Manual for Advancing Souls

There are some basic facts that you should know.

  1. You are more wonderful than you can imagine.
  2. You are more powerful than you think.
  3. The only limitations you have are the ones you give yourself.
  4. Harbouring negative emotions, such as guilt, will cause you harm.
  5. You can have everything you truly want.
  6. The real YOU can never die - only the physical body dies.
  7. You have a mission here on Earth.
  8. You have had many physical bodies.
  9. You have at least one spirit guide with you.
  10. You chose your situation in life to help you with your mission.
  11. Everything balances eventually.
  12. Like attracts like.
  13. You are composed of energy.
  14. The physical world that you see around you is not real.
  15. The thoughts you have today make you what you will be tomorrow.
  16. Your thoughts are very powerful.
  17. There is no such thing as an idle thought.
  18. Everyone in the universe is your spiritual brother, some are closer than others.
  19. Energy can be positive (constructive) or negative (destructive).
  20. Positive energy can do you good, negative energy can do you harm.
  21. It is important to know why you do the things you do.
  22. Balance in your life is important.
  23. You are a soul with a physical body, not a physical body with a soul.
  24. If you are not loyal to yourself first then you cannot be truly loyal to anyone or anything.
  25. You cannot give what you do not have to give.
  26. You cannot teach what you have not learned, but you teach best that which you most need to know.
  27. In spiritual healing the healer also receives a healing as the healing energy must pass through the healer who is but a channel.
  28. Never accept credit for spiritual healing only give thanks for the opportunity to be a channel.
  29. The healing energy is called LOVE.
  30. Learn how to strengthen and protect your aura. Do it regularly.
  31. Learn how to cleanse your aura. Cleanse regularly.
  32. Patience is a virtue.
  33. What you think of yourself is very important. What others think or say about you is unimportant.
  34. Nothing in the universe is free except your free will. Everything must be paid for in some way and at some time.
  35. Remain silent under all circumstances unless you can give Divine wisdom.
  36. You are not of this world.
  37. You are an eternal soul.
  38. You are unique.
  39. You are the most important person in the universe to you.
  40. You bring into form what you think and feel; you are where your thought is because you are your consciousness and you become what you meditate upon.
  41. You are as God created you.
  42. How can you judge others when you do not know your own karma, let alone that of other people.
  43. Giving is receiving.
  44. You accept forgiveness when you forgive.
  45. Perfection is reality: Imperfection is not real: reality always exists and always has existed.
  46. You should be proud of what you have achieved so far.
  47. Forgive the world and send it LOVE.
  48. Time, as you know it, only exists on the physical plane.
  49. Live for the NOW.
  50. If you are not happy 100% of the time then something is wrong with your life and it is time to make changes.

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