Manual for Advancing Souls

4. Harbouring negative emotions, such as guilt, will cause you harm.

It is normal to have both positive and negative emotions. The most enlightened humans have both of these but it is how you deal with them that is important. The correct way to deal with any emotion is to allow it to run through you and out of you. Holding on to (harbouring) any emotion causes problems. It starts in the spirit plane where there is an energy blockage in the area concerned. For example grief is most often held in the heart chakra. This causes spiritual heartache where the person suffers from the blockage of energy at the heart chakra, often resulting in severe depression. If this is not relieved then there are one or more effects seen in the physical body, for example reduction in immunity to disease, wasting away of the physical body, paling of the skin, bad circulation etc.

Other negative emotions are, for example guilt, hate, fear, jealousy. Each one of them serves a useful short term purpose but none should be harboured for any length of time. Harbouring any of them results in characteristic spiritual problems and continued harbouring results in characteristic physical problems.

The best solution to any of these problems is forgiveness and the sending of love energy to the cause of the problem. Once this is done affirmations can help the sufferer to ease the symptoms.


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