1. One person sits in a chair with his eyes closed and his hands on his knees, and four others stand around him at a knee or an armpit.
  2. They place their hands, alternately above the head of the person in the chair. (All the right hands and then all the left hands).
  3. The four standing persons count aloud to ten, and on each count they move their hands up and down above the seated person's head as if they are trying to push air onto the top of the head, at ten :-

    a) All five inhale and hold their breath
    b) The persons standing each position two index fingers under a knee or an armpit.
    (Steps A, and B are done in about one second.)
    c) Then they lift the person high off the chair, set him down and exhale
  4. You can have trial runs to get into the lifting position quickly.
  5. If the person is not lifted easily, do it again.
  6. A variation of this technique is to have the person seated in the chair think he is light or heavy.
This technique provides a healing and it gives you a feeling of harnessing and directing that strength you have felt within. The energy that you are using is the same energy used in prayer, healing, meditation and deep relaxation. You are just learning how to put it into action.

The levitation technique has been used to lift a car out of a ditch on a small road in Australia by a friend of mine and three of her friends.


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