Knowing Myself

The more I learn about myself the more I grow spiritually. Whatever affects my spiritual life also has an effect on my physical life. I am living in two worlds at once, the physical world and the spiritual world. I use my physical senses to monitor the physical world and I use my feeling nature to monitor the spiritual world. Time is linear in my physical world but not in my spiritual world. When I listen to my inner voice and trust the feelings that I get, life runs smoothly for me and I know what is for me and I can see the steps that I have to take to reach my goals.

I learn about myself from my experiences, which are there to teach me various lessons. The more lessons I can learn from an experience the more I will grow spiritually. Every experience that I have ever had, whether I consciously remember them or not, is still there. I can re-experience them if I require to do so - Word Therapy.

Sometimes the experience is emotionally painful to re- experience but once I have, I can send love and light to that situation. If I have made a mistake then I can mentally imagine what I should have done. If I discover that I still harbour a grudge then I can use forgiveness to rid myself of the grudge. When I find a concept that no longer works for me then I can release it and replace it with a new concept that suits me better.


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