A Healing Technique

  1. Ask the person to sit in a chair (if possible).
  2. Ask the person to state their name and that they are willing to be healed. (If not then stop at once).
  3. Stand behind the person and place your hands lightly on their shoulders. (Do not squeeze, massage or press the shoulders as a light touch is required.)
  4. Close your eyes and consciously allow cosmic energy from God to flow through you from your head to your solar plexus, where you must be aware of the energy (love from God).
  5. Allow the healing energy to flow from your solar plexus, through your arms and hands into the person in a constant stream of healing white light.
  6. As soon as you get an urge to stop, remove your hands and open your eyes. (The energy used here is very powerful and too much energy channelled to the person can cause headaches, dizziness etc.)
  7. Immediately examine how you felt being a channel for the healing energy of God.
  8. Ask the person to open their eyes and relate what they felt.
  9. No matter what they felt, tell them what you felt and assure them that a healing took place and that there will be an effect.
This is actually the case. This is not faith healing but having a little faith in it does no harm, it only speeds up the result. Cosmic healing is more powerful than faith healing in that it will have an effect whether the person really wants it to work or not. This is because it uses energy straight from God (cosmic energy, love, whatever). In (2) above, there is advice to stop if the person does not want to be healed. Once you become 'AWARE' you will pick up indications through one of your gifts to tell you if someone does not want you to heal them. It could be that this person's whole reason for incarnating into this life was to have this condition and either learn something from the experience or perhaps learn to heal themselves, and if you supply the energy for the healing then they may have wasted a whole lifetime and be forced to be incarnated into another life just to go through the same situation. So be careful who you heal. If in doubt, don't. You will learn later how to "check it out" with higher souls whether you should or shouldn't heal someone at this time.


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