Chapter 1


The Power To Be

So you didn't know you were psychic

I start off this chapter with this statement. - "Everyone is psychic". It is known as E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perception), sixth sense etc. What you prefer to call it, no matter what it is, I agree is the best name for you to use. We are all telepathic, we can all foretell the future and there are many psychic techniques that we can all do. We can all do these things to some degree. To do them very well all you have to do is believe that you can do them very well.

When I was very young I can remember being afraid of the dark. I would pull back the covers of my bed, stand at the bedroom door, switch off the light and run to bed. I would jump quickly into bed, pull the covers over my head and hide under the covers from whatever there was in the darkness of the room. I did not just think there was something there; I knew there was something there. As a child I could sense that there were things out there in the dark and my parents would not acknowledge their existence. As my parents said that there was nothing there I had to take their word for it and I persuaded myself that it was all just in my imagination. As you will learn later imagination is very powerful. This fear of the dark or rather what was in the dark transformed itself into a fear of the unknown. How I overcame this fear was to try to find out as much as possible about the unknown because when you know about something it is suddenly no longer unknown and the fear vanishes. At one time I was afraid of what are commonly called ghosts. Now I know them as souls, often Earth-bound and confused and I try to help them now because they are all my spiritual brothers as you are. The reason I am no longer afraid of them is because I have been working with them so much now that being frightened of them would be like being frightened of someone you meet in a shop. If one was to jump out on me suddenly with the intention of giving me a fright then I suppose I would jump but if you did this to me I would also get a fright.

My mother was also aware that there was more to this world than the physical. I can remember her sitting with me in front of the coal fire and asking me if I could see pictures in the fire. She would always try to point out the pictures that she could see but I would always see different pictures. The pictures that I saw would never interest her but she would pretend to see them to please me. I always thought that she was disappointed that I could not see the same pictures that she could see. She would go to great lengths to try to point out where her pictures lay. What she didn't realise was that we all see our own pictures in the fire and that these are important to us.

If you ever lay on your back on a summers day with friends and watched the cloud formations in the sky then you may be aware that the shapes that you see in the clouds needn't necessarily be the same shapes seen by someone lying beside you. The shape you see may be a dog but the person next to you may see a ship in the same cloud formation. What you see tells you more about yourself than it tells you about the clouds.

I could also see faces in wallpaper. Often these faces were grotesque or in pain but on rare occasions they were happy smiling faces. These faces would frighten me and I would try not to look at them but my eyes were often drawn to them. I still do not know why I saw so many faces in obvious pain. Perhaps it is something that I have brought with me from a previous life.

During my youth I received many premonitions. This was most prevalent around the age 14. Sometimes these premonitions would just flash into my mind unbidden and other times I received them in answer to my conscious need for an answer, reassurance etc. One example of when a premonition flashed into my head unbidden was during the practice for the school sports. I was dressed in shorts, t-shirt and sand shoes. I was standing at the edge of the playing field just outside the white perimeter line in a row of about 50 other people. While watching a girl prepare to throw a discus I received an impression of the discus sliding out of the side of the girl's hand and instead of flying straight down the field I saw it head straight for my left shin. I thought, "I had better move. That discus is going to hit me." then I thought, "Don't be daft. Why should it hit me? There are 50 other people it could hit. I could stand behind this girl just in case." I did not move. Then the girl threw the discus and I watched it until it hit my leg. I couldn't move.

I was lying in bed one night while I was 14 and I was feeling very emotional. I wondered to my self if I would ever get married and I heard this voice in my head tell me that indeed I would get married and that my wife's maiden name would be Irene Jappy. I thought to myself that Jappy was a funny name and I heard a voice say "it is like happy with a 'J'." This was not the first time I had experienced this clairaudience (clear hearing) and up to that point I had good reason to believe it. The next day and for about a month or so I would ask everyone I met, including all my school friends if they knew of a girl called Irene Jappy. "It is like happy with a 'J'," I would say. No-one knew her or anyone else with that surname so I eventually stopped looking and put it down to experience. In fact I forgot all about it until one day someone asked my wife what her maiden name was. She told them and they said, "That's a funny name" and she replied that it is like happy with a 'J'. The chills that ran up and down my spine were incredible. I suddenly remembered asking all these people if they knew anyone called Jappy, happy with a 'J'. The reason none of my friends were likely to know her was that at that time she was living in the north of Scotland on a croft and while I was 14 she was 19. None of my friends would have known her even if she lived close by.

I have had many other premonitions of various kinds which are now far too many to number. Some have already happened and others are still to happen. It has advantages and disadvantages knowing what the future holds. Sometimes it is best to enjoy life's little surprises. Other times it is best to know what is coming so that you can make plans accordingly. If you would like to try to receive premonitions then follow this procedure.

  1. Sit or lie down comfortably and relax.
  2. Think of the question that you want answered.
  3. Ask the question with emotion and expect an answer.
  4. Clear your mind of every thought of your own and await an answer.
  5. If a thought of your own comes into your mind before an answer then go back and do (3) and (4) again.
NOTE - The emotion and the feeling that the answer is important to you is crucial in this technique. Being 100% certain that you will get an answer is also an advantage. This is easier once you have been successful at least once already.

When I was having all these premonitions I had a friend called Gordon. I did not tell him everything because at that age I was very sensitive to what others thought of me and I did not want to be thought a crank. However, there was one time when I tested him to see if he felt any of the spiritual things that I was experiencing. I asked him if he ever felt separate from his body. As if he was inside this body, looking out but that he was not this body. The look he gave me told me more than any words he could have said and I did not broach the subject with him again.

I would be wrong to fill this chapter with lists of procedures on how to do psychic techniques but many spiritual organisations will teach you psychic techniques for a price. I have found the Inner Peace Movement (I.P.M.) to be fairly reasonable. It is a branch of the Americana Leadership College (ALC). At the time of writing £24.00 (£2.00 per week) for a twelve week introductory course of group work where you will learn at least 20 psychic techniques.

Now that I have advertised the Inner Peace Movement I feel I can describe one of the techniques that you would learn on the introductory course -   Thought Transference

There are many well documented cases of telepathic links between identical twins. There are also known to be strong telepathic links between married couples, especially ones who have been together for a long time. My father would not describe himself as a spiritual person, in fact, he admits to being frightened by the subject. However, many years ago, while at work, someone asked, "How are you?". He replied that he was fine and the person then asked, "And how is your wife?" At this question he was suddenly covered in chills and knew within himself that something was wrong with his wife. He said, "I don't know but I'm going home to find out." He returned home as quickly as possible and found that my mother was desperately ill. He called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital. She recovered in hospital but if my father had not left work there and then, in the middle of the morning, and arrived home when he did she would not have survived. It is an incident which he does not understand and does not like to recall because it proves to him that there is a spiritual life as well as a physical and he has so far not been able to come to terms with that.

Here is a technique that I learned at school from class mates. Many people have told me that they too learned it in childhood as a game or in adolescence as an unexplainable phenomenon. Many spiritual organisations use it and teach it. I do not know where it originated but it appears to have been known for many years. In this example have the person to be lifted seated in a hard-backed chair. It can also be adapted to someone lying on a bench. Before trying this technique attempt to lift the person without the technique. -


I am now going to describe a technique which you can use to earn money at fairs etc. It is used by most spiritual organisations possibly because it is very easy to do and the results can be astounding. The more you practice this the better you will become. -   Psychometry

I said earlier that everyone is telepathic. However, it is usually feelings that you pick up. You unconsciously know what they mean but often you don't trust your feelings.

Please learn this important lesson - TRUST YOUR FEELINGS.

Have you ever walked into a room and sensed the atmosphere in the room. I once went to visit friends and on arrival I walked into the living room. I immediately felt that all was not well in the room, I could sense the tension. I then took note of the people who were in the room and they were all very spiritual people so I thought that I must be mistaken. I found out 30 minutes later that my first impression had been correct. One couple were saying nothing in order to avoid influencing either of the other couple who had just had a major row prior to my arrival.

Here is an example of how you are telepathic. Imagine you are in a supermarket and suddenly a thought comes to mind that you must buy sugar. Your first response is, "No! I'm sure I have 2 packets at home", but you buy sugar anyway. On arriving home you find that you already have 2 packets of sugar and did not require the extra sugar that you bought. What possibly happened was that someone else in the supermarket was so determined not to forget sugar that they were repeating it over and over in their head so powerfully that you picked up the urgency and the thought. Your feelings, had you listened to them, told you that you did not require sugar, in fact you had 2 packets at home. You, as usual, did not trust your feelings so you bought more sugar.

This shows the importance of knowing what is you and what you are picking up from the environment. The last example was a fairly harmless situation. If, however, we change the scenario to that of a crowd of people who are having a peaceful demonstration and you are proud to be one them, standing up for your rights as a ............. whatever. Somewhere along the line the crowd becomes a mob and there are increasing numbers of calls for someone to be "strung up". You are now in a lynch mob. Everyone around you is shouting that 'so and so' should be lynched for what seem to you to be good reasons. Now you are shouting that this person should be lynched. The questions is, 'do you really want this person to be swinging by the neck in a noose?' or have you been influenced by the feelings of the mob surrounding you? If you know how to tell what are your feelings and what are not then you will always be aware of how you feel and how others around you feel. You may pick up feelings from people who no longer have physical bodies but I'll leave that to a later chapter.

Earlier I mentioned the Inner Peace Movement. It was founded by the late Dr. Francisco Coll in 1964 as a non-profit making movement of community based groups. Dr. Coll believed that if you gave a hungry man a fish today he would only be hungry again tomorrow but if you taught him how to fish then he would be free to use his own resources and need never go hungry. Spiritually, what this means, is that if someone is "searching" and you give that person the answers to their questions then they will feel that they have to ask you for the answers to their questions in the future. However, if you teach that person how to get their own answers then they are free to find their own answers whenever they want and they can teach others how to get their own answers. This is what the Inner Peace Movement hopes to do in the introductory group work course. I have been through this course and am trained to teach the techniques and run group meetings. I found the course very rewarding. It has changed my whole life and my whole way of looking at the world.

The Inner Peace Movement teaches that everyone has four spiritual gifts which are prophesy, vision, intuition and feeling. From birth we have had a gift order and a major gift. My gift order is, vision, intuition, prophesy and feeling. My main gift is vision. In other words I am most naturally a visionary or clairvoyant. I can be any of these that I want simply by using that gift more than the others but it is easier and most natural for a person to use their major gift. There is an exception to this. When a person has prophesy as their main gift then the next gift in the order is doubled. This means that they can most easily be whatever the second one is. They are, however, always prophetic.

Prophetics (colour - purple) know things without being told. They receive thoughts as a knowing. They can often be heard say, "I know" or "you know?"

Visionaries (colour - yellow) see things and sometimes have a photographic memory. You may here them say, "I see" or "do you see ......?"

Intuitives (colour - red) understand things and they may say "I understand" or "do you understand?"

Feelers (colour - blue) are very sensitive to feelings. They tend to choose things by the way they feel. They like to squeeze fruit and vegetables before they buy.

As I said earlier, we all have all four of these gifts and I will now describe to you how you can discover that you have all of these gifts.

If you have ever known that something was going to happen before it did or knew who was on the phone before answering it or had any such before knowledge situation then this is an example of your gift of prophesy. Everyone has these experiences every day but they don't always reach the level of the conscious mind.

I need your co-operation to demonstrate your gift of vision. Sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and relax. Take long deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth and continue to breath this way. Now imagine your favourite scene, landscape, place to be. Ideally a place that has happy memories for you. The degree to which you can picture this scene in your mind is the degree to which you have developed your visionary gift. To develop your gift of vision try gazing at any part of this page and see what comes to mind.

While you are still seated or lying down and relaxed imagine your most favourite piece of music. Listen to it in your mind and enjoy it. It is your gift of intuition (sometimes called clairaudience) which allows you to hear music when no record player or radio is on.

The gift of feeling is easier to demonstrate. Go into your wardrobe. Find an old jacket or coat, close your eyes and feel the article of clothing and then do the same with a new article of clothing. The different feelings that you pick up are more to do with you than with the clothing. The gift of feeling is also referred to as the gift of healing. I will deal with healing in a later chapter but all I will say now is that as everyone has this gift then everyone can do spiritual healing.

When you learn the characteristics associated with different spiritual gifts you will find that you begin to understand people better and why they behave the way they do and react the way they do. Here is a tip when dealing with a visionary. If you want them to pay attention to you make sure they look you in the eye. Do not ever discard anything belonging to an intuitive or you will never hear the end of it. Feelers are often quiet people but they like to touch you when talking to you. They can be very easily upset by other peoples moods. Prophetics like food, sleep and sex, not necessarily in that order. They also know things without being told and expect everyone else to know what they are going to do so they often just go off without a word to anyone to do whatever they have decided to do.

Your World Speaks To You

The world that you see is not the real world but it is, however, YOUR relative world and everything that you do see is telling you something about yourself. This is the theory behind omens, oracles, superstitions etc. Most people have heard the rhyme:-

One for sorrow, two for joy,
Three for a girl and four for a boy.
Five for silver, six for gold,
Seven for a story never to be told,
eight for a wish, nine for a kiss,
ten for a time of joyous bliss.

This usually refers to the chance sighting of magpies but sometimes it is rooks, crows or blackbirds. The idea is that if you are thinking about something and you immediately see a number of these birds you can associate the number with the thought and therefore gain insight to future events. For example, if I was wondering if I would meet a certain friend that day and immediately two magpies flew passed me I could conclude that I would meet that friend. If I saw only one bird I could accept that I would not meet the friend. This is a form of magic and only works to the degree to which you believe in it.

Superstitions are also based on this type of magic and depend upon your belief. For example it is widely believed that if a black cat crosses your path from right to left then your luck is about to change for the worse. If a black cat crosses your path from left to right then the opposite will be the case, your luck is about to change for the better. This is a typical superstition and actually works to the degree to which you believe in it. The cat is not actually changing your luck. Your luck is going to change and the cat is only telling you in advance. An extreme example of this type of magic is voodoo but I do not intend to go into this one except to say that it relies a great deal upon belief.

Everything you see in your world is a mirror to your life. It is your world and it is exactly as you made it. It has no power in itself to change but you created it and if you don't like it the way it is, you can change it. You recognise, in the world around you, aspects of yourself. As you change, so the world you perceive changes.

There are many ways to foretell the future and you could spend a lot of money going from one fortune teller to another. Why bother, you can do it yourself. Whether you use psychometry, cards, tea leaves, aura reading or a crystal ball it doesn't matter. Any of these or any of a number of other methods are equally good. Physical objects such as tea leaves are props. They act as a focus and help the reader to discern the future but they don't do the work. A crystal ball may be expensive but it is no better than a glass of water which can be used in the same way.

When looking at the pattern at the bottom of a tea cup it is important not to be unduly influenced by what you physically see. It is more important to relate the feelings associated with what you see. You do not use your physical senses, you use your spiritual gifts. The physical senses are for monitoring the physical world and your spiritual gifts are for monitoring the spiritual world. You can monitor both the physical world and the spiritual world because your are living in these two worlds at the same time.


This is something which is more commonly practised than you would think. It is basically looking for answers to questions. Most people would think of looking for water with a twig. This too is divining and the question is "Is there water here?" The twig twitches when the answer is, "Yes". Almost everyone, at some time, has been wondering about something, opened a book and found an answer to their question. This is an accidental incident but it can be ritualised, which helps to concentrate the mind upon the question and only the question at the correct moment. An example which has been used for hundreds of years is to hold a Bible in your right hand and a key in your left hand while you concentrate only on the question. Push the key into the Bible and open at that place. Wherever your eyes fall on either page is your answer. You must interpret the passage you read with the question in mind. The key you use does not have to be silver but that is what was recommended for use many years ago.

The above example used the Bible but any book or magazine or newspaper would do. However, you will probably find that spiritual books are much better for answers to spiritual questions than other books. I would even suggest that a printed version of this book could be used for divination.

Divination can be used to ask all manner of questions. Most often people want to know about the future but you can check up on things from the past or find out what is happening now but far away.

There is a method you can use involving a pendulum to get answers of a yes or no variety. You can also use it in all cases where there is a definite either/or, for example male or female, dead or alive. The reason is that a pendulum will move in various ways. You establish which is your 'YES' and which is your 'NO' and you can then go on to ask questions. An example may be that a clockwise spin is 'YES' and an anti-clockwise spin is 'NO' or vice-versa. Then ask the questions and hold the pendulum suspended. The answer is inside you and the pendulum is a tool which you can use to give the answer a physical expression.

All divination is dependent upon the level of awareness of the diviner. So the more aware you are the better you will be at divination. To increase your awareness all you have to do is learn about yourself and grow spiritually.

Practical Spirituality

At the time of first writing this book, October 1990, I was 38 years old. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday the 13th January 1952 at 1.30am. When I was 21 years old I was thought to be about 27 years old because that is the impression that people had of me at that time. By the time I was 30 years old I felt much older and I decided that I did not want to get older. I wanted to become younger so that is what I did. At the time of writing this book you would probably have placed my age in the mid twenties and that is how old I felt. Now my secret is out and I don't mind because it is all relative and therefore not real. I am as God created me. I always have been and I always will be. I intended to stay young and healthy but I decided to add "wealthy and wise". I have changed my appearance so many times that my photographs of myself look like a collection of photographs of different people. There are positive and negative aspects to staying young. Here is a  song that I wrote which illustrates some of the aspects.

I use the example of my youthful appearance to illustrate that anything is possible. In fact you have no limitations except the ones which you give yourself. The problem is that you give yourself so many needless limitations that are piled one upon another that it takes a determined effort to remove each layer of limitations from yourself. If you decide to make this effort then you will start to discover a new you. You will discover that you are not what you thought you were, but in fact you are much, much more. There is more to you and about you than you can possibly imagine though you are still searching.

Here are some examples :-

  • You are not a body, you are an eternal soul composed of energy.
  • The body which you possess is only one of many which you have had and most likely you will have others.
  • You are the sum total of every thought, feeling and experience that you have ever had in all your lifetimes.
  • The thoughts which you have today make you what you will be tomorrow - you are constantly changing. These thoughts are very powerful. There is no such thing as an idle thought, they all have form on at least one level.
  • You are therefore unique and should be proud of what you have accomplished for yourself so far.
  • In your world you can do anything you want to do. When you start to get rid of your limitations and you see them go, you begin to realise how powerful you have the potential to be.

For spirituality to be practical you have to be able to use it in your everyday life to your advantage. Knowing what are your feelings and what you are picking up from the environment can be important, as explained earlier. The technique of thought transference is specially designed to develop this discernment. People who lead spiritual lives tend to be termed "AWARE"; that is they use the discernment mentioned above.

Many people do not want to become old and I was one of them. You hear phrases like, 'to grow old gracefully', as if that can replace your youth. It is not even a close second best. I was living proof that you don't need to look and feel older as time goes by. You can stay as you are or even get younger as I did. If you follow my suggestions in this book you can become a powerful spiritual person in a relatively short time. Once you have done that you will realise that you can do whatever you want. If anyone would rather, I will teach them personally how to do it but don't think it is all easy. You do have to be willing to work at it. I succeeded and I know that I am not the only one. However, you have to live with the consequences. If you do not age at the same rate as your friends then you start to lose their friendship. You may find that you no longer relate to the same things as they do. The constant making and losing friends in this manner can be annoying or upsetting. Also, there are lessons to be learned with age and therefore it is important to learn them. However, this does not mean that you have to become infirm with age unless you choose to. The choice is yours. I made my choice when I was 30. By the time I was 40 I was wanting some stability in my life. I have found that stability by being as relaxed as possible. I even managed to put on some weight for the first time in my life.

If there is any attribute about yourself that you are not satisfied with, don't worry, it can be changed like I changed my hair colour and the features of my face. One requirement is essential and that is that you are 100% positive that you want the change. Too many people do not know what they want.

There are "tools" that you can use to increase your awareness. I know many of these and will describe a very useful one here. First let me explain the theory behind this tool. The more aware you are the less limitations you have and vice-versa. When you learn about yourself, or relearn about yourself you remove layers of limitation and become more aware. There are many things about yourself that you have hidden so deeply inside yourself that you have consciously forgotten them or at least hidden them completely from your conscious mind. These attributes of yourself are still there, however, and won't just go away. They represent experiences which you have had and from which you have had something to learn but which you would not accept about yourself and so you denied them their existence and buried them within yourself. They will remain there until you bring them back to consciousness and acknowledge them for what they are and learn the lesson that they were there to teach.

You may ask how to reach these hidden experiences and what to do with them when you have brought them to consciousness. There are various techniques for recovering these experiences which usually involve meditation, hypnotism or at least some form of trance state. That is fine if you can meditate, hypnotise yourself or have access to a hypnotist who will help you with your spiritual life, or if you can enter a trance state. If, however, like the majority of people in the world, you do not have any of these advantages then this  simple technique will be useful to you and you should find it easy to use.

So now you know how to become more 'AWARE' and in the process of becoming more aware you will remove layers of limitation from yourself. You will be learning about yourself and growing spiritually. You will feel good about this because that is why you are here.

With increased awareness and reduced limitation comes the ability to use your psychic powers in your everyday life. What you think about, you are supplying energy to, and you will soon realise that the more you want something the sooner you obtain it. Unfortunately, you will also realise that the more you worry about something the more likely it is that you will attract that situation by giving it energy. The lesson to learn is not to worry about some negative situation but to will the opposite, more positive situation to happen. An example may be not to worry that someone will have an accident in their car but to think positively and wish them a safe journey. See them, in your mind's eye, arriving safely at their destination.

Positive thinking is a powerful way of achieving what you want. If you think positively you will be a positive person. This involves looking for the positive aspects in every situation and remember these two proverbs. "Every cloud has a silver lining" and "It is an ill wind that blows no-one any good." There are always positive and negative aspects to every situation and often it depends upon your outlook whether an aspect is good or bad. "One man's meat is another man's poison." In other words it is always possible to find positive aspects in any situation even if other people would consider these same aspects to be negative.

By staying positive as much as possible you will attract positiveness to yourself and the more positive you are the more powerful you become. It is only when doubt or fear or some other negative influence creeps in that your power will be diminished.

You can obtain anything you want to obtain if you are sure it is what you want. If this is the case you make it a goal and put your energy towards it. If two or more people work towards the same goal then the results are usually obtained quicker.

When Annmarie first came to Glasgow she had no employment. She is trained as a receptionist and wanted to work in the Western Infirmary, which is just across the road from where I live. Upon inquiring about the possibility of a job she was told that there were two places vacant but that it would probably be months before the positions were allowed to be filled. Her name, address and telephone number were taken and she continued to look elsewhere for employment.

One Thursday night we both put our energy behind Annmarie being called soon for an interview. The next day she was asked to come for an interview on the Monday. That weekend we put our energy behind Annmarie having a successful interview. When she returned she said that it was the best interview she had ever had and that everything went perfectly. I asked when she would know whether or not she had the job and she said that they would phone her at the end of the week. On Tuesday night we put our energy behind Annmarie getting the job that she wanted although she would have accepted either of the positions if offered. On Wednesday evening the phone rang and she was offered the job that she wanted.

Your Aura

Everyone has an aura and one of the techniques I teach is "how to see auras". For many years I tried in vain to see auras and then I learned how to do it. It is such a simple technique that I can teach it in a couple of minutes. Your aura is like a glow around you and is composed of different colours in different areas of your body. The different colours have different meanings and can be interpreted by a counsellor who has trained in aura reading. I know quite a few of these counsellors and enjoy having my aura read. You can learn a lot about your future from what is in your aura and it is possible to detect oncoming illnesses long before the onset of physical symptoms. I have experienced just how accurate these predictions can be.

When you are relaxed and positive and thinking happy thoughts your aura is extended and strong. When you are tense, negative or thinking unhappy thoughts your aura is thin, tight to your body and weak. Your aura can protect you from negative or confused influences in your environment. When you smoke or take drugs your aura is weakened and you become much more susceptible to attack. Remember though that no one can hurt you that you haven't allowed to hurt you. You have to be the one to accept hurt from someone because if you reject the hurt it can not touch you.

Searching for the meaning of life

Douglas Adams would have had us believe that the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything was "42". This is not accurate and in fact it is nothing like the truth. I will relate some Cosmic Truths to you. These have always been true and will always be true. Some of them you may not understand at present but you will eventually. Some of the concepts you will not agree with or you will think are untrue. I do not ask you to believe anything that you do not wish to believe. But, an open mind on the subject is advisable if you wish to advance. Any concepts which you have trouble with, I suggest you do not discard but instead put them on a mental shelf and eventually you will have experiences for each which will clarify them for you.

"What am I?"

Earlier I mentioned that you are not a physical body with a soul but you are an eternal soul who has a body. You are energy and energy can be neither created nor destroyed, therefore you will always be and you have always been. If you were to measure your energy you would find that it is roughly equivalent to 4 watts of power.

"Where did I come from?"

You came to Earth from the Universe which is infinite. The human conscious mind cannot comprehend infinity but if you just accept that it is so big that there can only be it and nothing else then you are doing better than most people. There certainly cannot be two infinities. Therefore, as religion tells us that God is infinite then God must be the Universe and the Universe must be God. So if you are religious then you can think of yourself as coming from God, and if you are not religious then you can consider yourself as coming from the Universe. You certainly did not spring up from nowhere.

"Why did I come here?"

There are many planets upon which you could have been born and they all have one thing in common. That is, you go to them to learn something. The advantages of this planet are that you can learn many things about yourself in one lifetime and you can have many lifetimes on Earth and souls of various levels of advancement can mix here freely and learn from one another. On some planets you can only have one lifetime. When you learn about yourself you grow spiritually and that is why you are here - to learn about yourself and grow spiritually.

"Where do I go when I die?"

When you pass on from this life a variety of things can happen. Your body will no longer be holding you on Earth so you can just let yourself drift out into the Universe. However, when someone who thinks Earthly things are still important passes on, they stay around. They do not go back to the Universe or God because they don't want to - they are termed Earth-bound souls. Some souls are afraid to go back to God because they have been taught that they should feel guilty and that they will be punished. They have been mis-informed. There is only one Universe, one God, and that God is love. God does not need to forgive you for anything that you think you have done in your relative world because he does not recognise your guilt or your world. You must forgive yourself because you have given the guilt to yourself - God hasn't. So there is no reason for not going straight back to God or the Universe. There you will be charged up with Love (energy) and given another assignment, perhaps on this planet, perhaps on another or maybe even somewhere else.

"Will I go to Heaven or Hell?"

Well, for a start, one man's heaven is another man's hell. There are various planes of existence and the physical plane, the one we are on, is the lowest. That does not mean that it is the worst. The next plane up may be considered most peoples idea of Hell as many entities inhabit this plane that resemble the classic demons of literature. But it is not Hell, it is just a different plane of existence. The higher the plane, the more enlightened the beings found there. Depending upon your expectations any of these planes could be considered to be Heaven or Hell. There are various estimates as to the number of planes there are. Many sources say there are four, however, some sources claim there are seven. It is up to you what you believe but I personally prefer the estimate of seven planes of enlightenment. There is a way to bypass all of these planes when you pass on and go straight to God. I will relate the method in a later chapter.

"Why can't I take anything with me when I pass on?"

The answer to this is that you can. When you pass on you take your "state of consciousness" with you. You came here to learn about yourself and grow spiritually. That is, to attain a higher state of consciousness. No-one can do the learning for you although you do have help. Every experience in life is an opportunity to learn about yourself. If you do not learn from these experiences then you will continually be faced with similar problems until you learn the lesson.

God is all there is

If God is infinite He must be all there is because you can't have something which is infinite and another bit. This means that everything in the world around you is part of God. It means that all of the utensils that you use are part of God. It means that all of the plants in the world are part of God and all of the animals, including human beings. This means that you are part of God and this means that you are Holy. You may think that denying this proves that you are humble but it doesn't. It only makes you arrogant, as to deny it is to deny that God is infinite. There is no separation between you and the Universe. You are one with every living entity in the whole Universe and when you realise the truth of this you will have advanced, spiritually, another step.

Everything balances eventually

You have probably heard the advice "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This is very good advice because everything balances eventually. Whatever you do to another will be done to you. As long as what you do to others you would want someone to do to you under the same circumstances then you are fine. Not everyone has the same values and what is good to one may be bad to another. But, what you consider is good to do to someone you should consider to be good for someone to do to you even if someone else thinks that what is being done to you is bad. So before you deal with another person ask yourself how you would feel being dealt with in this manner.

No one can give what he has not received

This may seem an obvious statement to you but it is a Cosmic Law and therefore there is more to this statement than immediately meets the eye. In the obvious case there is the giving of a physical object to someone. It is obvious that if you do not have an orange then you cannot give an orange to anyone else. In order to have an orange you must receive it from some other source. The same is true for information and therefore this statement also refers to teaching. In other words you cannot pass on knowledge to another unless you have received this knowledge beforehand. There are other interpretations which are deeper than these but I will allow you to meditate upon this phrase and uncover your own meanings.

Remain silent under all circumstances
unless you can give Divine counsel
is the ruling of the Masters

This speaks for itself and warns against giving advice unless you know all of the facts and against making judgments unless you are aware of all of the karmic circumstances and consequences involved. In other words it is usually best to remain silent.

Everyone is psychic and that includes you. I hope I have given you some tools to examine your psychic abilities. When you become spiritually aware you learn to use your spirituality practically in your everyday life. You learn to take notice of what your world is trying to tell you and you are careful to accept only those concepts which are right for you. Being a spiritual person means knowing that you are more than the physical body that you are using to move about on this planet. It also means that you know that you are here to learn about yourself and grow spiritually. You can then use cosmic laws to your advantage because you know the rules of the game.


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