Levels of Advancement or Evolution of the Soul.

e) Teacher

People at this level feel the need to share their spiritual answers. They want to teach others how to learn 'who they are' and 'what they are doing here' and 'what life is all about'. There are still more questions that they want answered, however, they now know how to get the answers. They usually know the reasons behind what they do. They are still searching for themselves but at a higher level and in different ways. They have many tools that they can use for their growth but to function well at this stage they should use them to teach others. It is very pertinent here that they remember that "we teach best what we most need to learn". There are many different ways to teach and other people may require taught in different ways. Some may be ready for group work but others may not; requiring a more gentle one-to-one approach, and some may have outgrown group work and require a more in depth one-to-one approach.

The person at this stage must follow their feelings as to how best to teach people. It is important that they do not try to teach people more than they are ready to learn or try to rush the spiritual growth of another. It is important to teach people the techniques they require so that they can teach themselves. The person at this stage must be careful not to become a guru or to allow themselves to be put on a pedestal as this can slow down and even stop their own spiritual growth.

At this stage thoughts and feeling are very powerful both positive and negative and it is important to monitor one's thoughts and feelings. It is fine to have negative thoughts, everybody does, but it is inadviseable to harbour them for any time. Examine them, see from where they have arisen and deal with the situation; forgiveness is very good here.

Topics - (it is not necessary to cover all topics in one lifetime.)

  1. They should be able to administer the Orientation profile as outlined by the Inner Peace Movement (IPM). This includes a technique which they can teach for communication with spiritual guides (angels).
  2. They should be able to teach groupwork as part of the Inner Peace Movement (IPM) programme. Or something similar.
  3. Reading spiritual books such as the ones in the Bibliography.
  4. Meditations - usually they have their favourite meditations which they make last as long as they feel.
  5. They need to continue to trust their inner knowings and feelings.
  6. They may learn to administer blockage profiles as outlined by the Ameicana Leadership College (ALC) to help their students to release concepts which are holding them back.
  7. Teaching is their outflow of choice for their spiritual energy. However, it is important that they have other outflows.
  8. A very good outflow at this stage is the writing of spiritual books, poetry and articles etc.
  9. A another good outflow is spiritual healing.

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