Manual for Advancing Souls

5. You can have everything you truly want.

When you know what you truly want then it is possible to attain your goals. The main problem is that we seldom know exactly what we want. Once we have a definite goal it is possible to sit down and work out the steps required to attain the goal. It is also possible to look at our life and work out all the things in it that are helping toward that goal, all the attributes that are holding us back from our goal and to make a list of anything that would help us toward our goal. Then make a check list of any obvious intermediary steps towards our goal and as we attain them we can check them off the list. This has a definite positive feedback effect. A very important aspect is to ask your guidance to help you attain your goal. Usually, if you are working toward this goal then they will help you behind the scenes in many ways. However, if you expect them to do it for you, without your full participation, then you will be disappointed.


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