Manual for Advancing Souls

28. Never accept credit for spiritual healing only give thanks for the opportunity to be a channel.

When you start to do spiritual healing people will want to put you on a pedestal. You will be told how wonderful you are etc. Do not get caught up in that situation. As a spiritual healer you should be honest with the people that you are attempting to heal. We do not heal anyone. We only act as a channel for the healing energy. The energy comes from God, we channel the energy and the person to be healed allows themselves to be healed. So it is a process requiring all three partners. If the energy were not to come from God then the healing would not take place. If the healer were not there to channel the energy then it would not go to the person needing the healing. If the person to be healed blocks the energy in any way, such as if they are happy with their ailment and don't want to get rid of it, the healing will not be totally successful. There are actually more than just these three partners, as your guardian angels (guides) and some healing angels are also often present.

The most important partner in all of this is God because if the energy was not available in the first place then none of this would be possible. So give the thanks to God and tell anyone who thanks you for the healing to do the same.