Creative Visualisation.

Using your safe house / retreat

The safe house / retreat that your created can be used in many ways. It could just be a safe place to go to relax for a short while. However, it is much more useful than that. It can be used to help you on your spiritual journey. The reason that you are here on this planet is to learn about your Self and thus grow spiritually. In your house you can learn how to understand spiritual concepts. You can use your house as a meeting place and much more.

There can be as many rooms in your house as you wish and there can be as many levels as you choose. These rooms can be used for various different things. You can have a different room for each different activity. As you progress up the stairs to subsequent levels you can be going to higher levels of consciousness to get answers. You can even have a passageway which is full of doors and each one takes you to a different situation in your life where there is/was something to learn.


  1. Basement
    1. Your store room
    2. Your cellar
  2. Ground Floor
    1. Your lounge
    2. Your library
    3. Your meeting room
    4. Your endless corridor
  3. Upper Levels
    1. Level 1
    2. Level 2
  4. Back Door

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