There comes a time in everyone's life when we have to face our shadow side or negative side. I woke up one morning with a very strong feeling of seeing myself as jealous. It was not a pleasant feeling and I realised that it is based on a feeling of fear - fear of loss. It is something that has been very much below the surface most of the time. But nonetheless something that is probably colouring much of my daily life on a subconscious level.

When I asked for Divine Guidance on my problem the answer came:

Jealousy is fear of not being good enough. It is an aspect of fear - an aspect of lack of self love. It is one of the most harmful diseases upon your planet today and the most damaging.

It can be transmuted by total self love - self acceptance and knowing your God within. It must be faced - brought out into the open and understood for the harmful disease that it is. Only then can it find release and be transmuted into oneness with all. There is no need or necessity for jealousy my child. It is your own illusion of fear which brings it about. Face your fears head on. Bring them into the light. Name them for what they are and they will have a hold over you no longer. Be willing to release your jealousy and your fear of insecurity into the light. You will discover, when you have done this, the most wonderful feeling of security, knowing and trust, that you have ever felt overwhelm you.

Know that you are immortal and nothing can harm you. You are your God within. You are all that is, and if you can truly love every aspect of yourself - jealousy will not have a place in your life. Be open with your feelings. Love all, serve all. But most of all, love self in every way.

We leave you with the promise that this feeling you have will be released. Trust in the Universe. Trust the Creator and know his love for all.

We have to face these feelings, acknowledge them, and accept them for what they are - feelings of fear, insecurity and lack of light. When we bring them into focus, we actually bring them into the light and they then cease to hurt or destroy us any longer. I started to analyse why I felt this jealousy and I realised it was based on a fear of loss. This was later confirmed by my Guidance. It is probably the most predominant fear we humans have. It is quite an understandable feeling when we think of ourselves as being mortal beings with limited life or limited existence. But what we have then failed to realise is that we are not the body.

We are far more than our physical body as we now think of it. We are immortal. We live time and again, and each lesson is a very valuable lesson in facing ourselves and who we actually are. We are not the body. The body is our vehicle to carry us through this life experience. We can make it as pleasant or unpleasant as we choose, but in the end, we come to realise our own immortality, and the fact that we do go on. By releasing these feelings of fear, jealousy, hatred and hurt, we are coming into contact with our own immortality. We are letting the light of knowledge shine forth through our person. We are becoming light.

Fears are part of our illusion of time. If we could see life like the man in the plane, looking down at the little boat in the river, instead just looking at life from the limited perspective of the little man in the boat, not seeing where he was going or where he'd come from, we would be able to let go of some of our fears of things to come. All things have their time. Nothing is permanent. Only the Creator himself is unchangeable. Have no fear. This is a new beginning for you. Be of good cheer. Let your love flow outwards to everyone.

There is only now. All that has ever been or ever will be, is within us right now. We are the sum total of all we have ever been, or ever will be. We are All-That-Is. We have total control over our lives by our thoughts. No-one has any power over us except ourselves. The only way anyone else can penetrate our thoughts, our lives, or affect our reactions, is if we let them. We do have power over our own thoughts and thereby can control, and are totally responsible for, all our actions and everything that happens to us!

I asked Divine Guidance to help me. I said I was afraid - especially of the big things.

Your fears are not cemented in reality. There is nothing about change to fear. Nothing is ever lost. Be of good cheer. Only the illusion is altering. All things will be better for you. Take heart. Change is necessary for growth! Nothing can exist without change in some form. . . Know My Love is ever with you. I Am your constant companion. Remain calm in each step of your life. Let serenity be your guide. Only you control your thoughts and emotions. Let them be in peace.

The world is waiting to understand its own peace. Each individual has to find his peace within his or her own heart. Love grows from within. Understand that all things perceived by you are as they appear from within. To change thoughts of hurt, fear or sadness, first alter them in your mind's eye to make them joy, peace and comfort. Transmute them all with love of self. All things are changeable except the love that is deep within your essence. That love is the very Being of you. Humankind, wake up to the love that is your very essence. . .

We have often blamed others. It is the way we have been brought up. It is so hard to break conditioning that has been drummed into us from little babies. We have to undo all our past thinking and take on new ways of thinking. The only limits to our universe, to what we can do, are in our minds. Our own fear holds us back! Think about that one. If we could release fear totally, there would be nothing to stop the unlimitedness of our doing anything. We could change the world by loving every obstacle in our lives, instead of fearing it! It is really as simple as that. Just imagine, if we could never get sick, never have an accident, always be supplied of an abundance of whatever we wanted, and lived forever in our physical bodies (if that is what you wanted)! There is no limit, except in your own mind. Only you create that limit.

This book would not be complete without some mention of what my guides said about accepting our shadow side of ourselves. They told me that a chapter on this topic was important because this is where mankind is heading. They said:

This chapter will balance out that which you have already spoken of regarding acceptance and non-judgement and allowing. Words can be clumsy things. Sometimes just going into the feeling is better. Go into the quiet within and relax. The words that come through will then be our words. These words can be distorted by the conscious mind if it intrudes too much, as the words are flowing through. Do not despair that this will happen. Follow our guidance and we will assist you to write what is important for mankind to understand at this point in time.

The future is a probable future. It is not written yet. We see it from the perspective of the whole, as time in the sense you view it does not exist for us. All things can be altered by the changing consciousness of man. We are here to see that this change occurs with the least possible upheaval to mankind. Those who have not raised their consciousness at the time of the coming changes, will either have a more dramatic experience which will alter their consciousness instantly, or they will exit their bodies and find themselves in another plane when this change occurs upon your planet.

That the change will occur is a surety. It has been decreed by the Spiritual Hierarchy and this will occur. Mankind has gone as far towards the negative pole as he can and has thrown the planet out of balance. His eventual return towards spiritual enlightenment is imminent. This may take many years in your terms - but it will happen.

This planet which you call Earth, is a planet where the polarities are to exist in balance. It is this balance which will bring it greater light than even the most 'positive' planet in the universe, because light and dark will be integrated and all things will be accepted. Once you realise that all things are allowed, they will cease to have the hold over you that they have had in the past. All is from the Creator. He expresses Himself in many forms. The creator is expressing himself on planet Earth as both spiritual and material. These two are to be integrated into a wholeness which is One. Many are assisting the Earth in this wonderful transition. We look at your future and we rejoice.

We come into knowing of ourselves, and loving ourselves, when we accept our shadow side. There are things about ourselves which we may not like, but by acknowledging them and saying - "It's okay to be angry, or hurt or jealous. I'll allow this feeling and not repress it." By integrating our negative feelings, and not denying them we allow them to just be. This is how we bring our wholeness into the light.

It is by this acknowledgement of our shadow sides that we can find the way to living a balanced state. The way to do this is by observing our thoughts, or reactions, when they come up. If we find ourselves getting annoyed at someone, for example, step back and observe our reaction and say to ourselves: "Why do I get annoyed by this person?" More often than not, it will be because we have a part inside of ourselves which they mirror, which we have repressed and refused to acknowledge. If we are honest with ourselves, this feeling will be the root cause of our annoyance.

Acceptance of this shadow side of ourselves is what brings about our transformation. Without darkness there would be no light. For us to recognise day, there has to be night. Both are necessary to find the balance which is all. Both negative and positive, feminine and masculine, nourishment and creation are part of the All-That-Is. Once we can integrate this shadow side of ourselves, we can emerge fully into the light of Truth.

Light would not be light, without dark to compare it with. In order or recognise light there has to be dark. God made both the opposite polarities like negative and positive in us, as in the negative and positive currents which run through electrical circuits. Without both we would not have electricity. We have to have night and day, summer and winter. If it was always summer we wouldn't appreciate it without experiencing the winter too. They can both be beautiful seasons. We can learn to find our balance in life by accepting both sides of ourselves.


I feel pain is often a part of our shadow side which needs to be acknowledged. Sometimes I suffer migraine headaches. I wonder if it is because I, myself, want to suffer. I know I don't on a conscious level - in fact I am afraid of getting a headache, because they have been so bad at times. This is where fear holds me back. I sometimes think it is my Higher Self telling me that there is something amiss, something I haven't done or should be doing. In some way I am out of alignment with my spirit or true purpose. To overcome these headaches, I have to go deep within myself and ask what it is that I am trying to avoid, or that I am out of alignment with. When I face this, the headaches will cease to be.

A little verse I remember from childhood came to me once when I was in pain:

Pain built a fence I was quick to hate. I clawed at the bars. They held me fast. But when I learned to be patient at last, God took my fence and made it a gate.

I asked God if He was really there to help me with my pain. I felt an instant response: "My child, your pain is my gift to you." I realised then that pain, if we accept and acknowledge it without resistance, becomes our friend. It can be an ally to bring us closer to our inner self because it tells us more about who we really are. It shows us the path we can take to alleviate it, by seeing it as a lesson. It can be a valuable lesson sometimes - in patience and acceptance. Once we have learned this, the grace of God offers us a gate through which we can walk away from our pain. Truly our pain is a gift from God. The lessons we learn from our pain can become our most valuable teachers in our lives.

My Guidance told me:

This body is such a small part of your being - yet it affects the whole. All of your multidimensional selves are affected by each thing you do, each thing you think. Remember the effect you have on others. How much more do you think this effect has on all your other 'selves'. Be kind, compassionate and loving. You now know what it is like to feel discomfort and pain. Feel for others. They too suffer but they do not understand the reasons.

You have a greater insight into the reasons for your pain and discomfort. Understand that others are experiencing their own pain for the reasons chosen by their Higher Selves, for their own growth. They have not yet understood the capacity within them for greatness, or experienced themselves as multidimensional beings. They still feel they are only beings of the five senses. Be compassionate with them. Your learnings are to become your greatest teachings. Others will look to you for understanding. You have the ability to give it.

Allow self to feel pain. Only by so doing will you be allowing it and understanding of its true purpose. If you try to ignore the pain, it will come again in another way, until you understand that it is to be allowed, embraced and accepted. It can only then be transformed into the light. Love all, serve all - even the pain within your body. . .

So often we are plagued by fears. If we think about it, these fears all arise from our perception of ourselves as the body. Sometimes these fears may be from what we feel we have done wrong, that is, a feeling of guilt, or from an experience that left us with soul memories which are buried deep within us. Sometimes these feelings are so deep we do not even know why we feel afraid.

I have an irrational fear of deep water, and try as I might, I cannot analyse it to find out the cause. I believe it may be a soul memory causing this fear, from a past life experience. I may have lost my life in a previous time through drowning in deep water. Some experience must have caused this fear. The only way to overcome these fears, is to go deep within the feeling, visualising my self diving - (and diving is another thing I just cannot do this lifetime) - deep into the water, and know, know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I cannot die. If I can know within myself that there is no need for this seemingly irrational fear, I can overcome this fear and transmute it into acceptance.

Worry is fear. It does no good to us or anyone else. It is a waste of energy that could be used for our betterment. I am constantly being told that our fears are illusions and the changing times are guiding us into greater light.

Take every moment as a gift from the Creator. Time is a gift from God. Each moment IS now. Do not let past or future worry you. Each second you breathe is a new second, a new chance, to live as you were meant to live. Be cheerful. Be joyful. There is nothing whatsoever that can happen that can harm you. You are eternal. You live in eternal Light. Let that Light guide you through each moment. Your fears are your illusions. The only reality is the essence of you - which is total love. Follow your guiding light. If you remain centered in this light, there is naught that can ever harm you. If you become less centered or stray, it will only delay your eventual arrival in the oneness of All-That-Is.

Live your life in joy - in harmony with all life - for that is the surest and quickest path to your own enlightenment. Enlightenment is the lightening of YOU. You become what you truly are. You wake up. That is what enlightenment means. Live in joy, for each step of the way is a chance to learn - another learning experience, another chance to polish up a point of the star which is you.

Be of good cheer. The world is coming into greater times. Many lights are being polished. You are becoming brighter in each millisecond than you were before. Be aware of your light, for in so being, you are able to awaken another's light - simply by being around them. You do not have to say anything - for words can be misleading. Simply BE who you are and walk in your own glorious light.

There are so many fears we carry around with us, like a heavy sack of potatoes on our backs. We can shed these fears by following the advice of the Guidance. It is hard to dispose of our burden, because society has taught us that it is supposed to be that way. We have been conditioned from early childhood to be afraid - if we step out of line we will not be accepted. If we don't follow the mores of society, we will be rejected, an outcast. If we don't measure up, we will be a failure in society. How much these stigmas have patterned our lives. It makes us afraid of stepping out of line. Our whole conditioning has become part of our lives. The only way we can break this conditioning is to realise the effect it has had on us and change our pattern of thinking!

Nothing in life is stagnant. Change is a constant. Go into your fears. Feel the depth of them and analyse why you feel threatened. Is it because in times past you have had this happen? Know that there is no mal-intent in this instant. All things are happening for your own evolution. . . Take each day one step at a time. . . Do not hold back the flow but let it come freely. Were it not for constant change, nothing would evolve. Your goal of reaching the godhead is ever closer. Relax into the moment and simply allow all to be. Be not afraid. Just be aware of your constant stream of thoughts - and let them go. Come into the quiet within . . . Be at peace.

Fear need not be carried around like a burden on our backs. Because change is ongoing every moment of our lives, we can release our fear by allowing the changes to occur.

We overcome fear with Love. These are the two polarities we face in life. If we have a choice which leads to some feeling which has a fear-based emotion, then it is not the one we should follow. But if a decision leads us to feeling good, to a feeling of love and unity, then we are opening out into love. This is how we can make choices or decisions if we want to release fear in our lives. Love and Fear. These are the two basic emotions from which every other feeling comes. Recognising the feeling for what it is, is the first step. From there we make the decision that holds NO fear for us. This, then, is the way home. This decision towards a love based society, is the way we reach our path to enlightenment.


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