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The information and techniques presented here will help those on a spiritual path. People of different levels of spiritual sensitivity / advancement will also find useful information. The topics covered include, angels, spiritual healing, spiritual guides, reincarnation, meditation and techniques for spiritual growth and self understanding.

No matter what level of advancement you, as a soul, have attained the information on this site will be useful to you. It can be used in many ways and it is written on many levels. You can read it as a book, use it as a manual and it can be used for divination. Very advanced souls will be able to use it as a reference and to brush up on some basics.

Earth is a very special planet in that souls of different levels of consciousness can mix together and learn from each other. We come to Earth from the Universe to learn about ourselves and grow spiritually. We learn from our experiences and advance; or if we don't learn from our experiences then we don't advance and must go through the same experience or one like it until we do learn. So the first thing to learn is that experiences, no matter how they may seem, are there to teach you a lesson - LEARN THE LESSON.

There are some basic facts that you should know

Spiritual Sensitivity

Levels of advancement or evolution of the soul

Opening your eyes to the world



Inner Peace

Knowing Myself

DEATH - the transition from life to life


Techniques for Spiritual Growth

Useful Links

Bibliography - A list of interesting books


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