DEATH - the transition from life to life.

1. Live loving life

The life that you have been born into is very important to you. You are here to fulfil a mission that you have decided to accomplish. If you don't complete your mission you can come back again in another body and try to complete it then. However, if you do manage to learn about yourself you will grow spiritually. You will become more spiritually aware. You will then not have to repeat your present mission but can return on a new mission. If you do not like your life then it would be advantageous for you to learn what you are here to learn so that you can return under different circumstances that you may enjoy more. If you do not learn the lessons in this life they will remain to be learned in another life. You cannot run away from these experiences forever.

You can learn to enjoy life and even love your life no matter how hard life seems to be. There is always someone somewhere whose life is worse than yours. Once you learn to love life things seem to get better. Balance in your life helps. Balance in all aspects of your life is always beneficial. Things start to fall into place almost without you having to exert much effort and your life becomes a wonderful adventure that leads you to enlightenment.

It almost seems ironic that when you enjoy life the most, time seems to pass too quickly for you, and the converse is also the case.


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