Chapter 4


Your Thoughts Are Very Powerful


When you are young you have a wonderful imagination. In your imagination you can create anything and any situation. As you get older you lose this creative imagination. This is usually because the older people that you look up to laugh at your imaginings or make fun of your creative ideas. You can, if you are still young, decide to keep your vivid imagination and not let it deteriorate due to outside pressures. You can cultivate a fertile imagination and increase your creativity to be used as you please. All the great inventors of the world would have been nothing without the ability to imagine that their creations were possible. People with inspiration receive their inspiration from their imagination.

If you are no longer young and have already lost most of your imagination then you may find that it is difficult to regain what you have lost. However, it is not impossible and with some hard work you can remove the blocks to your creative imagination. One short cut is to work with children. When they imagine things, have them describe what they imagine in great detail and then try to see them in your imagination as they are seeing them. This retrains the technique within you but the blocks that you have put up in your past have to be found and pulled down.

Here is an example - You may have said to someone, "Imagine you could fly without wings." The response was not the enthusiasm that you expected but ridicule as that person goes round everyone saying, in a mocking voice that you had said, "Imagine you could fly without wings." To avoid ridicule in the future you put up a block to your imagination. Instead of putting up the block it would have been better if you had repeated an affirmation - more on this later.

If people did not ask these questions we would not be a "civilised race" today. Christopher Columbus must have been ridiculed many times for saying that the world was a sphere and not a round plate as everyone believed. Any time anyone attempts to ridicule your creativity/imagination smile at their lack of imagination, say "Christopher Columbus" and walk away smiling at their misfortune not to have your creative imagination.

These problems arise if what other people think of you matters more to you than what you think of yourself. Unfortunately, most of us have been trained to value what others think of us and discouraged from valuing our own opinions of ourselves. A parent may say to a child, "....what will people think of you?" and a teacher may say, "Who do you think you are?" These questions can have a devastating effect on a child's self esteem. This is termed programming and if this is what is programmed into a child's mind then what comes out will be similarly disastrous to the person's self image for the rest of their life or until the person examines how they have been programmed, keeps the good parts and throws away anything that is useless or detrimental. You may think that you have not been programmed but you have. Some of it will be good for you, some useless and some of it will be bad for you.

Everyone has an opinion upon their own level of creativity. Most adults do not feel that they are very creative at all. Most of the rest underestimate their own creative abilities. The truth is that everyone is creative but most people do not recognise what they see as their own creations.

Here is a  technique to write a simple poem/song no matter how little creativity you think you have. This is a very rough and ready method of writing but can prove to be a wonderful eye opener to someone who thought that they could not write poetry or songs. This technique can be adapted to suit the individual. I sometimes use an adaptation of this technique which I have specially designed for myself. Once you have learned that you have the ability to be creative then you can start to regain your imagination. When you realise how valuable your imagination is you will understand why losing it is so detrimental to you. You may wish to ask your guides to help you. Here is a creative writing guide - by Henry Leo Bolduc

You may prefer to be creative in a different direction. Drawing can be an outlet for creativity and any subject can be a vehicle for your art. Remember this golden rule and you will always be happy with your drawings. "An artistic drawing is not supposed to be a photograph, but your interpretation of the subject." Even if you are the only one who appreciates your drawings then that is fine because your appreciation is just as important as anyone else's.

What do you enjoy doing? If you enjoy drawing then draw but if you cease to enjoy it then stop doing it and move on to something else. You may say that even after all this you are just hopeless at drawing but you would like something of your own to hang on your wall. I have an idea here which you may like. Most people can doodle. By this I mean draw abstract shapes and symbols on a piece of paper. If you let your mind think of something else while you are doodling then the doodles come straight from your subconscious mind. Each one of these by itself may not be anything startling but if reduced on a photocopier and stuck side by side on a piece of card the result is a piece of abstract modern art which will give you hours of amusement. Below is an example of one of mine.


Because these doodles were inspired from your subconscious the symbolism has meaning for you. By meditating on one part of the pattern by staring at it, you can possibly decode the meaning of the symbols.

Everyone can be creative and in fact everyone is creative. There are times when you like what you create and times when you dislike what you create but you are still creating.

Another idea is to make ink blots and to use them as a nucleus upon which you can draw, paint etc. to make an art form which is totally unique. They are unique because no two ink blots are ever exactly the same. The method of making ink blots is simple.

  1. Make a fold in a piece of paper.
  2. On one side of the fold, or on the fold apply a little liquid ink.
  3. Close the paper at the fold and open again. (You can leave closed until dry for a different texture).
  4. Allow to dry.
  5. Meditate on the blot and attempt to see what it represents to you.
  6. Augment the blot with drawing, painting etc. until it clearly represents what you saw in the blot.

This can be a wonderful recreation for both adults and children. If you photocopy the blot before augmenting it then many people can use the same blot and you will be amazed to find how many different interpretations can be seen in the same blot.

You Can Change Your Life

It is your world that you perceive just as this is my world that I perceive. You can alter your world or any aspect of your world if you really want to. In fact you are doing this all the time below the level of consciousness. It is, however, more convincing and satisfying if you can make these alterations at the conscious level. This is not impossible and there are various ways to do just that. What is true to you determines how you perceive the world. The thoughts that you have, make you what you are. These thoughts are very powerful and the more 'aware' you are the more powerful are your thoughts.

If you are unhappy with your life for one reason or another then you will probably be pleased to hear that you can change your life in any way you desire. The quickest and most efficient way to do this is to contact a consultant who will work with you to accomplish the changes you want. You can make these changes yourself although it is not so easy. Here is the theory behind how it works. There are certain phrases and sentences which when repeated regularly over a period of time alter your perception of the subject of the phrase or sentence. These are called affirmations and usually their subject is yourself. They are always positive and have the effect of supplying energy in a positive way to some aspect of your world. An example is, "I AM POSITIVE." This phrase, if repeated sincerely at regular intervals will keep your thoughts positive. If you have negative thoughts or feelings they can be removed with this affirmation. Here is a list of some useful, general affirmations. Some affirmations are specific for self healing. I will not list any of these but direct you to "Heal Your Body" by Louise L. Hay. This is an excellent little book and has been used by thousands of people over the years.

I have been assuming that you know what you want to change in your life, the consequences of doing so, what you want in place of what you have and that the time is right to make the changes. These are some of the points that a consultant could work out for you. You still have to do most of the work. The consultant directs you and keeps you advancing towards your goals. It is always helpful to have someone else to encourage you and to give a second opinion as a check on your progress. If you combine your energy with that of someone else then you have the power of about 4 people so results are also that much quicker in manifesting. Consultants are usually very aware people and they are therefore more powerful than you alone. The power that you can therefore use to make your changes is increased immensely when you have the help of a consultant.

You can compose your own affirmations tailored to suit what you want to change in your life but remember to keep them positive and not to include anything to do with illness, negativity etc. For example, you would not say, "My cold is getting better." You would not even the mention the word "cold" because that suggests that it is real and it is not, it is relative. Say instead, "My nose is becoming clear." or "My breathing is becoming smooth and even." Use these no matter how much you are coughing and believe what you perceive. At first this is difficult to do but when you have experienced even one success you will know its power and your confidence will keep you positive and therefore even more powerful.

A friend of mine had a pain in her abdomen. She visited the doctor who sent her to the hospital for a check up. She was told that she had cysts on her ovaries and that she should return in one month to see how much they had grown with the view to an operation to remove them. She visited a spiritual consultant and with help from the consultant and certain affirmations tailored to her needs the cysts disappeared by the time she returned to the hospital one month later. She no longer required the operation and she had removed the cause from within herself. This is only one of very many success stories but there are also many people who, through lack of sincerity or through wasting their time in the wrong direction have not succeeded. Very few authors tell you about the failures but there are many. Most authors prefer to tell you only about the successes. My advice is to make sure you know what you are doing. If you don't, then seek advice from someone who has been trained to help others in this way.

If your health is fine then you have no requirement to seek help in this direction. You may want to change some other aspect of your life. If you want something, for example, see yourself having it, using it, enjoying it. The clearer you can picture it in your mind, the sooner it will come to you. You will most often have to actually work towards obtaining this thing but the more you want it the easier it will be to attain. I will give you a silly example but one which is very useful and instructive. I was eating a Kit Kat chocolate biscuit and I remembered an occasion in the past when I had eaten one which was solid chocolate. That is, no biscuit inside. I thought about it longingly for quite a while and concluded with the thought that I would like to get another one of these all chocolate Kit Kats. About two months later I bit into a Kit Kat and found that it was all chocolate. I knew I had attracted this to myself and with the confidence of this success fresh in my mind I decided to attract another one. Two weeks later I had another of these unusual Kit Kats. That night I told a friend about it and she said that she had never had one like that so I said that I would let her taste the next one. One week later I had another one and I did share it with her.

The above simple example not only shows that this works but also shows the reinforcing power of being successful. These malformed biscuits are a rarity but they do exist. Many people never see one in their life and so the chances against getting one, two months after wishing for one, are high. The odds against getting a second one two weeks later are even higher and to get a third such biscuit one week after that are astronomical. Many books have been written about the power of positive thinking and I am sure that it had a lot to do with the above example. So no matter what you want to change in your life it is possible. I have changed my physical appearance many times and even changed the colour of my hair without the use of hair dyes or bleach. You can do the same but I would strongly recommend enlisting the help of a spiritual consultant.

Are you, in your opinion, "over weight"? Do you have the ability to, 'look at a cream cake or chocolate bar and put on a kilogram'? You are not alone. There are millions of people all over the world who have the very same ability. To you it is an ability that you probably would rather not have and yet it is an ability that many people would love to have. Thin people want to put on weight and fat people want to lose weight. People with straight hair want curly hair and people with curly hair want straight hair. A spiritual consultant could easily help you with your weight problem and if I can change my facial features then you can learn to change your hair or any other attribute that you would like to change.

Soul Thoughts

Whatever you say, think, write, paint, draw etc. comes from a need within yourself for expression. You are expressing, in a physical way, what you are feeling in your soul. I call these "Soul Thoughts". You are actually 'one with the universe' and your soul is not separate from any other soul. You therefore have the same soul thoughts as every other soul and you differ only in how you express these thoughts.

As you know I write poetry and songs and they are a way of expressing these soul thoughts. Each poem or song has at least one underlying soul thought and each soul thought has an interpretation. It gets complicated here because the interpretation that I have for a soul thought is true for me but need not necessarily be true for you. There can be multiple interpretations which are true for different people. There is also another useful attribute to these soul thoughts; for any one person the interpretations can change according to circumstances. So one day you may get one interpretation and another day you may get another interpretation.

"How do you use these soul thoughts?" you may ask. There are a few ways you can use them. You can use them as an in depth form of divination, you can use them to uncover truths about yourself and they can be used as affirmations. Here is a method that can be used to uncover truths about yourself.

  1. Sit on a hard-backed chair with your eyes closed.
  2. Relax and breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  3. Ask your guides for a number between 1 and 27.
  4. Take the FIRST number that comes to mind.
  5. Read the soul thought corresponding to that number
  6. Ask your guides for a meaning which is true for you.
  7. After about three minutes open your eyes and write down as much of the meaning as you can. Try not to get the meaning from your intellect, try to take only what comes from your feelings.
  8. Read aloud what you have written.

You can adapt this technique for divination by having a specific question in mind when you ask your guides for a number. The interpretation that you finally get should supply an answer to your question. There now follows a list of 27 soul thoughts. Some have a sample interpretation attached and some are soul thoughts on their own. You could try writing poems or songs with these soul thoughts as the underlying theme or you could think of them as you doodle or draw.
Here is a list of some soul thoughts.

When you are used to meditating on these soul thoughts you may find it useful to meditate on them for longer periods such as five, ten, fifteen minutes or more. They are a link with all other souls whether in physical bodies or not. They allow you to think with higher souls because, in reality, there is no separation between your soul and their's.

There is a lot more to these soul thoughts than at first meets the eye and the more you use them the more attributes you will discover about them. On purpose, I have not disclosed all of their attributes. As you advance spiritually you will discover them yourself. One thing I will add is that there are a lot more soul thoughts than I have listed here and you can have fun discovering some for yourself and using them in the same way as described here.

Problems In Your Life

Everyone has problems in their life and these problems are there for a purpose. Some are just small problems which are easily solved, some are not so small and somewhat more difficult to solve and some are huge problems that are seemingly impossible to solve. These extremely large problems are sometimes big enough to make you want to move to another city or even another country. If you ever feel this way then stop and think before you move.

Every problem you have has been put there by yourself, often subconsciously, but sometimes consciously. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are very powerful and they have an effect upon your life. There is no such thing as an idle thought. They all have form on at least one level. Problems are there to offer you the chance to learn about yourself and grow spiritually. A problem is there to teach you a lesson and once you have learned the lesson you will no longer require the problem but until you do learn the lesson, the problem will stay with you. If you move to another city or country then given enough time the same problem, or one very similar, will appear as you create the situation by bringing all the elements of it together.

The best course of action is not to move but to stay where you are and sort out the problem where you are. Try to distance yourself as much as possible, in your mind, from the problem by imagining the advice that you would give to a very good friend who had this problem. When you have solved the problem you will discover that you no longer need that problem and it will no longer be a recurring problem in your life. In other words every problem in life bears a gift for you and all it takes to receive the gift is to solve the problem.

When you realise just how powerful your thoughts are you will know that you can do whatever you want to do. You will see that you have a wonderful creative ability which is far in excess of what you previously thought possible. You will realise that any attribute that you dislike in yourself or your world can be changed by your thoughts, desires and beliefs. Your use of soul thoughts can open up a whole universe from within your self. Problems in your life are there to teach you something about yourself as this is how you grow spiritually and your problems are created by you for this reason.


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