Levels of Advancement or Evolution of the Soul.

a) The animal b) Sub-Intellectual  c) Awakening
d) Searcher e) Teacher f) Way Shower

Souls that have graduated from this plane may return. Sometimes they are only here for a short time, perhaps to teach someone a lesson that they need to learn. They may be here for longer depending upon their mission. They are literally angels and they are here to help others in some way or another. This is how they advance spiritually. They know that the more they do for others the more they are doing for themselves. They relish the challenges that others put before them. They must walk a thin line between being helpful and not doing for others what they can do for themselves. They are the people to whom you go when you want complicated things made easier for you. They smooth the waters when it all seems too much for you. Most of them do not think of themselves as angels although some know that that is what they are. They all know within themselves that there is something different between them and most other people.

Most of these souls who have graduated from this plane prefer to help others while remaining on the spiritual plane. Some of them act as guides of people here on Earth. These guides are here to help someone with some specific parts of their mission because they have already mastered those parts and so are qualified to be of assistance. However they will not help you unless you ask for their help

Also on the spiritual plane are those who specialise in healing and so are there to help whenever a healing is required. Again all you have to do is ask for their help. They also work on the spiritual plane to help to heal those who have passed on with ailments etc.

On the spiritual plane there are various levels of advancement but that is not something that needs to be discussed here. Suffice it to say that when you graduate from this plane your journey is not complete but really just beginning.


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