Life is energy, I am energy, you are energy, everything is energy. All the things that you know are energy, like light, heat, electricity etc. are energy and all of the things that you don't think are energy, like plants, animals, rocks etc. are also energy. We are just starting to realise the potential of the energy of crystals. There is much more to energy than has yet been discovered.

It is sometimes difficult to think of plants as being alive, as having a life. It is the energy of life of the plant that is missing from a dead plant. This is exactly the same as when you see a dead person. The dead body you are looking at is no longer animated by the energy of life or life force. If you look at the body of someone you know, who has recently 'died' you will probably be amazed at how little the features resemble the person that you knew. The body is just a body. It is the life energy of the person that moulds the features into the configuration that you recognise as your friend.

The planet Earth is a living entity. It has a spirit; it has a life span and it is energy. The Earth energy is found in many forms. These energies can be detected in various different ways. Their vibration rates differ - they feel different. When energy flows unrestricted everything is fine. When there are restrictions to the flow of energy, problems arise. Energy flows through your body while it is alive. Any restriction to the flow of energy is felt as pain in the area of the restriction. Remove the restriction and the pain dissipates.

There are different types of energY e.g. light, heat, electric. There are also different types of energIES. These energies are spiritual energies and each individual has a unique spiritual vibration or energy. Some are very similar to others but no two are ever exactly the same. Plant energies differ more from animal energies than they do from other plants.

There are some energies which are not associated with animate objects. Places can have an energy or energies of their own. The energy of an area is sometimes called a deva. These are often powerful energies and can sometimes be called upon to assist in land projects, give advice etc. There are energies in some country places that have been called fairies, little people etc. These energies are often held responsible for many mysterious happenings, not all of them bad things.

Energy flows and therefore there must be both outflow of energy as well as inflow. It is no use being capable of tapping energy if you do not channel it out of you with the same capability. It is also not advisable to direct energy out of you at a greater rate than you are capable of taking it in. This would only result in you becoming drained. When you have a balance between your inflow and your outflow you always feel refreshed no matter how long you sustain the flow. It is like a water tank. Inflow stops when the tank is full and outflow stops when the tank is empty but if the inflow balances the outflow then the tank is never empty or full and yet you can always allow in some more.

All spiritual healing requires the flow of energy. Some of these energies are very specific, for example, Reiki healing uses Reiki energy. When a Reiki practitioner is attuned to the Reiki energy, what happens is that they can then channel the particular energy which is used in Reiki healing. It can be compared to a radio being tuned in to a particular radio station. In other words, out of all of the frequencies of energy that can be channeled, the Reiki practioner can pick out the specific one which is Reiki healing energy and allow that to flow through them and out to the person who wishes to receive this healing energy.


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