Manual for Advancing Souls

3. The only limitations you have are the ones you give yourself.

If you doubt or deny your abilities then you will not be able to use those abilities. It is merely a case of learning the techniques involved, practising them, perfecting them and using them. One success, no matter how small, gives you positive feedback so that the next time you try the same technique you know that you have had some success in the past and there is a strong likelihood that you will achieve an even more positive result this time and in the future. It is like learning to walk. At first it seemed like an impossible task but now you don't even think about it, you just do it. It is no longer a limitation.

After a while on the path of spiritual growth you will look back at what you thought were techniques that you could not do and realise that you can now do them. And although they seemed beyond you at the beginning, they now seem to be so easy to you that you may find it difficult to understand how others, who are just starting on their spiritual path, can think them so difficult. Have patience with them as others had patience with you. You cannot hurry someone's spiritual growth and you should not try. If you try to give someone too much too soon it does them no good and can be harmful. If in doubt, check it out with your guidance.


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