Creative Visualisation.

Creating a safe house / retreat

It is usually best for someone else to slowly read this to you (at least at first). However, if you can memorise the steps then you can do it on your own.

  1. Preferably lie down for this technique but you can sit as long as you are comfortable<./li>
  2. Close your eyes and relax.
  3. Continue to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  4. When you are completely relaxed, put you attention in your head.
  5. When you feel as if you are inside your head imagine a door in front of you.
  6. As you pass through the door you find yourself on a path up to a house.
  7. It is your own safe house or retreat.
  8. Imagine it how ever you wish. As large as you wish or as small as you wish.
  9. See the colour(s) of the outside walls and the colour(s) of the roof.
  10. Notice the windows, especially the shape and the colour(s) of the frames.
  11. As you walk up to the door notice its size, shape and colour(s).
  12. It is not locked to you so push open the door and enter the house.
  13. Have a look about in the entrance hall.
  14. Notice that there is a staircase going up to the first floor of the house.
  15. As you look around the entrance hall notice the doors which lead to other rooms. For now they are closed but they are not locked and you can enter them at a later visit.
  16. Go back out of the door onto the path and look back at your house - you will easily recognise it any time you wish. Now pass back into your head.
  17. Look away from the house along the path and you will see a door.
  18. Go through this door and pass back into your head.
  19. When you feel that your attention is focussed in your head move your attention to your whole body and feel good about what you have achieved.
  20. Open your eyes.

This house is a place where you can go to just feel relaxed and to get away from the troubles of the world for a short time. It can also be used in other ways to help you on your path of Spiritual Growth.


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