Manual for Advancing Souls

15. The thoughts you have today make you what you will be tomorrow.

The type of thoughts that you have can be categorised in various ways. One way is from extremely negative to extremely positive. If you think mainly positive thoughts then you will be a positive person. If you think loving thoughts then you will be a loving person. Kind thoughts make a kind person. However, negative thoughts attract negative energy and make you a negative person.

To grow spiritually you need to know what will help you and what will hinder you. The negative energies that are attracted to you when you think negative thoughts such as hate, greed, envy, malice etc. can actually hold you back from advancing spiritually. We all think negative thoughts at times and that is normal. However, it is best to let them go from your system and replace them with positive thoughts which attract positive energies which can help you grow.

A good tool to use when you feel negative towards anyone or anything is to mentally send Forgiveness and Love in that direction. Allow yourself to be freed from that situation by allowing yourself to forgive.


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