Techniques for Spiritual Growth.

How to Feel your own Aura

  1. Shake your hands a few times or rub them together vigorously to energise them.
  2. Hold your arms out in front of you and move them together as if you are going to clap them together
  3. Before they actually meet. move them away.
  4. Repeat this pretend clapping a few times and feel for a resistance between your hands
  5. Move your hands around to explore the energy between your hands
  6. This is your aura
  7. In some people it will be a small distance between their hands and in others it will be a greater distance
  8. The more relaxed you are the wider will be your aura

This technique allows people to experience (feel) their aura. Often it is the first time that people will realise that there is an energy feild around their physical body. In fact the aura is the person and the physical body is just a vehicle that the person uses to move around on this planet. This concept is usually too much for most people to comprehend and is usually only mentiontioned in the passing so that they can later have the knowledge that they need to progress smoothly on their path of spiritual growth.


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