Chapter 2



There are many different forms of healing and I would like to state quite definitely that I believe that they all have merits. In western society we automatically think of western medicine, the National Health service etc. In many eastern countries this is not the case. Most westerners are brought up to believe that our medical services are superior to other methods. This is not true. Our medicine does have its uses but it is far from perfect and certainly nowhere near the best method of healing. It is a fairly new branch of healing compared to, for example, acupuncture which has been practised successfully for thousands of years. Western medicine is not always successful and often people will go to a spiritual healer only after being told by a series of doctors or consultants that they can do nothing for their condition. And then they usually expect an overnight cure.

The problem lies with life itself. Practitioners of western medicine just don't know what it is although they know that it is. Western medicine is reductionist in that it reduces every condition down to its simplest components (symptoms etc.) and attempts to remove the condition using counter measures such as drugs, radiation, surgery, amputation etc., but this reductionist approach still does not supply the answer to the question, "What is life?" You are life and life is you and without you your body would be just so much matter.

Very seldom does western medicine ask the question, "What basic need is this condition fulfilling for the patient?" You may ask why anyone should ask this question. Many spiritual healers would start with this question because the condition (effect) is a direct result of a strong need (cause) within the patient. The spiritual healer knows that unless the cause is removed then removing the effect will simply result in the patient exhibiting some other effect in the near future.

Rather than have a reductionist attitude toward treating patients, it is better to adopt a more holistic approach. By this I mean consider the whole patient and treat the patient as a whole. By all means make a diagnosis based upon symptoms etc., but treat the whole patient not just the symptoms. By the whole patient I mean mind, body and spirit.

In all forms of healing there is a requirement for the patient to make a transition from an unwell state of consciousness to a healthy state of consciousness. In other words there is, somewhere, a turning point from becoming more ill to becoming well. The sooner this point is reached the sooner will be the recovery. Therefore it is advantageous to be aware of an illness etc. as early as possible so that it can be treated. The treatment should switch on this turning point so that the patient stops becoming ill and starts to become well. Aura counselling can detect oncoming illnesses and conditions etc. long before physical symptoms appear. Therefore, treatment can be given at an extremely early stage and thus prevent the symptoms from appearing and spiritual healing can supply the energy to make the switch.

When people hear the word "healing" they usually think of "faith healing". This is a very useful branch of the healing arts but it is only one branch on a very large tree. Some people may have heard of spiritual healing and some may have heard of psychic or cosmic healing. Here is a simple method of   psychic or cosmic healing which always has an effect although it may not be physically manifested immediately. Be sure, however, that there has been an effect at the spiritual level and it will manifest itself on all levels including the physical in due course.

The energy that is used in cosmic healing is Love; the key element required for healing. This energy comes straight from God and is everywhere. True love is love without hooks. It is unconditional and is given freely without expecting anything in return. The Love of God is equal for every soul because every soul is part of God. It is the Love of God that we channel in healing. God is Love and so you could say that God is healing the patients. You are tapping this energy all the time to varying degrees. You actually tap the amount of energy that you can handle. A light bulb can handle a certain voltage of electricity, about 250 volts. If you were to put a million volts through it then it would explode. There is a similar ability in people. You can tap what you can handle. Too much would be bad for you, causing headaches, dizziness etc. If you were to have a thousand times what you can handle then your cells would explode. The more often you channel psychic energy (Love), as in healing, the progressively more you can handle until after years of practice you can handle so much energy that the same amount would have killed you when you first started healing. A tip for successful healing is to keep the word 'LOVE' in your mind while you are channelling energy. Divine Love can also be used as a complete protection against any attacks, real or imagined whether mental, physical or spiritual.

A form of healing which is becoming more popular is Reiki Healing.  I have found that this is the best form of healing for me. I found it so successful on me that I decided to learn how to do it myself. It can be used to heal yourself and others and can be used for distant healing.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a type of healing which utilises the energy which flows through the body. It treats the energy which flows through the body and does not treat diseases or illnesses. Pain is due to blocked energy and if you remove the energy block the pain is relieved.
Here is a very useful technique from polarity herapy. The purpose of the technique is to remove joint pain by removing the energy block in that area.

In polarity therapy it is important to remember that energy flows in through the fingers and toes of the left hand side of your body and out through the fingers and toes on the other side.

To anyone who is seriously thinking of becoming a healer (of any type) I would like to recommend that you learn about hypnotism. Hypnotism is a basic technique nowadays, even used by some dentists. It used to be shrouded in mystery but is now quite respectable. However, do not attempt hypnotism until you have learned about the pitfalls and how to avoid them. For example, how to bring the patient out of hypnosis without any adverse after effects. - Get professional training. The serious healer will find hypnotism useful in many ways, such as locating the cause of the trouble, relaxing patients, removing layers of fear to reach the initial cause, removing pain, habits, skin conditions as well as healing the mind of the patient.

WARNING - If you use hypnotism to remove the symptoms without first removing the cause then either the same symptoms will re-appear and be more difficult to remove or different symptoms will appear from the same causal factor(s).

An example may be useful here. If you have a patient who shakes when nervous and you remove the symptoms without removing the underlying nervousness then the nervousness may be exhibited by sweating, stammering, nail-biting etc. These are equally harmless outlets for the nervousness. However, the outlet may not always be so harmless. An example is blackouts or fainting due to the nervousness, which can be extremely dangerous in heavy traffic etc.

Here is a tip that everyone can use in their everyday life. Whenever you meet someone whom you consider is unhealthy, ill, injured etc., imagine them healthy, well, uninjured, completely whole etc. This way you will be seeing them as they really are. When you recognise an ailment of any kind in someone then you are supplying energy to that condition and thereby prolonging it. When you see beyond the physical to the reality you are refusing to give the condition energy and diverting the energy to the positive impression of wholeness in the person thereby promoting healing of the physical. The physical body has no power to be ill. All the power comes from the spirit and the physical body must be however the spirit dictates. So do not malpractice anyone by acknowledging their apparent physical ailments. Remember that what you see is but a perception of reality and not the truth. The truth is that she or he is completely whole.

At this point, my spiritual brother, I would like to remind you that any concepts you do not understand or agree with should not be discarded but placed on a mental shelf for the present. Later you will learn how to obtain experiences to clarify these concepts.

The healing properties of herbs have been known for thousands of years and recently there has been a revival in herbal remedies and an allied therapy, aroma therapy for the treatment of illnesses, diseases and medical conditions. Modern medical scientists, in particular pharmaceutical companies, have discovered that many plants are indeed excellent sources of many potent drugs of medical use. Some plants produce more than one active agent which can be extracted. Often the same plant can produce different commercially important compounds in different parts of the plant.

I will not list all of the various healing arts because there are so many. If, however, a practitioner of one method says to you that a condition is incurable, you should smile and walk away from the poor soul, because there are always ways. Anyone who thinks that their method is the only way or even the best way to heal is deluding themselves. There is no way that is always the best way for every condition or person. That is, for a particular condition there may be many ways of healing and different people will respond differently to these methods. In my opinion surgery should only be used as a last resort.

White Lighting

It is advantageous to live and work in a positive environment and this is possible by regular white lighting of your environment. White lighting creates a positive environment that keeps confused souls away because they are not attracted to positiveness. They are attracted to confusion and negativeness.

There are two methods of white lighting that I would recommend. They are identical except that one uses a lighted candle and the other uses a glass of clean water. They both fill the immediate environment with healing white light. -  White Lighting.  The candle is good for removing the negativeness of smoke in the atmosphere of the room and removes the negativeness of particles in the atmosphere. The water, being positively charged, neutralises any negative vibrations in the vicinity. This white lighting only lasts for a finite time and must be redone regularly to maintain a positive environment. The actual length of time that it lasts depends upon many factors, not least being the proficiency of the person doing the white lighting. The more aware the person is the longer they can make it last. When you become aware you will be able to tell when you are in a white lighted environment and when it needs to be redone.

The whole world is in need of Love and healing. Anyone who can look at the world today and not see this need is deluding themselves. There is a way that you can help in this. It is called  'White Lighting The World'. It is a relatively simple technique and can be done by one person alone or by groups of people together. This is a very powerful healing technique. It gains power with more people but you can do the technique on your own if you wish. The advantage of doing this in a group is mainly that the power is about a square of the number of people. That is 4 people will have the power of roughly 16 people and 10 people will have the power of about 100 people. These figures are not exact but only a very rough approximation.
If you ever travel then you may be able to make use of the technique of  'white lighting your journey'. This is a very simple technique to learn which does not require the water or the candle and can be used to have a safe journey wherever you are going and no matter the form of transport. This is an example of using spiritual techniques in your every day life to improve your quality of living.

Every soul has a need to be a healer and healing gives you an outflow for your psychic abilities. You need an outflow if you wish to advance because without an outflow the inflow will cease. Imagine a water tank filling with water. When it is full no new water can get in. If there is an outflow at the bottom of the tank, perhaps a tap, then as water flows out so more water is allowed to flow into the tank at the top. It is the same with souls in that unless they have an outlet for their accumulated spiritual knowledge, expertise etc. then they will stagnate and halt in their advancement.

There are many ways that you can allow yourself an outflow. Writing this book is one of my outflows, teaching is another outflow but healing is the best possible outflow as it also allows you to expand your capacity. This is like obtaining a slightly larger water tank every time you heal.

When you participate in spiritual healing you must always remember that it is not you that is doing the healing, it is God. The healing energy, Love, comes from God and you are only acting as a channel for this energy. So do not accept thanks or credit for the healing. Always tell the people to give the thanks and credit for the healing to God. This does not mean that you should not be paid for your time. You must learn to value your time and put a monetary value upon it. In other words so much per hour. If a healing lasts for 15 minutes then the person should pay you 25% of the hourly rate. This is very important because in this world you will find that "Everything Balances Eventually". This is another Cosmic law. Nothing is ever free as you always have to pay the price for it. Even the air we breathe is not free as we must expend energy to draw it into our lungs. If someone does not pay the price then they are spiritually beholden to you until the debt is paid. You may say, "What if the person cannot afford the price?" The answer to this is simple. Make a deal with them which is mutually acceptable where both are satisfied. Either pay in instalments, at a later date or pay in some other way. Here, an example may be useful. I helped a friend with his spirituality and in return he helped me with mine. I helped him to find some answers that he was looking for and he helped me by supplying a trigger word for me. If the person is a plumber, for example, you may agree that when a tap needs repaired he will do the job as payment. Whatever deal you make is up to you but do not think that you are doing anyone any favours by not charging for your time. You are, in fact, doing them a great disservice as they will then be in debt to you until the price is paid and it could take lifetimes.

Because the energy is passing through you, every time you act as a channel for a healing, you get a healing yourself. That is, as the energy passes through you it is attracted to any part of you that requires to be healed.

You may think that you would have to have a medical illness before you can benefit from healing. This is not the case with cosmic healing. It can be used as a preventative measure. Regular healing sessions from a cosmic healer are invigorating, help to keep illness away and you feel wonderful. I specialise in spiritual therapy and this is used to help people with their life and I instruct them how to deal positively with any problems they have. Most people dislike when problems crop up in their life but I help them to look on a problem as an adventure from which they can gain priceless experience and knowledge and from which they can obtain a gift.

One of the main causes of problems in people's lives is fear and all fears are related to the fear of death. If you can help someone overcome their fears then you have helped to heal them. At one time I thought I had no fears. Through spiritual therapy I have discovered that I did have fears. These fears were shaping my behaviour in that they dictated how I would react under certain conditions. Once you can see how your fears are affecting you it is possible to face the fear and prevent it from affecting your behaviour. You can then start to do what you really want to do in the way that you want to do it and when and where you want to do it. This gives you much more freedom and you start to be happier with your life.

Another main cause of problems is a wrong concept. This causes recurring problems in that the concept held dictates how events will unfold in your life. These concepts are usually accepted by you in your early childhood and if this is the case then they will be very deep rooted. For example, if you are very happy in your early childhood and then something traumatic happens to ruin you happiness for a long time, then the concept you adopt may be that 'whenever you are happy something will come along to spoil it and make you very unhappy'. This is an extremely common misconception. This conception is totally unnecessary and, in fact, you can be happy all of the time if you wish. With help from a spiritual therapist you can discard this concept and replace it with one which is more positive. This definitely results in a much happier, more productive and less traumatic life. If you don't get rid of this concept then you will find that when you are happy you are waiting for something to come along and spoil your happiness. Then when something does spoil your happiness the cycle is complete and you can then be happy again but the same thing happens again. This recurring problem can be halted by replacing the concept with a better one. All it takes is the willingness to change and some work on your part with the help of a spiritual therapist.

You may wonder how you can heal others. There are many ways that you can heal others in your everyday life. Part of my work was teaching people how to use computers and many people have a fear of computers. This is usually because they are afraid that they will press the wrong button and cause irreparable damage to this expensive machine. In teaching people how to use computers I helped to remove this fear. The removal of fear is a form of healing. I was paid to teach people how to use computers so I was being paid to heal them of their fear.

The first thing to do is have a willingness to heal and the opportunity will arise. Many years ago I met a girl and we started to see each other regularly. I felt very strongly for her because I am a very emotional person. She, however, continually maintained that she liked me but did not love me and in fact often stated that she had never loved anyone and that she considered herself incapable of love. After a couple of months I knew that our relationship was going nowhere and that I must end it. I had never ended a relationship before but I knew that I must this time even though I still loved her. The night I told her that our relationship was over she took it reasonably calmly and I left knowing I had done the right thing but feeling very sad. The next day she met me and asked if we could restart our relationship. I told her that there was no point. Then she said, "But I love you." It was the first time she had ever said these words to me and as she cried I almost cried. I knew then that our relationship had not been a waste of time but that from it she had, at last, realised that she was capable of love. In other words she was healed and would not have to continue her life with the impression that she was incapable of love.  I wrote a song to remind me of her.

So the first step has to be a willingness to heal or to be a channel for healing energy. The second step is to recognise situations where healing is required. The third step is to follow your inner guidance on how and when to proceed with the healing. Once you are sincerely willing to take the first step, situations will arise in your life where you can help others. You will subconsciously recognise these opportunities but you may consciously decide, for one reason or another, not to become involved because you always have free will. This happened to me once so I know that it is the case. It was a Christmas party and I was gazing round the room when my eyes fell on one individual. I knew immediately that this was someone that I should help. However, for personal reasons I rejected the opportunity. Eighteen months later I did help that person and learned that if I had offered my help at the first opportunity I would have saved this new friend 18 months of fear, anxiety and loneliness. I did, however, learn from the mistake and now I try to be there as soon as I recognise that I am required.

There is one type of healing which is very personal and that is 'praying for a healing'. You can pray for yourself or for someone else. The power of prayer is the same energy (Love) that is used in other psychic techniques. The results obtained are as varied as the people who do the praying. The more people who sincerely pray for the same healing the more energy is involved. Faith is very important in this type of healing. It only takes one person with absolute (100%) faith in the cure to obtain instant success. These instant cures are few and far between but they have been well documented over the centuries. Miracles did not start with Jesus of Nazareth and did not stop with his disappearance. The power He used has always existed and will always exist and many people since His day have learned how to use it. He did not die and He is willing to help in all healing when any two or more people meet together and request his assistance with a healing. He is a powerful master soul and His assistance can make all the difference. You may wonder why 'HE' should help 'YOU' when you ask. It is his pleasure to help all his spiritual brothers because He loves us all. From reading this you could be forgiven for thinking that I am a Christian. I am not a Christian or any other recognised religion. I am simply a person who tries to lead the best life I can and I have my own beliefs which are very personal to me.

When someone is possessed by one or more Earth-bound soul they are in need of a special type of healing. The longer the person has been possessed the stronger is the attachment and the more difficult is the task of the healer. However, complete removal of all souls is possible. Usually a team of healers, trained in the special techniques involved for this type of healing, is required. If there is more than one confused soul attached to the person then the dominant soul is addressed first and removed. The other souls have been subservient to this main soul and they can then be removed either in batches or singly. This is not something to attempt without the full training as there are special techniques required which have to be perfectly executed.

Another problem is that the person may resist due to the influence of the souls present. When a soul attaches to your energy it does so because it can use your body for its purposes and when faced with removal it may try all sorts of ploys to foil the healers. The person may be so used to the soul's presence that they think it is an aspect of themselves, like a split personality. Another soul is not attached to your energy for your good. It only caters to you so that you will tolerate it. Eventually you will only ask it the things that it wants you to ask because you will be so used to it being in control and you will be catering to it.

The presence of one Earth-bound soul attached to your energy is bad enough because it adversely affects your life. Earth-bound souls are confused and negative and other confused and negative souls are then attracted to you. You can have hundreds of them with you if you allow it to continue long enough. This is enough to drive most people mad and of course there are many people in mental institutions who are afflicted in this way.


Forgiveness is very powerful in healing. Lack of forgiveness causes problems and forgiveness can be used to remove illnesses from yourself. If you have any negative feelings within yourself then you have a need to use forgiveness. Here is a list of negative thoughts and feelings which you should avoid harbouring as they can cause illnesses and disease.

Anger, anxiety, bitterness, condemnation, criticism, doubt, envy, evil thoughts, fear, grief, guilt, hate, jealousy, lust, resentment, self abuse, stress, taking human life, wanting revenge, wishing someone dead, absence of love.

You can ask for forgiveness for yourself as well as forgiving others. Forgiveness works in healing by removing negative feelings. Harbouring negative feelings makes you ill and the longer you harbour them the worse is the illness. If you can forgive yourself and others then you will be healed. Forgiveness is a heavenly tool but it does not exist in heaven because it is not required there. God does not recognise your guilt and therefore does not need to forgive you. To God you are sinless and perfect as He created you. He knows everything you have done, are doing and will do in all your lifetimes. He knows that all of these things are but stepping stones on your path of enlightenment. He does not condemn you when you do something which your society considers wrong or a crime because He knows that eventually you will attain an exalted position with Him and that these experiences are important steps upon the way. Although God does not require forgiveness it can still be used by us as a tool to perform miracles.

Once you have used forgiveness to its fullest, and have forgiven all for whom and for which you held negative feelings, you will no longer have a need for forgiveness. Until then it is an invaluable tool. Miracles are impossible without forgiveness as it is an essential ingredient. You may wonder why there is no forgiveness in heaven. This is because there is no need for miracles there.

There are many different healing arts and they all have merits. An holistic approach to healing is to be preferred to a reductionist approach. No matter what the illness there is a cure somewhere. Death is not a failure in healing but merely a transition from this plane to another. Love is the power used in cosmic healing and comes straight from God. Although God does not need to forgive anyone, forgiveness can still be used by us as a powerful tool in healing. Without forgiveness there can be no miracles. Faith and praying for a healing should not be forgotten as they were used by the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth to heal many thousands of people. Everyone can heal themselves and others and every soul has the need to heal and be involved in healing. No matter what your profession you can interpret it in a way that allows you to heal others, perhaps just making their lives easier.


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