Levels of Advancement or Evolution of the Soul.

e) Wayshower

This level is usually accompanied by calm. The wayshower vibration is much higher than the teacher level. At this level the person becomes an example to others. This means that there is a great responsibility on the part of people at this level to lead others in a direction which will help them to advance spiritually.

Topics - (it is not necessary to cover all topics in one lifetime.)

  1. "Remain silent under all circumstances unless you can give Divine Counsel"- Practicing being quiet.
  2. Listening to others without interupting.
  3. Always being on ones best behaviour.
  4. The importance of being happy.
  5. Guiding others to only the best spiritual books such as the ones in the Bibliography.
  6. Meditations - Encouraging others to good meditative practice by example.
  7. Using innovative ways to show people the advantages of trusting their inner knowings and feelings.
  8. Administering various profiles as outlined by the Ameicana Leadership College (ALC) to help people on their spiritual path.
  9. Helping others in a selfless way, for example, using spiritual healing.
  10. Following the five Reiki principles
  11. Writing of spiritual books, poetry and articles etc.
  12. Advising teachers when they come for advice.
  13. Giving advice to people who are searching for answers.
  14. Being impeccable in everything that one does.

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