Techniques for Spiritual Growth.


Divination is the ability to find out something, have questions answered using tools of one type or another. There are many different types of divination and most of them are concerned with divining the future although it could be the present but far away or the even the past. Most people have heard of water divining, where a person walks about with a twig held in a particular way and they are waiting for the twig to twitch as an indication that there is water beneath the twig. The question that the diviner is asking is "is there water here?" The tool that is being used is a twig or sometimes pieces of wire which have been bent into an "L" shape.

All divination is dependent upon the level of awareness of the diviner. So the more aware you are the better you will be at divination. To increase your awareness all you have to do is learn about yourself and grow spiritually. The more you practice these techniques the better you become at them. Eventually you will not need to use the tools at all as you will be able to do them without the tools.

Remember that when you are divining the future it is only the most probable future that you will divine as circumstances are at that point. Everyone has freedom of choice and if other people are involved in the prediction then as they change their choices the most probable future could change. So do not be pedantic about your predictions, be flexible to the possibility of change. However, large events like wars etc. would require so many people to change their choices that it is more likely that they will happen as predicted although this can never be guaranteed 100%

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