As a spiritual person, you need to know that you are not separate from any other spiritual being; we are all one. As you become more spiritually aware you will find that your thoughts and feelings, desires and needs have a more powerful effect on yourself and your environment. It is therefore important that your health remains as good as possible. If you maintain a positive outlook to life then you should remain healthy. However, your negative thoughts about yourself are also powerful and can lead to illnesses of one type or another. This happens with everyone but in a person who has become more spiritually aware it happens much quicker. You should learn some form of spiritual healing that you can use on yourself. I have found that Reiki healing is good for me and perhaps would work for you. There are many Reiki teachers out there who can attune you to the Reiki energy and once attuned that is you for life. You will then be able to heal yourself and others just by using your hands.

There are many other healing methods and one of them may more suit you. It is up to you to find one of them that you like and use it as part of your spiritual growth. One of the great attributes of spiritual healing is that as you use it you grow a little spiritually. As you channel this healing energy you will find that your ability to channel energy increases with time. That is the amount of energy that passes through you is greater the more you practice using it. My advice is to use it every day.

People will often come to you for healing as a last resort. That is, when they have tried everything else and been told that nothing can be done for them. They often want a miracle cure. However, healing does not guarantee a cure but it will always help them to some degree. It is usually quicker to help acute problems and slower to help chronic problems. Sometimes what it does is make it easier for the person to pass on to their next incarnation.

Healing can take many forms. My mother used to be amazed at the number of people who would just start talking to her about their troubles and go away feeling better. This is a form of healing. My mother had something in her aura that people unconsciously recognised as someone who could help them; someone with whom they could share their problems. So be aware that you can be healing people in your everyday life just by listening to them.



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