Manual for Advancing Souls

2. You are more powerful than you think.

When you first start on a spiritual path you see and hear of others who can do things that you think are beyond you. Then as you progress you realise that you have some of these same abilities to some degree. The abilities have always been there but unless you can acknowledge to yourself that you have these then they will elude you.

Spiritual techniques require the movement of psychic energy. This psychic energy is tapped by us from the universe (God) and we then direct it out of ourselves, sometimes transforming it as it passes through us. It can be used for healing etc. The degree to which you can channel this energy depends upon (a) your confidence in your ability to do so and (b) your level of spiritual development.

You are created a 'thought of God' in the likeness of God. This does not mean that the physical body that you have is the same as God. You are not your physical body. You are an eternal soul (thought of God) who has a physical body in order to move around on planet Earth and learn the things that you came here to learn. You, as a soul, are energy.


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