We are part of the Great Divine. We are not separate from God, or Source. We are, and always were, a Divine aspect of All-That-Is. We have our lower natures, to be sure, but our spiritual aspect is the God-ness that is our Higher Selves. When we come into contact with this spiritual Source, the All-That-Is, the Creator or God, whatever you feel comfortable with, we meld with, and become part of our true source. All is God. There is nothing that is not of Divine Source. That is where man has mistakenly separated different aspects of himself into duality. It is through understanding this aspect of ourselves that we become whole. It is balance and wholeness that we ultimately seek to become one with God.

I was told:

Recognise your source as being from Divine origin. When you do this with self, you will realise that all others have their deepest feelings nestled in Divine source. When compassion for all, and understanding of all, is achieved upon this plane, unconditional love will be for all creatures, and peace shall truly reign upon your planet.

When love is without duty, but purely from the heart, it is well towards becoming unconditional. Serving through love is Divine. Let your deepest feelings be your guide. Feel with your whole being. Do not block feelings. Let them exist and be. Acknowledge them. All feelings are part of the whole. All have their roots in Divine source. Allow the feelings which are deepest to emerge into the light and they will be transformed by the love of God.

Every creature seeks for love. That is the essence of all life. When total unconditional love is achieved, all things upon your planet will be healed. Give with your whole heart. There is naught you cannot achieve when you give with love. Love is a force stronger than any others. Compassion and love go hand in hand. Let understanding be your guide. Allow the light to enter all phases of your being and let it shine for all . . .

Over and over I am told that unconditional love is the answer to humanity's every ill. To find unconditional love for others we have to first find it within ourselves. To love ourselves is to love God. To truly know ourselves is to know God. Just being and recognising ourselves as part of the Great Divine is a step towards this enlightenment.

Our bodies often affect our every day lives. They seem to be in control of us rather than us controlling them. Women have monthly cyclic changes which affect their moods, attitudes, and colour their lives generally. Also they are closer to the earth, as earth also undergoes cyclic changes. Their bodies are carriages for other lifeforms, and as such are influenced by more than just their minds. They are influenced by the lifeforms they are carrying, they are influenced by the monthly patterns that change their bodies, they are affected by changes which take place as their bodies start to take on mid-life changes. Our minds are powerful, but they can have total control over these cyclic changes. Women are far closer to Mother Nature because they are constantly changing. They are more attuned with the Father/Mother/God and their thoughts and patterns of thinking reflect this. Men tend to be more brain-orientated because they are closer to a pattern of thinking rather than feeling.

It is important to sort out our differences and to love another, while we are still here in physical form. Our life experience is to learn to love. Each time we hate or criticise another, we are closing off our God-essence and locking down our chakra centres. We are blocking the natural flow of life!

Sometimes I feel like there are two persons in me. A strong, wise personality, and an immature child. I asked how I could integrate these and feel more balanced:

By coming into the knowing. Know that we are here to help you. You are not alone. You are a multifaceted being. You are not a single personality. Go within your depths and explore your feelings. Be open to the fact that there is more of you. Do not lock self into a single facet. Be aware that there are many dimensions at any time you feel low or depressed. Once the depths are investigated, they will no longer frighten you. They are just other facets of self that need to be accepted. Go within and accept them by loving and acknowledging them. Where do you think the word acknowledgement comes from? Knowledge of course. Knowing becomes enlightening.

We came to earth in spirit form to learn to love. This planet is a very dense planet and the lessons are harder here because of the duality we face. We learn faster here than anywhere else in the cosmos, because the lessons are harder. Earth itself is in a process of transition, or change. We are fast approaching a time when all our past, present, and future, will become one. It is important to recognise this, because everything we have ever felt, done or thought, will come again to be challenged. We will be tested, and to pass the test, the only way is to love everything and everybody unconditionally! It is the only way to win Grace and free ourselves of the burdens which we now carry.

The earth is changing. It is a living entity and must be respected as part of creation. It, also, is evolving into a higher dimension. Mankind must raise his consciousness together with the earth, or be 'left out in the cold' for another millennium.

We have been told by the higher sources that prayer is particularly important at this time. It helps keep our connection to our God Source. It has to be sincere and dedicated from our hearts. It is of no value to us or anyone else if it is not earnest and sincere. It is the message from the heart that radiates out to others and to the world. Self forgiveness is important. We are most relentless of all with ourselves. We may not realise how often we are seeing ourselves in others when we criticize or judge them. By earnestly asking for Divine help in overcoming our problems, we are creating a vortex of possibility for these events to be changed. We are thereby opening ourselves to change, and shifting our thinking pattern to allow the transition of change through our thoughts. By releasing one thought which we no longer wish to hold onto, we are creating a space or vortex for another thought to take its place. It is like a cup of water. If the cup is already full, there is no room for more, therefore we have to empty out the contents in order to receive the Divine nectar of love, forgiveness and light. If we have raised our consciousness through prayer, we are allowing a higher thought to penetrate our minds and thereby change our perception, allowing for greater light to come into our lives.

Those who claim to predict the future are seeing probabilities only. The future has not been written. Probabilities are always changing as circumstances change, and man's free will is altered. Always there is a chance to overcome our future obstacles. In so far as the 'knowings' of some are concerned, there is certainly a Higher Authority controlling the greater picture, but within our life we have free will choice through which we can change, at any time, the future for ourselves. I do believe we, ourselves, have control of our own future by our perception of it. We are the ones with the free will to choose. We are the ones who make the final decision in any circumstance. We are the ones whose future this is.

Those who see 'probabilities' for our future, are reading into our aura, and often they see the most likely probabilities from what we have already done in the past in any given situation. Sometimes they may be picking up a 'future' that comes to them from the astral dimension in which time is not like ours. We create the situation we find ourselves in. Therefore we have the choice to raise our vibrations and extricate ourselves from a situation if we so choose.

We are never left on this planet at any time without Divine help. We only need ask, and help will be given. When we are born, there is at least one guardian Spirit who remains with us throughout our entire lives, and many others who assist us during our sojourn on this plane as we pass through the different avenues of life.

When we pass from this life into the next, we are fully exposed to ourselves. All our thoughts, words and deeds, lay before us in a conglomeration of visions. We see ourselves as others have seen us, we see ourselves as we think we are, and we see ourselves as we truly are. We are faced with everything we have done, and left undone, in this lifetime. The regrets and remorse are upon us in full force. It is only through love that some light may shine upon us. We are our own judges. No-one else judges us, but we are guided by our own Higher Source and the love of the Almighty Himself.

Through the love we have shared on this earth plane we are taught to see ourselves for what we really are. It is through love that we break down the barriers of remorse and guilt. There are higher beings who come to us and assist us in this transition. Anyone we have hurt, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is seen by us. We then review our mistakes, and have a chance to redeem ourselves. But this can take many years in our terms of time. It is far easier to forgive ourselves and others while we are still in this earthly state. We can then help those we have hurt before we have to face ourselves on the next plane.

It is through coming to know ourselves that we learn to know our true source. We are our own creators. We create every dot and iota of our own lives. If we make mistakes, or learning experiences as we often term them, there is an immutable law which cannot be changed, which gives us all the time we need to learn to overcome them. We will eventually learn that only Love is truth. We are ever evolving. What we don't learn in one lifetime, will be learnt in another. It doesn't matter how long it takes. We are on a path back to the God-head, and whether we know it or not, whether we accept it or not, it is inevitable that we will find our true Source.

At each point in our life we face challenges and change. I was told each turning point is another challenge, another chance to grow. When life begins to lack the challenge it is time to wind up and move on. Following the guidance of our intuition is the wisest path to follow. We may not know what is around the corner but each step will be revealed to us in time. We are told to take one step at a time and trust in the Universe.

You are about to enter a new phase in your life, and if you take this wonderful opportunity for growth that is being opened up to you, you will find it leads you into the depths of your hearts desire. .

...Take all things in your stride and one day they will be looked upon as the greatest treasures life could give you. These things are in themselves unpolished jewels to be transformed into the most dazzling beauty you could ever imagine. These lights of beauty are waiting to be revealed to you. The promises of the future go with you.

Only WE hold the key to escaping further re-births. Only WE hold the answer to our prayers. Only by our earnest desire to seek recompense for things we have done, for which we will have regrets now, or in the spirit life to come, can we win the Grace of God and learn our lesson. Our life lesson is to learn to love. It is to learn to accept everything that comes into our life with total unconditional Love. It is through interaction with others, and service to others, that we learn this understanding.


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