Young at Heart

Chorus When friends get older but you do not
You see the world in a different light
New friends come and old friends go
You look at yourself and know it can't be right

Born when the world was young
And living 'till eternity
Giving what you've got to give
You wonder why the world can't see

Living a recurring life
You get younger when you should get old
You've seen all there is to see
And they wonder why you are so bold

Experience of one so old
In the body of one so young
You look at the world now
And wonder why your song is not sung

Magic keeps you young
But magic is a two edged sword
You must take the bad with the good
And you knew this when you spoke the words

You give your friends your love
And they take you for what you seem
But when they know the awful truth
They leave you then as in a dream

You have the secret of eternal youth
But what good has it been to you
When you cannot find what you most desire
Someone to share eternity with you.


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