive. Too many are holding onto negative thoughts of hate or revenge even against themselves. To find this love within your soul, all thoughts have to be released - forgiven and accepted. This is the path of unconditional love.

We have spoken of this before, but it is so important in your lives it must be emphasized. Love all, service all, and do not hold any grudges. Live and forgive in every situation. Find your peace within. We leave you with blessings of the most high.

As Divine Guidance tells us, we are holding onto negative thoughts when we hold grudges, do not forgive, or refuse to accept anything. Our thoughts and habits are also 'things' we need to become detached from. By looking at each day as a new day, we can let go of thoughts of the past and see each moment as it is right now.

True detachment is totally accepting everything we see, feel and touch without judgement. When we see someone dying, it is natural to want to do something to prevent the suffering, but if nothing can be done, we can learn to accept death as an ongoing process of life and let them pass gracefully. When we see people hungry, we can offer them food, but this may fail to satisfy their soul need, and we have to learn to accept that they chose that experience for their own learning. This does not mean we should refuse to help. It means we become detached from the emotional pull, and do what we can to help with unconditional love. Sometimes those in pain, are choosing it from a soul level to learn their lessons. We have to understand we are NOT the body. We are spiritual beings.

Those things we see outside of ourselves, are reflections of what is going on inside of us. That is, if we see someone who is angry, and we react to it, it may be well to look within ourselves, as we may have some hidden anger in us. If we feel someone is critical of us, it is because we are reacting to it, and we are holding some criticism inside of us.

Many of us have blockages. We do not realise what is between us and finding our True Selves, or enlightenment. We want to rush forward and reach our goal, without going through the important stages of learning the lessons along the way. Such traits as stubbornness, or clinging to things like our anger or our guilt, can hold us back from our path. Sometimes our lessons are revealed through dreams. I had a dream which showed me I was still holding onto my stubbornness. I know I do have a stubborn streak, but I never realised before that it was actually holding me back from advancing spiritually. When we are on the path towards enlightenment, or finding our True Selves, the ego begins fighting for its last vestiges of individuality, because it is afraid of losing itself into the All-That-Is. This is not what happens when we merge into that great One-ness. We never lose our individuality. We become part of the All-That-Is but we retain our individuality.

Our ego easily accepts the fact that roses bloom by themselves and embryos form naturally, but it can't accept this fact about money, houses, relationships and other things it gets attached to. Ego gets attached to certain energy forms such as money, houses, relationships, and it cannot relinquish these 'attachments' because it is afraid of losing the desire it holds over these wants.

If we tend to judge desire we are judging its source which is ourself. If we fear desire, this means we are fearing ourselves. There is nothing wrong with desire itself. Desires are what we are meant to have in order to grow. Without desires we would stagnate! We would be like a frozen icicle in space. We would have nothing to get us motivated in order to experience life. Desires get thrown away as new ones come along. They are meant to be used as stepping stones which we utilize along life's path, in order to reach our goal in life. The problem is not with the desire itself, but with what happens when our desires are blocked or frustrated. It is then that the struggle and judgement begin.

Detachment is not the same as indifference. When you see suffering, go and relieve it, but don't come away with the suffering stuck to you.

If you don't accept the earth has spirit, you may think that because she doesn't complain she is indifferent. There is a vast difference between detachment and indifference. Detachment can become indifference. It is in the name of indifference we are destroying the earth. If you kick a rock, it's you who hurts. The earth does not cry out when we kick her. She is secure in her spirit. We can learn this detachment by accepting ourselves and being secure in who we are.

It is only when we can walk away from a situation which confronts us, without reacting, that we are on the way to detachment. By doing this, we can find true freedom. We become freed from the things which pull us towards our reactions to others. It is better to act rather than react in any given situation, because we are then masters of our own lives and not pulled into the to and froing of the ego's little game of separation.

Mother's Day was an important lesson for me in freeing myself of attachment. It is very hard to let go of someone you love. It is even harder when they are no longer in physical form. This is a day when Mothers are remembered, and those who have lost children, feel most bereft of all. We have to let go of material attachment. It is one very prominent lesson, and not an easy one. We have to tell ourselves that wherever our children are, in whatever sphere or plane or country they are in, they still love us and we them. Love is the only important thing - and it is PERMANENT. When you love someone or something, it is never lost.

More often than not, we are attached to our emotions. We are attached to our anger, our hatred, our needs, our criticisms and our judgements. Because we are in a physical body, it is very hard to stand back and look at ourselves objectively. But to release ourselves from attachment to these emotions or needs, it is necessary to watch our reactions to everything that occurs in our daily lives, particularly in relation to others. As we react, we release an emotion. It may be anger, frustration or even jealousy. The feeling may not be easily controlled, This is where it helps to stand outside of ourselves and watch our reaction without actually getting involved in the reaction. Let it happen, and just watch it. If you can look at yourself objectively, you can almost laugh at your reaction when you see it is the light of the Greater Self. Once we realise that everything that happens to us is caused by our own reactions alone, then there is nothing that is really out of our own control.

Having been brought up in the mores of society, we often struggle to do what we feel is right. We may be afraid to do or not do something for fear of losing the approval of others. We may feel we do not want to give of ourselves to others, and yet feel we have to. If we follow our inner voice, and our hearts are open, and we give for the right reasons, that is, give from the heart, through love, and not because we feel we have to, we do not get involved in the terrible pang of separation that otherwise would isolate us from our true feelings.

What is important in letting go of attachment, which is easier said than done in today's world with all its many material possessions, is to live in the moment, accept what we have but then to release it and let it go! We can become as little children and live in the moment, not worrying about the future, or fretting about the past, but living totally in the now! It is a little like letting go the edge of a cliff instead of hanging on, when we find ourselves falling, and learning to trust in the power of the Universe. Trusting in God is like that. We have to learn to have total trust and faith in the good-ness of the Universal Energy, called God.

It is not easy to free ourselves from attachment. I have found myself clinging to things like problems and feelings, even more than material attachments. Being a stubborn person, it is harder to let go of the emotions which attach themselves to me. One way to help us let go, is to realise that every bit of garbage we cling onto, we take with us into spirit when we pass from this form of existence. If we really want freedom, we have to let go. If we really want to leave our problems behind when we pass on, we have to begin doing this now. The fruit of our labours begins now and each and every new day is an opportunity to begin afresh, living each moment as if it really counts. If you could just imagine each moment of now being your last, how would you live it? What we do, and think now, determines our next plane of consciousness.

Material success does not necessarily denote soul growth. There are many unscrupulous beings who have 'made it to the top' in the material world by stepping on others on their way up, or by eliminating others who were in their way. Real success in life comes from the extent of soul growth; how much we have learned through our failures.

Sometimes the time comes to let go of certain stages in our lives. Some of us do not like change. We are frightened by what might happen, and we cling to what we are familiar with. Once I put this to my Divine Guidance and their answer was as follows:

New avenues are opening up to you. You know the saying "when one door closes another opens". You have glorious prospects ahead. Your deepest desires are about to be met. Have no fear. Fear will bind you. Fear will constrict you. Fear will block all avenues of channel, all avenues of light, and prevent, for a time at least, the new options coming into fruition for you. Love is always constant. Love always abounds. Be aware always that life goes on!

Our fears of 'letting go' are fruitless. By taking a chance, and living in the truth of moment, we are released by the truth, and our bindings are freed.

There are many earthbound spirits who have clung to objects and deeds of their earthly life, and have not been able to ascend into the higher planes of consciousness because of this.

It is the actions and thoughts of today, that create the future for us. In this way, we create our future ourselves, each and every moment of every single day. We are co- creators with God and through our thoughts we create all that we are. We created our very essence by the thoughts we generated. We created our trials, our successes and our failures by our thoughts and actions both now and in past times. We do not realise our own power. We have power beyond our wildest imagination. It is so very important to be in alignment with our true spiritual purpose, to be in alignment with God's will We have to reclaim our power back again and take full responsibility for everything we do.


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